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Knelie Sumpter



Wow, really not sure about this.

29 Oct 1995

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x_knelie asked:

23 Jan 2009

There's this guy...

There is this guy I have liked ever since Gr.5 (I'm in Gr.8 now) and I have wanted to know since forever if he likes me back! He always call's me names, like Iron t*ts. Bu the other day, he asked me if I had a cell phone and I said "Yes, but I don't have texting." and he said "Aww, that sucks. You NEED to get texting." and then yeah...I really have trouble figuring out how to act around him. I really like him but all my friends think he is a jerk, so I try not to act like I like him when I am around my friends. He will come up to me in the hallway and grab my shoulders and say "Come on, let's move it! I'm going to push you, okay?" and then he will run with me down the hallway. And today he ask me if I had any money and while doing so went up really close and grabed both of my shoulders. He also Told me to come over to a window to see a girl we both hate try out for something, and then he looked through the window too, and he went right by my face.

Sorry if that sounded a little like an essay! I just wanted to let you guys know everything. I honestly don't know if he likes me. Someone please tell if you think he does, and if I should ask him to hang out sometime? Thanks.



iloveyou25430 says:

Posted on 23 Jan 2009

Most guys if they like you they will call you names and basically be ignorant (thats there way of flirting). But, as well don't get to caught up in him because then if you were to date him he could get aggresive cause he sees that you let him get by with it. And, about your friends? Don't care what people say or think. There not the ones that like him YOU are. Live for yourself not how people want you to live. Make yourself happy.

Hope this was helpful. :D


rosstheboss2 says:

Posted on 23 Jan 2009

I'm a older teen boy, and I can say he definately likes you, seems like a text book case of attraction. My advise for you would be to relax, just stop trying to "be un-nervous" and just focus your attension on something other than acting normal or trying to be cool. Focus being curious and getting to know him, dont go for simple stuff like how was your day, realy get curious I'm sure you two have alot in common that you just don't know.

Also at all times, remember hes just as nervous as you are, and so you arent alone.

Lastly, and most importantly the dead give away of his attraction seems to be him touching you, it means hes comfortable around you and finds your body attractive. I would just say... touch him back :) Start with the hands than arms, then torso.. get creative and match him.


x_elena says:

Posted on 23 Jan 2009

well you can tell if a boy likes you if he looks at u and u see him then he quickly turns (but it was obvious he was looking)... if he tries to flirt with u like take your pencil or paper but in a cute and funny way (NOT a mean bully way lol)... if he asks to see your cell and puts his number in OR asks you to hold his phone and you look through and see your number is in it then he asks for it... if he constantly talks to you and possibly gets in trouble in class for not paying attention... if when ever u walk toward him he whispers to his friends or tries to look good... if he asks to sit near you when there are so many other seats around... if he playfully touches you (not sexually or forcefully lmaoo) -- kind of like hugs and holding hands and nudges your arm... stuff like that can signal that a boy likes you

GOOD LUCK hope this helps


x_elena says:

Posted on 23 Jan 2009

Or, if you hang out alot, and you want tot kno if he likes you, ignopre him and stay awaay for like 1 week or 2, and when he comes to tlak to you, pretend to look away, or talk to someone else, or just walk away and then, at the end of the 2 weeks or 1 (dosent matter, if 2 weeks is to much stick wiht one week) start acting noramal again, but dont go to him, let him come to you... and when he starts acting like "wth, why have you been ignoreing me and walking away...?" lmfao but... thats when you kno that he cares about you and wants to know whats going on and what you did. but your respond is ... *if your brave enough,* a kiss on the cheek then run away.. lol (thats wat i did but when i ran, he after me and asked me out lol then kissed me on the cheek too.), or a hug with no one around. *but if your not, brave enough.* just say "nothing, " keep saying nothing. and if you see him doing this like what i posted under this, just wait till like a school dance and see what ke does or ask him to hang out sometime.( best places are skating rinks.. i say this casuie, if you fall he will help you up, skating next to each other can become into holding hands... :)

thats all i have lol, hope i helped you:)

good luck, hope he likes you:)


krista090 says:

Posted on 23 Jan 2009


the story is soooooooooooooo sweet and in my opinion he totally likes you...and you must definitely find a way to make him tell you so. why dont you try ignoring him for a while (in a nice way because he will hate you if you ignore him in a mean way) and see what happens. or else organize some group activity and invite him along and see how he reacts in your presence in out of school situations.

tc. hugz,xxx

krista :x


x_knelie says:

Posted on 08 Apr 2009

Wow, thanks so much guys! I am soooo happy!

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