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transparentelegance asked:

22 Aug 2009

how to make myself feel better?

ok ever since i was 13 i have hated the way i look i never can find one thing i like about myself but i can have a whole list of what i hate it gets me really depressed because to make things worse people have told people i know that i'm ugly and even when i rarely feel good people still say i'm ugly .what should i do to try and ignore it or make it better?



ikiwi says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2009

if its u on that picture, i don't get why people call you "ugly" because i don't think you are..

they're maybe jealous? anyway don't listen to them and know that you're not even ugly =P


manatee says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2009

YOU ARE SO PRETTY! And I'm really not just saying that. The picture of you is small, but your lips look fantastic, and your face in general looks exotic. Not a face you see every day (in a good way). Don't let anyone tell you how to feel about yourself. Tell yourself you're beautiful. Do things to make yourself more confident/show you you're a great person. Like cooking, or karate, or really any new hobby. It will boost your self esteem. :]


manatee says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2009

Also, don't obsess over fake images that you see on TV or movies or in magazines. Like all of the images of celebrities on this site...


norcirea says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2009

I'm like that too. My nose is always red and has gaping pores. My hairline is like, 4 inches farther back than it should be, and I'm only 18 :P


shinja says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2009

You are not ugly at all, I think you look alot like Natasha from topmodel. And if you look like someone who almost won americans next topmodel, there is no way in hell you could be ugly!


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2009

you are stunning ! believe me you could be a model with your looks !

they tell me i'm ugly too and it makes me feel bad too, but sometimes i just think they are just jealous and they want to make you feel inferior....



barbipixi says:

Posted on 23 Aug 2009

omg that's horrible

but you do have to remember ugly people like to make pretty people feel like poo

you do need to ignore it and know you're better than that and try making a list of the things you like about your self

like your shiny hair, and your beautiful eyes, and your pouty lips

everyday try to think of something you do or something about you to add to the list and see if it helps.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 23 Aug 2009

You are so cute! Do not listen to people that put you down like that.... insecure people will do that just to make themselves feel better. just ignore and go about your day. Remember you will hear all sorts of things...people will say mean things.. do not let it drag you down.


emmbee says:

Posted on 23 Aug 2009


Your Eyes Are Stunning, Plump Lips, Lush Hair, Tamed Brows, Cute Little Nose (Unlike Mine). I Envy You Seriously! I Agree With IKiwi I Bet Those Other Girls Are Too Jealous And The Only Way They Feel Better Is Making You Feel Crappy, Well I Would Just Think To Yourself Just That. I Bet Those Girls Arent As Pretty As You Are, And I Bet They Have A Ugly Personality For Saying That To You, Remember Theres Two Kinds Of Beauty, Your Lucky Enough To Have Both. x


xoleeleexo says:

Posted on 23 Aug 2009

ok what??! you are stunning and its so sad that you can't see it but i do understand because i had to go through hell in school with bullies because of how i looked and developed a bit of a complex over it. what i can honestly say is that now though because i'm older and hopefully a bit wiser is that no one is ever going to be 100% happy with how they look, we're our own worse critics. you'll see someday though that all those haters are just jealous pure and simple, i mean from all the comments i've read everyone has said just how beautiful you are, all you have to do is work on that confidence of yours and you'll be laughing! that just takes a little bit of time, so stand up tall and smile because you are 100% the opposite of ugly :)


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 24 Aug 2009

Sometimes when people are feeling pissed off, maybe cause they know THEY'RE ugly, they call other people ugly (even if their not!) to make themselves feel better. Your far from ugly. Im pretty much used to be like you. Always selfconcious, & hating everything bout myself. But now im not arsed about looks & shit & im much happier now that i dont care.

Either they're jelous, or they have a grudge against you. Some girl in my primary got on against me & she always called me ugly & shit, even though she wasn't exactly a beauty queen herself. Everything i did she used to make fun of me & it got so bad i just used to hide behind people and never take part in school activities. I hate the fact i used to be such a coward, i should've given her a kick up the ass instead of letting her know shes won.

Theres no point ignoring it, because it'll haunt you anyway and wont make you feel better. and you dont NEED to improve yourselves. The prettier you are, the meaner they'll be. (The ones who bullied me in school.. well everytime i looked nice (like dressed up for non-uniform days or whatever) they started giving me shit. Cos they were jelous i suppose?)

So next time they say something, give them a reply that'll shut em up! Everytime they say something 'offensive', dont show them ur upset because thats whay they want! If they say: "Your ugly" just say to em: "You can put the mirror away now" or sumthing :}


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