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Amber Corby




05 Oct 1800


Well Hello (:

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vampkisses asked:

16 Feb 2010

i hate it!...

i hate it when drop dead gorgeous girls say theyre ugly! or girls who look like theyre anorexic girls think theyre fat! or when they just say it just to get compliments



jaydde_woodrow says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2010

Meeee too, i think theta say it to get compliments!!!!!


_riah_ says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2010

Yeah, I feel ya. It's sad and totally lame but it's a sick part of culture and the human pysche that will always be there.

People will always fish for compliments. It really is sad.


_yo0t_ says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2010

well.. comeing from one of those "gorgeous anorexic girls"

sometimes we have our ugly days. we might think so.. and others might not. i mean i'm sure everyone has a day where they think they look like shit. so they might not be doing it for compliments.. i don't .lol

lots of people probably don't say things like this to get compliments. or attention. it's just our opinion about how we think we look and such


barbipixi says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2010

even pretty girls are insecure but usually they're that pretty cause they are told over and over they're not good enough so they keep trying. or in their head's they have to keep trying and trying or no one will like them.

don't get me wrong if you aren't pretty or dont' feel pretty most your life then you become more pretty later that's a whole nother thing. i still hate going outside in shorts. i'm just now becoming more comfortable with wearing dresses.

i know some girls are just looking for attention but you have to think that's a sickness in it's self and there's not much you can do about y anyone acts the way they do just know that you know you're pretty and you don't that any of that baggage or drama to deal with

as you can tell i don't hate people for doing that i just ignore some of them if i don't believe them and i don't mind telling them what i think about low self esteem


hanlou says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2010

People tell me i am pretty alot, they wish they had my hair or my body but when i look in the mirror i totally dont see it. I hate people who give me compliments, it makes me really embaressed and shy and i never ever ask for them.

When anyone looks in the mirror all they see is the worst they never see the best some people generally think they are ugly


ctl888 says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2010

It seems like many girls have body image issues. Some girls really do see themselves as ugly and fat when they are not. That is why there are disorders such as anorexia. But usually you can tell if the girl has a serious problem or if they are just out there trying to 'fish' for compliments. Usually when I run into those girls...I just ignore them...bc you are not getting any compliments out of me. ( haha or you can just agree with them whenever they complain about their looks)


shysparrow13 says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2010

I feel the same way! The only ones who think we're ugly are ourselves.


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 09 Dec 2010

i hate it too its about the worst thing in the world to me. And the big problem in our world today, is all the ads. Magazines and even online, there are so many ads for clothes and makeup and the real truth is all those people in the ads are fake, they have been computer edited, and all that just makes us girls feel worse about ourselves, cause these fake shining lights of women outshine us normal pretty people so bright. It's a big drag on any sane person's self esteem because of it. I think it may even be getting to the guys :O and then we have a problem if its getting that bad.


gosupermodel_is_back says:

Posted on 29 Nov 2010

Actually we say that to be modest- in order to not make the oppiste person fink we have everything anyone could ask for.. but sometimes its actually the truth we're telling, some people are REALLY insecure. I really thought i was ugly, but then we have this voting for prettiest girl in school thing.. AND I ACTUALLY WON- from that day i've held ma head high and really didn't care what people thought of me =) I know i am writing in first person thts cuz i was told the same thing u said alot.. x

And im sorry you hate it lool x


krista090 says:

Posted on 18 Dec 2010

well some people do that because they actually believe they're ugly, for example my sis is quite pretty but if you asked her to rate her looks she'll say average. but there are also other people who are attention whores and would say they are ugly just to get attention and complements (the type that say omg im so uglty and stuff on facebook or myspace) and anorexic girls do believe they're fat and that is why they don;t eat.


gosupermodel_is_back says:

Posted on 29 Nov 2010

Then how come you aren't now? :P

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