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02 Nov 1983

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youknowwho asked:

13 Dec 2010

i hate my family..really wanna runaway i belong to a really conservative,narrow minded family...and they r not really religious too........they dont just let me do anything.

i cant go outside my house except skool...i cant hv friends on internet.

i cant talk to my skool friends when im at home..and the best thing ,they dont even let me hear music.

i wanna become a fashion designer or a musician..but these people would rather kill me ...the only thing they'll lt me be is doctor..

well i cant live without music so i do listen to it without letting them knw.

im soOO pissed off..i dunno what i've become..i just hate every1 now.

i really wanna runaway frm all this shit..but gain its not possible even if im 18.bcuz if they found me then im dead..for sure..what should i do now???

sometimes i think of commiting sucuide but i really wanna make them pay....uhhh...



shacka says:

Posted on 13 Dec 2010

Oh my goodness hun! This is over-the-top insanity! You need to get out of there! Anything that's driving you toward self harm is something you need to remove yourself from asap! Please just don't sit there and be miserable until you do something horrible! You need to be somewhere where you can grow and be yourself! Please, please please! I think you need to get out NOW! Ask around to friends and stuff, find somewhere you can stay. Talk to a school counselor about it, ask for help. They shouldn't be treating you that way!
If you really want to make them pay, what you do is get out of their house, and live your life to it's full potential, becoming a fashion designer or musician, or whatever it is you want to be! And making it big so that they have to hear about you, and understand what they did wrong. It's the most effective way: You get what you want, and they live with regret. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. If you ever need someone, please write. I never want you to feel like suicide is the way.


aud19822001 says:

Posted on 13 Dec 2010

Where are you from? It sounds like you are from a society much different from my own. No one and nothing is worth hurting yourself. You have a full life to live! I'm sure all seems hopeless now, but it will all work out in the end! Perhaps you can continue 'making them happy' until you can find a way to make yourself happy and get outta there.


ninja_nikki says:

Posted on 13 Dec 2010

Wow...this is horrid...Just absolutley horrid. I don't think they would ever kill you...not unless if they want to end up in prison. How old are you? You have a full life to live, so just try to make them happy. As soon as you turn 18 I suggest moving far, far away.


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 13 Dec 2010

don't do it. You know we love you. First of all, talk to them. They are so freakishly overposessive and it's awful. tell them that and have a temper tantrum if you want to, just get your point across. If that don't work, then yes. You HAVE to find somewhere else to stay. Friend, relative, and if you earn the money you could just get a place of your own in a while. But this has got to stop. Shacka's right, you gotta get yourself out of there, It's a madhouse if it's making you think like this. Send me a message if none of that works, or send me a message anyway. Good luck and godspeed darling.


fathima says:

Posted on 14 Dec 2010

i can understand your problem but think this way, you are not only the one who is suffering from problems. problems are there 4 all. each one of them have problems in there own in different forms. probably there might not be a single person who don have problems.. but your one is little complicated that's it. if everyone find suicide as the solutions 4 there problems, is there any point of this world??
We look for solutions in many places,but where is the solution?The solution is in the human heart!
Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit. soo try to find a solution to all ur problems. think that i can ,i can ,i can....Always have a possitive thinking.
can't you talk with your mom??
just try to speak with her. tel her about your dreams,your goal,your opinion and why you wan't to be a fashion desighner or a musician.try to make her understand that your are not interested in becoming a doctor or so.. tel her that if she don support you she'll have to lose you! i am sure you can convince her. don forget that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Fight for ur rights! keep urself busy. don't think about these things often. do yoga,meditation etc...
~ It is better to laugh about your problems than to cry about them. ~
May god bless you with every thing you desire!
Best of luck to achieve your goals!...


youknowwho says:

Posted on 13 Dec 2010

well when i said that they'll kill me if i try to become what i want ,i meant it..they'll actually will kill me..everything is just impossible..
and my skool?they'r skool principle is a ***....cant explain it


shacka says:

Posted on 14 Dec 2010

But if that's actually a genuine concern of yours, being killed, it's clear you can't stay there. If you can't talk to them about their overbearingness, for fear of being hurt, you can't stay there! And if you say they'll kill you if they find you, don't get found! Tell a friend, get their parents involved, child services, police, anything. If you feel like you're in harms way, or if they're already hurting you at all, you need to get out of there.


youknowwho says:

Posted on 15 Dec 2010

i've talked to her like million of does'nt work..:(


youknowwho says:

Posted on 15 Dec 2010

i cant get outta here...thats what it is all about.

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