The recently launched Butter London Lolly Brights summer 2014 collection brings a couple of fun and flirty alternatives for the hot days and nights ahead. The British label focused on bringing both sheer options for a discreet look and bolder tones designed to steal the spotlight within seconds. From covetable mascara tones to eye-catching nail polish tones, the brand's new cosmetics line has plenty of interesting considering:

Butter London Lippy Lip Glosses (£15 / $20)

A touch of lip gloss can amp up the sultriness of your lips significantly, so it's no surprise that the label opted for seductive sheer glosses to help you boost your beauty this summer. There is an array of fab lip gloss tones to choose from but you'll look especially trendy if you opt for one of these pretty tones:

Chuffed - sheer, tangerine gloss
Twee – sheer magenta lip gloss
Stroppy – sheer berry lip gloss

Butter London Chuffed Lip GlossButter London Twee Lip GlossButter London Stroppy Lip Gloss

Butter London Wink Colour Mascara (£15 / $20)

Opting for black mascara might be a great choice for a variety of sultry makeup looks, however, if you're in the mood for something different that reflects your edgy side, these daring and memorable mascara tones might prove a good alternative:

Chav - turquoise-blue cream
Cheerio – yellow cream mascara

Butter London 2014 Colored Mascaras And Eye Pencils

Butter London Wink Eye Pencil (£14 / $18)

Much like the bold mascara tones included in the new line, these stunning eye pencil tones can prove trusted staples for creating a myriad of bold looks this summer:

Cheerio - gilded yellow shimmer
Alabaster Gaze - off white
Holland Park – blue-green shimmer

Butter London Wink Cream Eye Shadow (£14 / $18)

If you're a fan of subtle shimmery tones for summer, these alternatives might prove to be a surprisingly versatile option for your beauty kit:

Sun Kiss – muted gold shimmer
Pistol Pink – rose pink shimmer
Indigo Pink – lavender shimmer

Butter London Wink Cream Eye Shadow

Butter London Cheeky Crème Blush (£17 / $20)

These fresh blush tones are inspired by the label's favorite bands and rock 'n' roll classics:

Pistol Pink - fuchsia pink crème
Piccadilly Circus - bright red
Abbey Rose – rose pink crème

Butter London Pistol Pink Blush
Butter London Piccadilly Circus Blush
Butter London Abbey Rose Blush

Butter London Nail Lacquer (£12 / $15)

The label's new offerings wouldn't be complete without six daring on trend hues that perfectly reflect the spirit of the season and which are also sold as a set for $65:

Butter London ChuffedButter London Disco BiscuitButter London Stroppy

Chuffed – bright orange shimmer
Disco Biscuit – hot-pink jelly
Stroppy – purple shimmer

Butter London Airy FairyButter London SozzledButter London Ladybird

Airy Fairy – turquoise shimmer
Sozzled – opaque green crème
Ladybird – fiery red

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Photos: Butter London