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Got a new camera

28 Dec 1995


Hello. My name is Shannon, I am a makeup addict and hair abuser lol. I love train wrecks. Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton are my favorite hot messes. I am a singer. I have been in and out of bands for years. I have many questions so I end up asking 2 or more each day, sorry lol. But yeah love ya.

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wendysdaughter asked:

04 Jun 2010


Ok here is the deal. I have been thinking about my self esttem lately. It sucks. When I went to an alternitive school, none of the guys wanted anything to do with me until a little after summer vacation when I was basicly anerexic. Then the two hottest guys in school wanted me. Now I am in a normal school and only the retards(not meaning it to be mean) and the nerds like me. I am tired of being called fat and ugly. I am tired of crying because the one guy I like at school, I think he is really just trying to be nice by saying in high school he wants me to his girl. My mom is annoied/worried about this self estem. Any advice? I weight 114.5lbs




lorii_grace says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2010


I'm like, 5"4 and 114, so don't gimme that girl. you are insanely cute, you totally pull off that style better than anyone i know, and you're obviously NOT one of those bratty little annoying scene kids who thinks the world owes them. love who you are, because you are so beautiful, aha, i'd date you ;)

and take it from me... the attention from guys is totally not all it's cracked up to be

i was the girl who everyone chased, everyone wanted something fromm. consider yourself lucky that you have the freedom to just live and relaxx because you don't have to constantly be on display for everyone to see. don't take things for granted..

i was the one who won any talent shows, won president of student council, was in charge of things like pep rallies, could talk my way out of any trouble, blalala. its hard to have people after you because you're always afraid of falling and disappointing them.. you just dont feel worthy of all the attention and the adoration and praise so really you turn to a lot of crazy shizz.

anyway. sorry. my point is that you're totally gorgeous and you shouldn't take it personally if tons of guys aren't into you. be humble and don't be cocky. you shouldn't EXPECT people to be all over you, although i totally get how you feel. xD i was also the ugly duckling.

anyway lovee. just keep taking life as it comes to you - find someone you can talk to and vent on. heck, im here if you need me. :P but whatever works for you. idc if you think you're emotional and unreasonable and if what you have to say may be consider stupid or annoying or overdramatic by other people.. because i can guarantee you whatever you feel is totally legit and its okay to feel how you're feeling

(xD sorry love. here i am talking to you like you're some grade 3 kid.)

hope.. that helps? o.O


barbipixi says:

Posted on 06 Jun 2010

yea.... i'm 155lbs.... so i'm guessing i'm fat? well i don't think i'm fat.

sorry but guys in school have certain 'ideas' of what they should chase and usually it's the 'cool' girls or the 'easy' girls. us normal girls usually don't get alot of attention in school cause the 'nice' guys are usually pretty shy.

you should never feel bad about yourself just because guys aren't falling over themselves to carry your books. in school i only had guy friends and it was pretty cool i was able to have fun w/o being obsessed with 'love' and i hung out with friends and i was able to focus on my school work and myself inside as well. when i started dating at 17 i had to take the initiative to ask them out cause they didn't see me like that and that could be happening too.

and also we change alot when we become an adult and you may know more what you're looking for in a guy and they know what more they're looking for in a real woman not just a fling.


mizunohi says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2010

You're by no means fat or ugly!!! Don't listen to those people! To boost your confidence try something new like a sport or club, find something you're really passionate about and stick to it! Also, it may seem kind of dumb at first but it really works: look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say something like "I am awesome, beautiful and today I will...". Make a promise to yourself like "I will smile more" or "I will tell at least three people I love them". This positive energy will give you strength to face your day and help you realize how beautiful you really are!

Don't fall into the stereotypes people use! Just because someone is a "retard" or a "nerd" it doesn't mean they're not great friends, and the "popular kids" may not be the best friends for you! My best friends are all "nerds" and we're PROUD of it! After struggling through the same thing you are now, I realized its not about how others see you, but how you see yourself! If you're happy with the person you are then you will be able to become truly happy!!

If you need someone to talk to, ask your mom, a teacher you trust, a counselor or a friend. Sometimes all you need to do is say everything out loud and know that someone is there to listen are care! Good luck!!!


jwlover4ev says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2010

ya hun youre not fat. you can't take those kinds of comments to heart. Because they are just trying to get inside your head. you need to go about your day as if everyone gave you ten compliments!


mistress1209 says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2010

let me tell you that you're soooo not fat. not at all. and you're beautiful.

I honestly am not sure how go about this problem of yours since it's more psychological and given that you have anorexia, I think this is serious enough to warrant professional help. Perhaps a counselor is your best option.


shirleygirl says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2010

Hi there, I agree with the others: you are a beautiful young woman!

It has helped me to have some one to talk to about my issues, when I was going through a divorce, etc...maybe it would help you too! Or a support group, that helps because there are probably others that are in a similar situation.


xxbabypinkmilkshakexx says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2011

Giiiirl. u r just......GORGEOUS. Those ppl who r calling u fat n' ugly, they're probably just jelous. Most ppl say tht 2 others cuz there's somethn they probably dnt like bout themselves or they're taking things out on other ppl. Or maybe they wish they had somthn u do and they dnt bout their beauty n' style. Look @ urself in the mirror. Ur not fat, ur not 2 skinny, u look perfect. And dnt worry becuz those haters WILL get their karma. And who knos? Maybe some hot boys do like u. Some boys r 2 shy 2 tell any1, and some ppl dnt trust others and they keep things 2 emselves. It'll take time 4 a boy 2 like u. Not all of it happens instantly wenever u want it 2. Trust me, I kno there has 2 b hot boys dying 2 want 2 talk 2 u girl ;D And If I was in ur skool, I would've wanted 2 b friends w/ u. I wouldnt want 2 hang around w/ the so called "cool" ppl tht always hav somthn negative 2 say.

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