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Þuríður Jóna




06 Dec 1988

who am I?
my name is Þura.. and i'm 20 years old icelandic girl
my intrests? music, reading, good tv-shows, animals, fashion, make up, shoes, clothes, hair styling, my friends, family, lipstick jungle!!!! and lots and lots more.
dislikes? fake people, exams, arguments, days when More saduisahduiash dsau

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thuruz asked:

15 Apr 2013

how to start loosing weight,,

well the thing is that i'm 15 kg heavier than i ought to be but i don't want to buy a 3 months card to the gym until after christmas vacaiton becuz the gym is in the town where me school is and i'm going to spend the vaication on my parents farm, and during christmas i'm going to eat a lot so the time in the gym will probably be waisted and i have to start all over again from the start. but the thing is i want to slowly start my dieting at home.. any tips? other than eat healthy and go out for a walk/run :p




rinji_halfelf says:

Posted on 30 Oct 2008

There are several things you can do or try.

Find an alternative to you favorite junk food, that isn't as bad for you. For instance, I like pop way too much. So I'll drink 100% juice instead. Then when I'm not drinking soda anymore, I'll start watering down my juice until I'm just drinking water.

Drink a full glass of water in the morning and before your meals. You'll become fuller quicker with less calories.

So 1 glass in the morning + 6 glasses for 6 small meals a day = 7 glasses of water. Then have another glass throughout the day. One bottled water is generally 2.5 servings of water. So getting your water requirements is not as bad as you'd think!

Eat slowly, it takes 15 minutes before your brain realizes you're full.

Blue is an appetite suppressant. Eat your food on a blue plate.

Use a smaller plate. I've been know to eat food out of a mug instead of a bowl. Never eat out of a bag.

Do like the British do. It's considered impolite to stuff another bite in your mouth while you're still chewing you're previous bite. Chew and swallow one bite at a time.

Eat several smell meals a day. Some people recommend not eating more than big handful of food at once.

Biggest tip I've learned is to actually set your table when you eat. Take time out for eating food at the dinner table, preferably with friends or family.

Don't deny yourself dessert. Have some, but not as much. Or be nice and split with a friend.

Try the child's menu instead when eating out. If they offer a bread basket or rolls, pass.

Use a mental balance scale concept. If you indulged a little, make up for it the next day. It's much easier to indulge a little and makeup for it then to indulge a lot. Or BINGE, and then just give up.

If you are craving a snack, eat some protein instead of chocolate or sweets. I personally like honey roasted cashews, but I'll like have... maybe 5-8 at a time. Don't eat the whole packet. Granola bars with peanut butter aren't bad either if you want something sweet.

If worse comes to worse I'll eat one of those convenient cheese cracker packets, or a small wad of cheese. Snacks are supposed to be small, just enough to stave off a hunger so you don't over do it at your next meal. If you must have anything else sweet, stick with fruit.

Quality over quantity.

If you have a farmers market, go to it! I used to hate most fruit. But I found out what I REALLY don't like is unripened grocery store fruit that have been picked early and forced to ripen. I could have been eating better all this time if I had just known I have high standards when it comes to food, and I was picky in a good way, lol. You'll also be more likely to be satisfied when you get better quality food.

Cook your own food if possible, the calories you burn making it is well spent. You'll also have more control over how much oil you put in it.

Put more effort in your lip makeup. You'll be less tempted to take handouts form grandma if you have to redo all that lipstick again.

Don't over fill your plate. Contrary to the eating at the table statement, if I do have to eat somewhere else that is distracting, I get less food on my plate. By the time I'm done multitasking and finishing my helping, I might actually find I'm not as hungry as I thought and actually be done.

Decorate your food. The way it looks actually adds some pleasure to a meal. You might actually be just as satisfied with less food that is pretty than more food that is just 'blah' looking. The Japanese use the concept to no end.

Have a soup or salad for your main meal at least once a day. I usually have it in the evening so my system doesn't have too much to digest while I'm sleeping. Ideally your largest meal should be breakfast.

Enryo is another Japanese concept. Basically is self restraint someone uses when there's is one last morsel of food left. Not eating the last cheese curl or slice of pizza would be examples.

If there's something you know you can't resist, don't buy it, keep it in your house. If you end up with it some freakish way ( like my grandma who used to bring soda over everyday irregardless to what I told her), offer it to someone else who WILL consume it before you are tempted to eat/drink it. I relied on my brother countless times for this.

Do changes one at a time. I try to set a goal of one new change per week.

I have been known to freeze my soda so I'm less able to drink it all at once.

Stay away from hot dogs, bologna or any such mixed meats. Most or loaded with salt and fat you don't want.

Substitute baked potatoes for french fires. If you like too much butter on your potato, Spend a little extra to get Yukon gold potatoes. They have a natural moist buttery texture to them. I can actually eat them plain.

Expand your diet. Eat at least 7-10 different types of food a day. This goes with the concept that food is medicine. The more types of food you eat, the more likely you are to get all your vitamins and minerals.

Steam/boil instead of bake, bake instead of fry.

Try whole wheat or darker breads and grains instead. They have fiber and nutrients that white bread doesn't have. You'll feel fuller too.

When you get honey, get 100% real honey. Look at the label. If you see fructose corn syrup or corn syrup, then you've been jipped of vitamins and minerals in real honey. Pass and get the real stuff instead. I use it to sweeten drinks, and cereal instead of refined sugar.

Each fresh or frozen. Stuff from a can has extra salts that cause you to retain water you don't need, and the taste is usually altered.

Get your protein from beans too. You'll also get fiber and less fat from them then most meats. Fish isn't a bad way tot go either.

maybe I should write a blog about this..

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