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17 Aug 1993

im always happy ahah , when im mad, im usually hiding it behind a smile. but when im saddd, it shows :$ aha.

i think im more capable of keeping other peoples secrets more then i can keep my own, so i am trustworthy.

i loveee music.

my favoMore saduisahduiash dsau

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x_elena asked:

08 Mar 2009

How can you get rid of dandruff?!! PLEASE HELP ME! *EVERY HELPER, I WILL FAVE USER THATS 10 PNTS*:)

Well, lol.. I take showers ever day, 2 times shampoo and once conditionair, and i rinse it out totally, and leave it in for like 10 minuets (while i do everything else:P ) and... when i dry my hair, the next day, i get dandruf!ughh! its soo annoying! liek, i curl my hair at night, i sleep on it, wake up .. and i HAVE to take a shower cause i cant go out with my nice hair becasue of the DUMB DANDRUFF! is there anyway I can get rid of it natarually? like no special shampoo, casue im not changing my shampoo lol.. i lvoe it too much..:P but still HELP PLEASE!!! OH YEA.. IF YOU ONLY ANSWER LIKE A REALLY STUPID ANSWER, I WONT FAVE YOU LOL.. ONLY GOOD ANSWER.. NOT GAY ONES:p, this is the colection i use, i've got all of them, am im not gonig to start useing another brand :P,.. i use the bedhead shampoos n conditioner, and mouse n spray, and like everything or bed head lol..



itskaitlynbabyxo says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

ha im alreadt favorited lol but use the head and shoulders shampoo my step brother uses it and it works really good i actually have used it before it works so good and make sure you are washing out your shampoo and conditioner out really well too


jessd says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

Using anti-dandruff shampoo while washing your hair is the easiest way to make your hair dandruff free..

I also use head and shoulders shampoo on the weekends .. maybe you can try that!


jessd says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

try this!?


stargirl says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

I looked it up and I found a site that listed homemade treatments for dandruff, Here's what it says;

* The first home remedy for dandruff is Aloe Vera. Rub Aloe Vera gel into your scalp, leave it for 10 minutes and wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Do this regularly to get rid of dandruff.

* In order to treat dandruff, use lemon, as it helps restore the pH balance of your scalp. Mix 15 ml of coconut oil with a few drops of lemon juice and massage it into the hair. Leave it so for the night and wash off the next day. This mask will reduce dandruff.

* One more effective dandruff treatment is the mixture of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of vinegar. The mixture should be massaged into the scalp and then washed off.

* Another valuable prescription for elimination of dandruff is the use of Eucalyptus oil. Mix a few drops of it with 20 ml coconut oil and massage into the scalp to remove the flakes. Do this twice a week for a couple of weeks to get rid of dandruff.

* Aspirin is also very effective to eliminate the problem of dandruff. Crush and powder two tablets and mix with your shampoo. Leave this mixture on your scalp for a pair of minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

* Henna is one of the most essential remedies in the treatment of both hair loss and dandruff. It helps restore the health of the hair. Henna powder mixed with other ingredients is very effective in dandruff treatment.

* Another way to cure dandruff at home is olive hair mask. Mix the olive oil with almond oil. Rub the mixture into the scalp and leave for several minutes, then wash off.

Tips for Dandruff Cure

* Massage your hair regularly (for example, when shampooing or applying a mask). This will stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and helps remove dead cells.

* Try to change your lifestyle, if you are often stressed, as this can also be the cause of dandruff.

* Make sure, that you consume enough vitamins B6, B12, zinc, beta-carotene, and selenium in your diet.

* Avoid excessive use of a hot hair dryer.

* Check your hair products, as they can add oils to your scalp and cause dandruff.

* Shampoo your hair regularly.

* Avoid the use of chemicals on the scalp (such as chemicals used in hair coloring).

Haha sorry there's a lot, Hope that it helps you :)


sosokimokilolo says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

try the question part u no cuz i dont hve dandruff luckly so i wouldnt no srry this is all i could think of but its a suggestion

i dunno anything else:-?



teenzzz14 says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

Yea i had the same problem a while ago. The main things u can really do without changing ur shampoo is

1: to make sure u only use a small amount of conditioner (even if u do wash it all off) about a 50c peice is what u should use to avoid dandruff forming.

2: Comb ur hair well after washing.

3: Towel dry ur hair throughly.

4: You may need to use another shampoo if nothing else works but u may use it with ur currant shampoo, ect head and shoulders is what i use.


teenzzz14 says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

Also using to much mouse an hair sprays, can be the cause of dandruff so just watch how much u use and the brand u use, but other wise yea.


emma_joshoa says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

Hi sweety,

Well, what I use when I have a dandruff and it really works in each week wash your hair by CLEAR shampoo and brush it while you are washing it...

Do this operation each week and it will work..

Do not use spray or straightener.. you can use just hair dryer..

Tell me what the result??


3nir says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

I use Henna powder to get rid of dandruff. It works so good. I don't know whether it's available in your country or not. /:)

Also whenever I shampoo my hair, I massage the shampoo on scalp for a minute. That also helps. :">


gee_jade says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

well, try this showering routine:

scrub your whole body first, then rinse off. then shampoo and rub soap all over except for the face. then rinse off. after that, use conditioner. never wash your face while doing conditioner coz some harm chemicals are released by conditioner then it will all go down your face and you already washed it. don't want that to happen right? rinse really thoroughly. OR

you can try putting kalamansi juice on your head for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. :thumbup:


xxbammitschloexx says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

Here are a few tips that i found ...

**Proper diet takes a great role to remove dandruff. Taking more animal fat and unsaturated vegetable oils can harm your scalp. For that you may need to sacrifice some of your favorite dishes. Make sure you are not consuming too much chocolate, iodized salt, and nuts and foods, which are high in calories.

**Balanced intake of Vitamin A, E and B Complex is important for long and healthy hair. Include green vegetables, chicken, fish and milk in your diet chart, and you will get these vitamins in proper quantity. Drink sufficient water, since it takes good care of your skin.

**If you are suffering from oily flakes, rinse your hair with vinegar. For this, you have to follow some easy steps:

• Fill a mug with fresh water

• Mix two tablespoons of malt Vinegar in it

• Use shampoo in your hair that is prescribed by a skin specialist

• Rinse your hair with Vinegar mixed water

• Dry your hair with a clean towel

**On the other hand, if you are suffering from dry and white flakes, use oil massage. Following are the steps to take oil massage:

• Make a mixture of hot Castor oil (1 teaspoon), Coconut oil (1 teaspoon) and Mole oil (1 teaspoon)

• Massage gently with the mixture on your scalp

• Keep the hair for about 30 minutes

• Wash your hair with a prescribed shampoo

• Dry your hair with a clean towel

** Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has an anti-fungal quality and can be mixed into lotions, oils and shampoos. Massage the mixture into the scalp and let it sit for 15 minutes prior to rinsing clean

**here are two websites that have tonss of info:


hilwe2004 says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

dandruff is caused from dryness of the hair so just calm dont on the shampoo maybe you should shampoo one time a day and sometimes skip a day of shampooing and just use conditioner

hope i helped:)


krista090 says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009


try using tea trea oil or almond oil (im not sure which one) but they are both used for dandruff. or else ensure that you rinse your hair really well because unrinsed shampoos give you flakes in your hair.


sparklinangel says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

***Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil (or any other baby oil) olive oil works too...

INSTRUCTIONS: Excellent remedy for even the heaviest dandruff buildup.Best to apply over the whole head in the evening and leave until the morning.You will not have to repeat to many times, but do daily until all dandruff is gone. Then repeat as required. No burning or side effects - only oily pillow case if you do not

protect it well with the towel.You'll be happy you tried this

...Hope dis helps=)


lil_leprecorn_xp says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

there is this really good stuff called "T gel " you use it like a normal shampoo , it smells funny but it works lol you can get it at the chemist place :">


lil_leprecorn_xp says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

or if you dont want to use a different shampoo you can brush you hair really well like loads after the shower ...


blindprofit says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

I had tons of troubles with dandruff and i went to a professional and they recomended Tea Tree oil. You can only buy it certain places but i works great. I have the pepermint and i love the way it feels when i use it, and i haven't had a problem with dandruff since.


oh_brooke says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2009

Wash your hair every other day and wash your bangs everyday. Your wasting your products by washing it twice with shampooo. Do it once. and condition. obv. lol but when you juss wash your bangs dont condition.

The natural oils will keep your dandriff away andmak eit more healthier. :] gl


shelbycole18 says:

Posted on 09 Mar 2009

don't wash it as much maybe just once a day but don't leave your conditioner in as long and rinse it (thoroughly) for about three minutes. also when you shampoo, massage your head that way the dead skin cells will wash out when you rinse


xtimberwolf13x says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2009

Um well you have to get mosterizing shampoo right now i am using pantene (anti frizz) and i haven't had dandruff since Just make sure you get scrub it good under your hair like directly on your scalp. I hope it helps! And if you have time please help me with my question (I only have one.) Once again i hope it helps! :))

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