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im new 2 diis but hopefully it wil help me out wit da im 13 nd wanna b preg ting ad me if u feel da sme way

02 Nov 1997


hii , well what can i say i love reading quotes , love my girls. i have high baby fever if u get what i mean by that soo thats it :D

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teenbabylover asked:

01 Apr 2011

dont no what to do with my baby fever :/

i really wanna get pregnant but im only 13 i love kids so much and i want one of my own ,i asked my boyfriend what would he do if he got me pregnant he said that he wouldnt know what to think at first but he would have to get over it and he also said he would be the best dad with the best mom he even gave me a name for the babey hah but he wouldnt try for 1 ...i diidnt ask hiim about trying for 1 im after becoming so opssesed with having a baby that any time i go in to town i make my friend who knows about all this come in with me to baby shops an i look at baby clothse and prams and pushchairs and cots all that my friend dosent hing im weird when i do this i can say enything to her .the only thing stopping me from having a baby is my boyfriend and my mam and dad it would be emmbarresing telling my mom i was pregnant cause she would ask all the details and my dad would create world war 3 my best friend who i mentioned said i could move in with her and her mam said it to i need advice



davie2010 says:

Posted on 01 Apr 2011

omg.... you definately need to get this baby thing out of your are WAY too young.... if you can not stop obsessing about it...i think you should talk to a counsiler or something because it is definately not a good idea for you to even think about at this point in your life....


dudthatcaresaboutmyhair says:

Posted on 01 Apr 2011

Too young. If you really want a baby get one of those fake baby things or just forget it cuz the baby wouldn't have a good life... No income from u would just put more stress on your parents and yourself.


ravenousgirl1 says:

Posted on 01 Apr 2011

woahh... you do NOT want to have a baby in your teens
1: it can cause family problems
2:hope that your boyfriend is rlly loyal, cause guys sometimes tend to run off after they found out they got you preanat
3: you need lot's of money for yourself and your baby, cause ur parents are not responsible.
4:HUUUUUUGGGEEEE responibilty, you'll have next to no time to yourself, and as a teen, we like going crazy :P
having a baby when your 20 or over is the best bet for a good time. who knows maybe this is a phaze and it will pass


seranya says:

Posted on 01 Apr 2011

Wow... did you stop to think about what you're saying for a SEC? Forget about what your parents will say or think, this is about how it will affect YOUR life and your baby's life!! No matter how you look at it, it's wrong. Surely you must know the reasons, you have to be insane not to see them... but just it case you don't:
Having a baby at such an age is not PHYSICALLY safe for you and in nearly all cases of teenage pregnancy the babies come out with physical problems or mental disorders.
You don't seem to be thinking about the consequences of this at all... not only physical, but emotional too. The responsibility that comes along with a child is unimaginable! You won't have the chance to build your future any more, your focus will be the baby and only the baby. You won't be able to support him/her financially since you're too young to legally work and most likely not ready for it either. You just talk about having a baby like you're thinking whether or not to go and buy that piece of meat from the store - a baby is NOT a piece of meat! Do you imagine what it means to actually take CARE of a baby?! Do you really think of yourself as emotionally, mentally and physically prepared to raise a child? It seems to me like you just see it as a game.

Please think about it logically for a minute. It's one thing to like children, I heard of young teenagers loving children before, but none so insane as to want one of their one at that time! If you like them so much you can just take on a babysitting job, or volunteer at a daycare centre or something. Spend time in environments filled with children if that makes you happy. That's perfectly fine and helpful too. But don't try to get pregnant, that's the worst thing you could do to your life right now. There's a time for everything and you will know when you feel ready for it.


brandy89 says:

Posted on 04 Apr 2011

Go volunteer at a daycare.. After a few hours you should get your baby fix and hear the screams to make you realize you are way too young for a baby!


chloesherry says:

Posted on 29 Apr 2011

you are to yound for a baby.. and you shouldnt move in with your friends mum and her? what would your parents think when they found out.. you moved in for that reason... and maybe if you know someone with a baby you can ask to babysit sometimes or go to there house and look after babies with them? xx


shannoncoutanche says:

Posted on 29 Apr 2011

I dont think you should get pregnant becausse youre to young .. it would be the wrong thing to do .. i think you should just wait till the right time comes and your old enought and you will be happy and excited and try for one but if you want one really badley if you know anyone with a baby or todler just tell them you will baby sit for free and enjoy the free time while you have it other wise it could mess up your life forever !! x ..


lpurplefashion says:

Posted on 20 May 2011

r u mad say ur mom first and get a child dnt do anything


vampgirly says:

Posted on 27 Jul 2011

1. DO NOT HAVE A BABY NOW 2. grow up, get happily married 3. earn money 4. have your family. but if you do have a baby now, take the best possible care of it and love it more than you love life, and be careful,


auri says:

Posted on 02 Apr 2011

Couldn't have said it any better myself.


teenbabylover says:

Posted on 05 Apr 2011

dats a brilliant ide ;) niight try dat thx brandy :D


teenbabylover says:

Posted on 05 Apr 2011

thank yu 4 ur help ...:D xxxx


brandy89 says:

Posted on 19 Apr 2011

No problem! :)


lpurplefashion says:

Posted on 20 May 2011

and u will not even have milk for the baby


fearlesssuicide says:

Posted on 21 May 2011

i agree with you lolz

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