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xoxo asked:

20 Jan 2012

Am I too young?

I'm pretty sure I'm ready but everyone else says I'm too young to have sex. I'm 13 and my boyfriends about to turn 15. We've been planning it for a while and were going to do it very soon, but honestly what do you think is the right age?



jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2012

I'm not the best one to give advice on this, but... I don't know what the "right" age is, but it isn't 13. You're definitely too young (and I think he is too). Why do you think you're ready? Do you understand all the bad things that can happen? Don't do something you're almost sure to regret later.


isy says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2012

I don't think that anyone can really tell you when is the right time. But I honestly dont think that at 13 or 15 you are mature enough to make such a big decision, I realize that times have changed and that more teenagers are having sex but if you are not ready to be a mother or live HIV or other STDS then now is not the same. The safest option is to abstain


mimi_anetionete says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2012

if it feels right to you, then go ahead. this is all your choice. i know a few girls who lost their big v at 13, 14. some regret it, some don't. just make sure it's with the right guy and not some big douchebag. And use a condom, and if you're not in birth control and want to be sexually active I suggest you get on it unless you want baby mama drama 10 years before you should experience it.


dragana94 says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2012

I think you are young.There's no "right age" but 13 is young,and 15 also.You should wait a little,until you are older.He's not much older also,you need to protect yourselves,by that I mean he needs to use a condom.And for the first time you need to be with someone who you love,who wont leave you after that.Ask yourself are you truly ready,cuz after that there's no turning back.


mollyd32 says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2012

Honestly, From a girl whos about the same age. You think your ready, i did too. Until me and my boyfriend went pretty far. I figured out that its not all cracked up as people make it sound. I mean its amazing to feel close to your bf but theres a point were you need to stop and make sure that its the right thing. Another thing is you need to make sure you realize that when are parents were younger they didn't have all the STD as we do now. Even if you both havent had sex, you could still get one. If your sure about going through with this be careful and DO NOT BRAG ABOUT HAVING SEX! I know a girl who did and she killed herself because guys thought she was a whore.


bumble_bee_123 says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2012

It's illegal and even if it's intentional where I live and in US aswell its considerd rape. Think about that first. There are risks take that all into consideration. Be 100% sure your ready and its not just your hormones acting up. I don't think your too young if your really ready. Just use protection... but you really should think about it. It cant be undone.


babegirl says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2012

i would say if u r ready your ready but im a aunt to alot of neices and i can tell u they wont be having sex intill there 20 or up hey i didnt have sex yet im 15 and my friend is 14 and she made a bad choice now her parens wont let her go anywhere u should talk to him more and really think is it that worth it


juvenilesweetie says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2012

Sex isn't about if your "young" enough. It's about if your ready and if he is ready. Think about if this is really what you want not because he is pushing you to do it. And if you do believe you are ready remember to be safe about it:)


ravenousgirl1 says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2012

NO dont do it! Having sex when you're young can be a mistake, it might be awkward, not very enjoyable, risks of pregnacy etc when you have sex you are saying that you're ready to risk having a baby, even if you have birth control and a condam. respect yourself and save your virginity until yoy are really ready.. meaning waiting 'till your brain develops more so you can make the right choice.


vampkisses says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2012

okay well i dont think you should do it... im 15 and im still a virgin, not that big of a deal, guys actually like that. my sister had a boyfriend of two years, they had sex in the 3rd month they were completely in love, he got her a promise ring (promising to marry her when they could) at about the two year mark they broke up, she was heart broken and mostly because she lost her V card to him. So think about if its really worth it yet, i say wait and see how strong yourrelationship still is and if you do decide to do it, the first time is extremely awkward at this age, pretty painful, be ready to bleed (thats what everyone ive talkedto has said), and use protection but not even condoms are 100% trust me


sceenieweeniemarie says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2012

Im not gunna say dont do it cus its your choice, but you might wanna think of the consequences,

1- Pregnant
2- People find out and your gunna be called a hoe,slut,whore,etc..
3- If you get pregnant, people will judge you..
4- You Lose trust from your parents

So think before you do it(:
Good Luck..!


moonlytkitty says:

Posted on 22 Jan 2012

Yes. I think so. What sceenieweeniemarie said.


babegirl says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2012


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