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Toni Brogna



“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.” - Karen Ravn

26 Feb 1997
United States


I'll make this short and simple: I'm the oldest of 3 kids, the only girl. Love clothes so much that I used to dress my brothers up in skirts and have fashion shows (tee-hee). I also love shoes. I love vintage clothing and think the best places to shop are Buffalo Exchange (you gotta look it up), U

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tonibaloni97 asked:

28 Jun 2011

What advice would you give someone who's going to be a high school freshman?

I'm going to be a high school freshman this coming September, and I'm really nervous. Please share any advice you have with me, whether it be about preparing for high school, surviving it or anything else. Thanks!



kat says:

Posted on 28 Jun 2011

*Have confidence. High school is hard to survive with low confidence. Some people can be rude and will eat you alive if you let them. *Be yourself. Don't try to change the way you are just for the sake of making friends. There are all kinds of people in high school. People who are similar to you will gravitate to you so you don't have to change yourself. *Know the directions to your classes. This is more if your school is extremely large and you can get lost easily. It helps to learn the directions beforehand because students can be rude (some can even give you the wrong directions just to mess with a freshman), and some teachers can be unhelpful. I experienced this myself firsthand. x_x *At lunch, look for anyone you might recognize from middle school (if the high school is the same area, of course). If not, sit at any table where the people there look like they are nice and you can relate to. Even though you're not supposed to judge based on appearance, appearance is everything. Chances are someone who looks rude is rude. *Don't give in to peer pressure. A lot of people will try to tell you, "You're supposed to dress like THIS!" or "You're supposed to act like THAT!" or even try to get you to do something dumb like take drugs. Don't believe or trust them. Taking drugs and drinking makes high school a lot harder than it should really be. Not to mention, addictions are unhealthy. It's also expensive to feed an addiction. I don't know about you but I rather spend my money on cute clothes than spend 50-100 bucks for a small Ziplock bag of a stupid drug that will end up messing up your head anyways, thank you very much. Last but not least, *****RELAX!!!!***** Despite what you heard, high school is NOT that big of a deal. Trust me, I'm going to be a senior in September. I've went through three years of high school and survived to tell the tale. I'm not taking drugs and I'm not pregnant (I've seen pregnant girls in high school, btw. It's shocking!) All you need to do is hang with the right crowd. Do not hang out with the promiscuous crowd, the drinking/partying crowd, or the stoner crowd. They will influence you to be just like them and get you into trouble. Hang out with the smart, nice crowd. That's what I do. I usually end up hanging out with the nice, nerdy people and the more quiet and chill people. They influence you to work harder in class and don't force you to be someone that you don't want to be. So that's it. Oh, and don't make the major mistake of thinking of high school as only a place to socialize and make friends. The purpose of high school is to prepare you for your future, nothing else. Study hard, take extracurricular activities, join clubs and sports teams, and take electives for classes you are interested in. Discover the career you may be interested in and prepare for college. Don't be afraid to take honors and AP classes if you really like the subject of that class. It really helps. If you're given the option, take the PSATs before you take the SATs. It prepares you for it. Don't be afraid to take the SATs more than once to boost your score. I took the PSATs and the SATs as a junior, but hey. It helps to know this stuff. Good luck!


missymm says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2011

aha "Kat" makes high school seem like it does in the movies.
I'll be a senior in September as well. And trust me, 99% of the upperclassmen wont bother you, unless you're a slut or obnoxious. I don't notice the freshman unless theyre the slutty chicks, my group of guys hook up with. OHH! and one big one, dont let upperclass men boys get to you, yea you might think theyre cuute..but 97% of them are after one thing,no matter how special they make you feel.. if they dont get it...they're on to the next freshman that'll give it to them. Moral of the story: Don't have sex. Its not special, the guy has probably had sex with 4 or 5 other girls from your school. You dont HAVE to hangout with the nerdy people to get good grades,you'd be surprised how many of the outgoing, loud, and 'popular' kids get good grades too. When you get to high school, its not like someones gunna go upto and make you try a drug. Alotta of people talk about weed and drinking, its a part of the high school experimenting stage. I'll admit i tried it, and realized it was stupid. I advise you, to not try smoking..its a waste of time. And as for being influenced, by the people you hangout with...My friends smoke but they dont influence me to smoke, I party, and sometimes drink and I have 3.3 gpa. You can be smart, but still have fun. Again, I'm not influencing you to drink or stuff..but it goes to show, not all people that drink and party are stupid. But she is right, when she said join clubs, and stuff. Be involved, i kinda regret not being involved in school activities. .ha anyway, Good luck, Don't really worry about high school that much. (:


musicqs says:

Posted on 30 Jun 2011

Haha I had this problem too! My whole summer was basically spent FREAKING OUT over highschool. I got there...and...lameeee. Seriously your wasting your time freaking out haha. Trust me :P Its noo big deal haha. Just know where your classes are. And there ya go...The hallways arnt even that crowded...Before school txt some of your friends telling them to meet you in the front or whatever so you guys can walk in together or meet up. That helps ALOT. But really....take some deep breaths cause its not bad at all :)) just dont mess with upper classmen...And dont be immature...You gottta remember its High School now and no one acts the way they did in 8th grade. Just stay out of ppl's way and dont cause a scene haha. Hope it helps and good luck! :D Its really no bbiggy haha.


kat says:

Posted on 30 Jun 2011

My advice was based on what goes in my high school. xD Some upperclassmen are mean in my school. They DO mess with freshmen. But I guess that varies according to the school. :P And I just stay away from the drug-doers in general. I know some won't do anything to influence you but I would rather stay away from that all. I don't need that in my life. And yes it's true, some of the outgoing, "popular" kids get good grades. But I just don't like that many of them, at least in my school, are also immature and try way too hard to be liked. They usually try too hard to get attention which leads to poor decision-making, like getting into a fight or getting drunk at a party. Again, I don't need that in my life. Drinking, smoking, and being an immature attention hog is not "fun" to me. The nerds are more themselves and are more mature. xP Sorry if my post comes off like a movie depiction of high school. I didn't mean for that. I was just giving my honest advice. ;)

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