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Alexis Houston



Haven't been here in soooo long!

29 Mar 1997


Hellow world. :3

My name is Alexis. You can call me Lexii. :D

I am 13, ALMOST 14.

I love photography, music, and art.

I am half scotch-korean! And proud!

That's all I guessh... <3

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xxmusicluverxx asked:

25 Jun 2010

Awkward Question

I'm bisexual. I can talk about it to my friends comfortably but I don't know how I could spill it to my parents. Their very...well they freak out really really easily. I'm scared. I am 13 and I've had experiences with girls. Holding hands and kissing. BarbiPixi was right (of course lolz) for those of you on the first few answers (or comments jklover13 whatever) idc fucking care if im too young whatever. I've had the dating and holding hands and kissing experiences. So shut the fuck up.



jwlover4ev says:

Posted on 25 Jun 2010

Ok sorry I can't answer this question but I would like to make a comment. Not to be offensive to anyone out there but how do all these 11, 12, 13 year olds suddenly realize they are "bi" or "gay"? They shouldn't even KNOW about this kind of stuff! Is it the environment they are brought up in? Do their parents accept this?What is wrong with our world these days??? I personally don't think that any young preteen/teen is really "bi" or "gay" I think they are just experiencing sexual tension. Kids shouldn't even be "going out" at this age. I don't understand it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


juicystar07 says:

Posted on 25 Jun 2010

since you are young, you will probably change your mind about your sexuality. your parents are like every other parent on the planet---they just want what's best for their children. they might think that being lesbian (girl who is bi. a gay person is a guy who is bi). is a bad thing. they just need some time to get used to the fact that their dadughter is a lesbian. please don't start worrying about your sexuality now. you are much MUCH too young.


runningwithscissors says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2010

I agree with the other answers. You're still young, you can't tell yet. It takes experience to find out what you like and what you don't like. Just because you're attracted to a girl doesn't mean you're bisexual. Can you honestly see yourself marrying a female and living a happy life with her as your lover? Would you be okay with the comments and hatred you'd receive?


bear14 says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2010

i somewhat agree with the other being unsure of your sexuality...i honestly thought i was bi too (i started thinking about this when was around 12 years old)...i thought about girls just as much as guys...and i got turned on from girls boyfriend told me it was just a phase...and you know what? it was... like okay, if i'm watching a movie with sex or something in it, i'll still get turned from watching the girls, but i think it's more just because i like what happening to know? i know it was just phase now because my friend M was telling me about a night at the pub with K (not using their names) and that some guy was hitting on M and she didn't want it, so K was like 'she's mine!" and just goes right out and make out kisses with M....and the look on my face was apparently priceless....thus i know i'm not could just be a phase for you too........unless you have experience and you know you definitely like girls, then i wouldn't mention it to your parents and none of my friends knew that i was going through that phase

hope everything works out for you


barbipixi says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2010

sorry honey but yea i wouldn't spill it to your parents until your older.

there is still a good chance your just young and interested and bi-curious rather than full out bi. do you really want to have sex with a girl and eat the taco?

i would say until you get older and you know for sure that you may be bi keep it to yourself and know that it's ok to be attracted to girls and want to hold their hand or kiss them even but wanting to go 'all the way' with them and if you can picture yourself 'tieing the knot' with one then maybe i'll be time to break the news. but yea unless you find a girl you want to do that stuff with before you start to date her i would spill the beans then


t_m_h says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2010

Definately do NOT tell them any time soon. I don't know what you're reasoning for being bi is, so I'm not really gonna get on the whole "you're too young and you don't know if you're sure" thing, because I'd be a total hypocrite if I did, but especially if your parents are hardcore against gays and such, don't even consider telling them until you're out of the house, if you're still bi by then.


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 27 Jun 2010

OK I totally agree with Jwlover4ev.....


3nir says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2010

Well like you said, they'll freak out and that's obvious. Why are you choosing a life that is not socially accepted? Forget about the social, did you ever thought how your parents would feel when people will call their daughter a lesbian? And someday, I guarantee you, someday you'll feel just stupid. Well anyway, it's your life. You asked whether you should let your parents know? I would suggest you not to. It'll hurt them a lot.

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