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vicki cottrell




14 Dec 1990

Im a Hair Dresser :) i live in the UK and im about to have a baby girl :) x

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vicktoreeahanne asked:

08 May 2009

Friend and Boyfriend problems!

a while ago me and my boyfriend had a bit of a big argument an he threatened me, we sorted it out an he appologised and everything wa fine, the problem is, my best friend was there when he did it and now she hates him, she keeps tellin me to leave him and hes no good and that. but me and my boyfriend have been together for a year, and im 37 weeks pregnant with his baby so its not that easy.. i dont know what to do as it feels like i have to choose between my friend and my boyfriend, i cant even talk to my friend when me and my boyfriend have had an argument coz all she says is 'i told you so' but as soon as her and some guy shes seein or likes has problems i have to listen to her moanin about it. any advice? as i dont know what to do :( x when he threatened me, he said he was going to punch me in the stomach n kill the baby an get me beat up at college. hes also met up with his ex behind my back and hes slagged my family off to some girl an he was telling her he wnts to be with her not me.. hes also pushed me twice.. x



vicktoreeahanne says:

Posted on 11 May 2009

sorry girls, when he threatened me, he said he was going to punch me in the stomach n kill the baby an get me beat up at college. hes also met up with his ex behind my back and hes slagged my family off to some girl an he was telling her he wnts to be with her not me.. hes also pushed me twice.. x


ctl888 says:

Posted on 08 May 2009

If she is your Best friend then...even if she does not like something or someone your are with she should still stand by you. I did not like my Best friend's boyfriend but, I never complained to her about him. I was always there when she needed me to tell me about their problems. It was her choice to be with him and to deal with his crap. I just knew eventually she would break up with him. I never nagged at her about him and I did act cordial and mature around him eventho I know he had cheated on her. You are in a tough situtation bc you and your BF are having a child together. I know your bestfriend cares about your well being but she needs to grow up a little about your situation. Thats why you have best friends...rain or shine you will always be there for each other.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 08 May 2009

it really depends on how he threatoned you

there are certain boundaries that some ppl when they see them crossed there is no comming back

and sometimes they are right

there is probly nothing you can do to make her think differently about him and you'll just have to live with it untill he can give it time enough to prove her wrong and show he is a good guy


mikiya04 says:

Posted on 08 May 2009

"threatening" can be so broad. was it a physical, verbal, or emotional. did he do this while you were pregnant and potentially hurt the baby? sometimes in stressful situations, pregnancy can be stressful, people say and do things that are out of character. in your situation, you don't want to bring your baby into anything that you don't want to be in. it's not fair to you or your baby to be stressed. if you and your boyfriend are trying to make it work and your friend can't understand, let her know that she's not making the situation better, real friends try to diffuse the problems. remember that we are all human, most can't read minds, and we all mean well. communication is the key to working anything out. if that doesn't work, it wasn't meant to be.

good luck with the baby, relationship, and friendship!!!


little_miss_brightside says:

Posted on 08 May 2009

well i not clear on how far he threatned yu but if it was a one off but if he continues i would consider leaving him beacause you really don't want to be stuck in an abusive relationship and it becomes worse bringing a child into the equation

but if it is one of and you can really trust him then you need to let your friend know that you do want to be with him and you need his support as you are pregnant and you don't want to deny your child a father and if she can't support that decision then maybe she isn't really your friend

but probably best not to burn any bridges with her either as you may need some support from a friend whose been there for you before in thr future

i hope things work out for you love and if you need any more advice please feel free to contact me anytime sweetie good luck i wish you all the best



baze says:

Posted on 12 May 2009

#1 ANY kind of threat is unacceptable, especially if you're pregnant with his baby. My ex did that, & then became a stalker, so I filed a protective order on his ass. Now, if he comes within 50 feet of me, my family, my car, my boyfriend, my apartment, my parents' house, ANYTHING, I immediately call the cops & he goes straight to questions asked. He sounds like a real loser. I'd ditch him. If he has the nerve to threaten his girlfriend who is pregnant with his kid, he sounds like a real loser.


aylay says:

Posted on 18 May 2009

Whoa, you need a paradigm shift.

These are serious threats. No matter how well you made up, they show what kind of person he is behind it all. A guy who really loves you would not even THINK of saying such a thing! People have disagreements, but that's just way past a boundary.

I think your friend should be more supportive of you (basically losing the "I told you so" attitude), but I will say that she's dead-on in saying you need to get away from this guy. I'm so sorry. :[

My cousin was in a similar situation as you. One thing she had to learn, though, was not to let a baby and said "love" get in the way of breaking up with the dad. What he threatened is serious, even if they were just words. As I said before, and I cannot stress enough, what he says shows what kind of person he is. Your friend is able to see from the outside of the situation, as she's not involved in all the emotions within the relationship.

Threatening you like that is terrible. But for him to also threaten his own child? That's just sick. It's his child, whether in the womb or not. If that's how he's going to treat the baby now, will having the baby out make any difference? Absolutely not. Threatening abuse will lead to true abuse (pushing is the beginning stages), to both you and the child, even though it seems so small right now. I know it hurts, but you need to get rid of this guy.

Your best friend is looking out for you, and we are too. This kid is a jerk, and he'll grow up to be even worse (if he ever grows up...).

If you decide to break up (do it now before things get worse... please), do it in a public place. Pushing seems small now, but breakups always bring up overwhelming emotions, and however sweet he can be, he's shown that he has an overwhelming dark side. Be in a place with friends nearby so he doesn't try anything.

I'm so, so sorry you're in this position... it will be hard, especially with a baby. It's times like these that you have to step back and get help from your friends and family. I'm praying for you.

Love in Christ,


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