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Daisy Araiza




07 Feb 1900

uh, name? Briseyda (bree-say-duhh) :]
half mexican and half afghanistanian or however u say it.....:] (dadz side) yeah im a rare breed.....i know.....
ummmmm almost 17!!! feb. 7th to be exact :]
for more information please press 4.....l0l :] just ask ! :lol:

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xxnightmarexx asked:

30 Jan 2009

-_- got a friend who's 17 preggers by a 26 ish old guy...

...who already had 2 kids with some other girl.(oh yeah frogot the best part,,,he still lives with the ex).she;s stuck in this little fantasy world and believes he will leave the other girl and 2 kids for do knock some sense into her?



xxuzedupbatteryxx says:

Posted on 30 Jan 2009

umm aww bless yer frend..

tell shes seventeen eh

do her parents know abt her pregnancy ??

try to get to knw his ex i mean she is his ex fer a reesn eh

try to get it out her wuh kinda person he is (ofcourse she wun lie )

and then get her to tawk to yer m8

other than that make her jelus ( psycological torture) abt omigawsh havin a career and goin to cawllege and shit instead if bein preg and sit in at home fer a hag to tc of u

rude >.>

buh yeah that shud pop sum sense intoher

try to get to know more abt this lover boy of hrs

and yeah find sumfin worth not lovin him fer show it to her

and yeah dun u leave er back tell her how her innocence and the only time to have fun and achieve sumfin in yer life is very imp and u wanna spend it with her

dun let her abort..

buh be sure to pop in sum sense so she never does the same mistake..

buh staying with a guy whu sounds to dubious nah..

try the skewl counselor

i hope yer frend get back on track


lavalley says:

Posted on 30 Jan 2009

just make her see how foolish she sounds....

and hopefully she'll see that it is just a fantasy


xxnightmarexx says:

Posted on 30 Jan 2009

oh no no no she was really thinking about abortion and i told her NO!!! luckily she listened....oh and yeah her parents know about it but they dont know about the guy and his 2 kids and ex. 8-|


andros says:

Posted on 02 Feb 2009

She really needs to see a school counselor, or some other educated, trustworthy ADULT.

She also needs to make sure she's receiving proper prenatal care.

The 26 year old should be charged with Statutory Rape. What on earth was he doing with a 17 year old?!


punkprincess says:

Posted on 02 Feb 2009

wow yea get help from an adult and it was rape REPORT IT!8-|8-|


krista090 says:

Posted on 04 Feb 2009

stay by her side whatever she choses to do

dont tell her stuff against her supposed boyfriend

get her to find help from a professional non biased adult like counseller

report the situation to the authorities because technically that was rape


myl0v3iizlykw0ah says:

Posted on 11 Feb 2009

she has a lot of opoitions ; 1 iiZ aye Ab0rtion ; 2 talk 2 her parents ; 3 ummm she kan talk 2 1 of her fav teachers r a counselor, aye grown u thats her true friend that she kan talk 2 about anything :-?:((:(


hooch says:

Posted on 11 Feb 2009

She should keep the baby, but not be with that guy. He has to provide for his child, and if he doesn't, his loss and he'll be missing out.


mrs_carter1000 says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

it is hard when you can see something but your friend cant but first tell her to keep the baby then help and break down and show here examples of men that said they was going to break it off with one person foer the other because it never actually happens but always be by her side no matter whet happens


baybeekariss says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

you can only tell her, because at the end of the day no matter what you say (even though you might be her good friend) shes always going to do what SHE thinks is right. Just talk to her, tell her how you feel and maybe she will listen if not, your'll just have to stand by her, and let her learn from her mistakes.



loquaciousbabe says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

Tell her the truth. Be blunt, don't try and sugar coat things. Yeah, she will probably be angry, but would you rather her be angry at her or her ruining her life while you know you did nothing to try and help?


ctl888 says:

Posted on 12 Apr 2009

Does the guy's ex even know about your friend and her being pregs? You should tell your friend that if he did WANT to be with her, then he would already... sorry to say. Right now she needs to really worry about herself and future. .... next time tell her to be safer....PlanB


glitter_this_pornstar says:

Posted on 15 Apr 2009

Sit her ass down and show her birthing videos :) I'm sure she'll change her mind really quickly about what she's doing


barbipixi says:

Posted on 18 Apr 2009

sorry girly it's hard to tell someone their dreams aren't real.

you can't really force that thought into her. you can tell his other lady what he's done and he might have to break it off with one of them that way, or you can just try to support her but damnit if i thought some stupid guy was committing statutory rape to my best friend that i wouldn't tell her parents. damn sometimes the hardest thing is knowing your friend is with the wrong guy, knowing it's the wrong time, and still letting her do it

you can either accept it and just be a friend or die trying

most likely she'll think you're just a silly little girl since she's the one with the older guy who loves her and wants to take care of her.... yea right


morgandanielle666 says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2009

Statitory Rape, simple. I think that if she wanted the sex, it's no ones business though. However, if this guy forced her to have sex with him, it's rape. But if she wanted it, it's only her business. Now, tell her about the pro's and cons of having a baby so young.


It's cute.






The Man!


Formula, if not bottle feeding the pain of breast feeding.





Babyitting fees.

No stable job.

Tell your friend she really needs to re think this. I'm not saying to get an abortion, I'm saying, do what she thinks is right. But she's just a kid her self, and how would she be able to support a smaller, weaker, more fragile child? If she decides she doesnt want the baby, talk to her about either a/ Abortion b/ Closed Adoption or c/ Open adoption.

A closed adoption is when you dont get to decide who take your baby, and you dont get to see him/ or her.

An open adoption is when you get to choose who adopts your kid, and you get to see your kid on a regular basis. Discuss what I just talked about, it could really help her.

Also ask her if she thinks the guy will stay with her. Talk to the guy. Talk to the other woman. Can she honestly afford to lose the guy? I mean, he already knocked up this other woman twice, broke up with her, and he's still living with her. What does that tell you?

Sorry for any typos. :(


beautifulxdisaster says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2009

Yeaaa I've seen this happen lmao, umm you should really talk to her..and if she still refuses to believe..I guess let fate take its course and let her learn the hard way, I know it sounds mean, but it happened to my friend and shes doing just fine now.


xxkrisbychikenxx says:

Posted on 11 Jun 2009

Oh god its so funny! I work with this girl who is 16 and is pregnant by at 32 year old!! He also has a gf on the side with one kid and oNE ON THE WAY.

Honestly, these girls will be in denial until the guys end up proving them wrong, which is sad, but happens all the time..:-s


steff says:

Posted on 13 Jun 2009

she wont gt realize that he wont live the other untill the baby's born...

u can tell her everything u want but in this cases most of the time they dont listen and still thinking that he will leave the ather...:-s


pretty_fla_girl says:

Posted on 27 Jun 2009

she needs some hands on experience to even have any idea wat having a baby is like im 17 and was preggo at 16 and yes hes a wonderful blessing but man is it tough... no time 4 friends let alone a social life of any kind..everything is baby baby baby...i thought i knew everything but man was i wrong everything changes your friends even your family...your whole perspective on life is different everything is not about you any more its about that baby and wat you can do to better his life... and without a good partner to do this whole REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE by your side its tough... he is playing her like a fool... even if he does leave his other 2 kids and ex(if thats even true) she should really sit down and think why he wuldnt do tha same thing 2 her... im sorry to say shes being blinded but wat she thinks is love, and shes the only person who can open her own eyes but hopefully with a friend like you by her side she will get through it... just dont stop loving her as a friend she needs you!!! stik by her side no matter wat decision she makes a good friend is one in a million


pretty_fla_girl says:

Posted on 27 Jun 2009

2 kids and ex*

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