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Jess Mooney




20 Sep 1995

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wiccan_chick asked:

24 Apr 2009


my friend Yana introtuced my friend Jenna recently to a new boy who she goes to school with, Jenna is usualy a quiet little shy girl and she was my best friend but since she's been talkin to this new boy she's turned reely slutty and says stuff to him like oh i get so horny when i talk to yhu, now shes gone reely vein aswell and never stops talkin bout herself, one day she promised if i did sumin for her shes woodnty talk bout the boy for a whole day coz she usualy obsesses about him, and i sed ok and did it so for the whole day she walked off with someone else and ignored me for the whole day, i snapped at her and sed Jenna i dont care no one else cares and yhur just pissin evryone off and shes been ignorin me since then



jasm1na says:

Posted on 24 Apr 2009

it might just be a phase she's going through.

just give her time and dont make the situation worse than it is, soon enough she'll figure out that friends are more important than boys..

good luck


bivi says:

Posted on 24 Apr 2009

It Happens...But It'll Blow Over

She'll Soon Realise That Her Girls Come 1st :D



isra_ovais says:

Posted on 24 Apr 2009

You do know that shes not lisening to you, by forcing her or telling her stuff she wont understand n like that she will hate u, so make her understand how much she has changed and for bad not for good and make her feel that someday that boy will leave her and go. Show her the real side of tht boy.


ashleyelizabeth says:

Posted on 24 Apr 2009

well i know exactaully what your talking about...the same exact thing happen to me last week. except i was bieng told my boyfriend was turing me into a slut. and my friend did the same thing you did and i ever promesd them i would talk about him if they did something for me. You just need to sit her down one on one and tell ehr how you feel without yelling. or else you guys will go from best friends to worst enemys. which is what happend to me.just sit her down one on one and tell her how much shes changed and even show her how shes acting with out bieng rude and hurtful. hope i heeelped :D good luck.


sillynilly0070 says:

Posted on 24 Apr 2009

tell her how you feel but not around anyone else!!!! and make sure you plan way ahead so she doesnt say she has last minute plans (which she prlly wontt) make sure you say whats on ur mind and take turns talking. let her tell u how she feels. if shes still just the same or worse after the talk, shes not worth it. if you leave her , and she comes back for you or actts mean to get your attention, shes probably going to get the message if this friendship is rlly worth saving. consider shes had this side all along and is for some reason just now showing it. good luck:)


barbipixi says:

Posted on 25 Apr 2009

that happens to alot of girls. it's hard to remember that a guy isn't a goal. you don't have to change just to keep a guy who is suppose to like you.

but sometimes when you're not used to having one getting one will boost your self esteem and sometimes it sets it into overdrive.

there may not really be anything you can do but take it and try to be there and let her know it bother's you to talk about him all the time

but there is a chance you'd do the same thing if you got with someone you really liked and thought was god's gift to women lol

don't be too harsh, junk happens. and usually things will end and she will need someone to help pick up the pieces


loquaciousbabe says:

Posted on 27 Apr 2009

Same thing happened with my friend. The only thing you can do is talk to her, tell her how she's changed, give advice... but in all honesty she probably won't listen and it will just make her angry. The best thing to do is forget her and move on.


gee_jade says:

Posted on 27 Apr 2009

looks like you need some hard stuff huh? just wait some time...kidding!!! here's what you befriend the guy and do some research about him. his attitude, his way with girls and stuff like that and find out what's with the guy that makes your friend slutty. OR...........this idea just popped in my head right now. set this up okay? this has to be done professionally.

well, not really but it'll do. here's what you do. you make her see this website, partcularly, this question and then she'll know how much you care about her and it'll also, hopefully, open her eyes that a guy is not worth your friendship. she is your best friend and then all of a sudden just coz of a guy she's giving it up? good thing you're not and you're very willing to make it up to her. ^_~

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