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cynthia paola




02 Feb 1992

hey :D well my name is cindy... im a very fun outgoing lovable person!! i get along with alot of people and enjoy making new friends..:x im 16 years old.. i live in sacramento and i go to school.. im here to meet new people nd make some new friends! also to get advise and see wat others think.:)i wasMore saduisahduiash dsau

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xoxo_cindy_xoxo asked:

27 Mar 2009

ok so i like this guy and idk if he likes!!!!

well. first of all my names cindy and i really need help i like this guy alot but i dont know if likes me we talk and txt alot!!! and our recent conversation was that he liked this one gurl in our class since we have 5th per. together and he was describing her.... he was all like she has black hair so i looked around the class and nobody has black hair only dark brown + he only talks to me and my friend in that class he doesnt know or talk to the other girls in thier..but neways..i have black but i dnt think its a few days later we were txting but only for a little bit because he had to go to a dentist appointment so he said bye and i didnt reply.... becuz i dont like saying so later that same day he txted me sayin " you know whats rude?? not saying bye!!!" and i said "oh im sorry i didnt think it was that important!!" he txted back sayin are you kidden i was worried thinking something bad happend to you like getting rund over by a car.. so i was in shock nd txtd back.." well i didnt know you cared about me like that" and he said are you serious? if only you knew how much i really care about you..!! the ? is do you care about me..and i said YEA!!!! but idk wat he meant by "care about you" like a friend or something else??? he told me the nxt week that he told the "gurl" he liked her and that i knew her but i dnt think its me cuz he said " i care about you" NOT " i like you"......... i think he knows i like him too because their were rumors about us...please help me!!!!!......... UGHHH another problem i have is that my friend knows i like him but they flirt ALOOOT!!! every time were all together she takes away the attention.. and she non stop talks about him w/ a smile on her face.. she recently invited him to the gym and i was thier too but she didnt invite me...only over the fone but that was becuz my other friend was going!!! ughh this makes me sad =[ i dont want to think she likes him too because were like sisters!!! i REALLY like him he swept me off my but i dont know wat to think>>>



lexylethal says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

oh my. well. i think you need to tell this boy how you feel. obviously he does like you. but if you dont get in there and take action your friend could beat you to it and win him over. good luck, dearest.



pensivevide says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

Well...I'd honestly have to say that you need to stop beatin' the feelings around the bush. The best way to get what you BOTH want is to talk about it. And the way I see it, if it ends up that he doesn't like you back, who cares? There's seriously billions of other guys that have potential for you. This is just some guy you care about and have a crush on.

And, really, what if your bestfriend really does like him? I don't really trust even my closest friends because I've had my bffs steel away some of my crushes, without asking or any guilt displayed.

When it all comes down to it, you don't regret the things you did regret the things you DIDN'T do. And if

you don't just suck it up, find your confidence, and talk to him, you might be kickin' yourself for it later.

You'd be surprised how easy it is. Just say "Hey, I need to talk to you...I'm having this little issue." Really, you don't need to think about it beforehand...just go with the

flow--that way it doesn't sound rehearsed, and you won't be caught unguarded if the convo takes another direction. Plus, you don't recite everything you say and what you do in life. If he likes you, friend or more, it's because you're you...and you're you when you're improving with your personality.

So talk to him, be assertive, make sure he knows how you feel. And keep in mind...any good guy will know how to handle your feelings. If he pulls "Oh, well, I need to keep my options open..." pull back and consider your own options. Also, make sure he knows your friendship and friends mean something. That way, he'll be more comfortable.

Good luck, and don't worry, things will turn out well. :)


emmzeee says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

He definately like you, no questions asked. but you need to tell him because the longer you leave it the more chance you got that your too late to tell him. so let him know :) at let it go from there.


leask says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

Okay wel first of all your friend is just being unfair to you. Especially since you have told her that you really REALLY like this guy! So I'd speak to her, if you're as close as you say you are then she shouldn't take it in the wrong way. She'll understand and she'll stop flirting around the guy you like. It's is obvious he likes you, although he didn't say 'I LIKE YOU...' he still said 'I CARE ABOUT YOU ALOT...' in boy language it's the same thing, they don't like fully saying it. I don't get that though... Anyways, before you jump and get excited about this whole thing then maybe you two should speak together... Alone, without any of your friends or his. Maybe go for a walk or anything really. Speak about just random stuff, then kinda say 'I really care about...' wait to see what he says and then kinda go from there. I hope I've helped. Good Luck :thumbup:


violet90210 says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

it sounds like he likes u in tha way 2. for me, in ur situation, i would kinda panic 2 but at the same time i would take a risk. remember 2 be urself an tell him how u feel. if u dont do anything now, then someone will take ur place in becoming his gf.

good luck ;)


krista090 says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009


in my opinion he totally likes you but probably he's afraid to make something serious about it. im not sure if your friend likes him or not because she might a)be a flirt and does that for fun, b)really like him or c)trying to make you jealous so you make a move.

ask him to the movies or something and see how he reacts.

good luck


alexus says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

I can tell he totally likes you, it's pretty obvious.

He just doesn't want to be too direct, he might want you to make the first big move. Go for it, girl!

I think he's very in love with you and would be relieved if you told him that you like him back. :thumbup:


simplysamantha101 says:

Posted on 28 Mar 2009

I think he likes you ;)

He may not make it obvious but I think when he was texting you, he was dropping some hints.

Talk to him more.

Get to know him more maybe.

Hope this helps, and if it doesn't... Well, I tried :|


abbygirl08 says:

Posted on 28 Mar 2009

1st the deal with ur friend is... shes a girl.

thats how girls r. by u telling her u liked this boy, it automaticlly instills in her head that this boy is wanted, and she wants a wanted boy to like her. why grls r such jerks, i have no idea. but i find myself the same way. its nothing personal against u.

2nd it sounds like u and this boy have A COMMUNICATION problem. Romantic comedies gace us a permanent fictional fansy towards boys that is 99.9 percent untrue. any good relationship starts with t he foundation of not the "feeling" love, but the "Acting" love. based on how he acts towards u ( like for instance putting ur feelings before his own) is ur answer. goodluck

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