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29 Jul 1992

My name is Kristina. I love getting inked and pierced, I currently have 3 tattoos, and 8 piercings. I lack in self confidence, but I wish to change that. I am dating an amazing guy, who mean the world to me. My friends are my life and I miss them all so much. I love meeting new people and hearing aboMore saduisahduiash dsau

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teenagedirtbagg asked:

22 Jul 2009

ideas to get past these school rules ?

piercings- my piercings had to come out in the office because they knew i had them when i came, no bandaids are allowed and also no clear ones are allowed, if any are found out or seen, i am suspended. and because of the long day most have healed that i had to redo this summer

hair - no unnatural or distracting hair colours or cuts, no mohalk or anything , my hair is red and black underneath and they said i was pushing my luck.

uniform - i cannot alter my uniform in anyway, or they make us buy all new ones, i have to wear it and only it no adding anything or its taken away and detentions

jewlery - cant have anything distracting (which stupidly includes three sets of earing holes) no big necklaces or things like that

accessories - no ties other than the school uniform tie, no suspenders, arm warmers, chains, funky belts ...

shoes - black polishable dress shoes only, not even supposed to have flats but i do.

theres many more stupid rules i try to get around but they tend to find a reason to get me in trouble or hate my school even more

ps.. i cant transfer or leave because this is my 4th highschool and the uniforms are expensive, and theres no other highschools near me



rachelsauras says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2009

that's terrible.):

I don't see why schools think they have the right

to tell you what to wear and whatnot,

and honestly I think they do it just because they want us to know they're in charge.


my assistant princaple popped my lip rings out herself.:/

get clear post retainers and pop em threww but don't put on the rings, or balls to hold them.

unless someones lieek examining your face they won't be able to tell, and if you really feel nervous with certain teachers take them out but keep putting them in through out the day to make sure they don't close.

[it's a pain, I know, but if you want to keep your piercings something has to be done]

or you can try what someone tries in my school every year,

which is petitioning the office about it.

it almost went through last year, because parents got on our side since it can lead to infection, and a waste of money.


you can take natural colors and make them edgy and unnatural looking, just like it seems you did.

red's natural, take it to a bright red like hayley williams.

blonde is natural, go platinum with black through it.

and for a haircut, layers aren't distracting, and the basis of most edgy haircuts so get a bunch and if your teachers point it out tell them to look at every other girls hair. most at least have long layers.

uniform. you're kind of stuck there.

jewlery-wear cute simple necklaces then, and just play up your hair and makeup(if it's allowed?)

same with accesories.

dress shoes?


just stick with your flats.

take their rules to the next level,

but make sure you don't take it far enough to get in trouble, and always have something to back you up.



amaay says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2009

i agree with everything

that 'rachelsauras' said[;



barbipixi says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2009

all i can really see is you can maybe do something with hair clips, but i would have my parents wright you a note about those clear retainers for your piercings

they need to wright they would like you to be allowed to keep your retainers in. it's a decision they thought you were adult enought to make about your own body and they would prefer the money didn't go to waste and to help prevent infections. they need to put in the note the part about it would be a clear retainer with a flat head and you can even wear a skin colored bandaid over them

and you're not allowed to wear colored tights or anything, socks?


ashleyxangelbite says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2009

Hmm.. I agree with BarbiPiXi. You should have your parents write a note about it to the school explaining the desicions that you and your family made about the piercings.

With the uniform, if you wear a jacket over it or something, try only buttoning a few buttons or wear it totally unbuttoned. Try different styles with the uniform just to make it look like ur putting an effort into it.

With the hair, you could try brown with the balck under or keep the red and make it brighter, every other day you could change up the style, one day you could curl it and maybe the next straight.

Keep the shoes. Try wearing makeup (if its not against the rules)

Otherwise, sounds like you have a pretty serious school there.


taylorjewell says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2009

I think your parents should write a note about how your allowed to wear them or let your parents talk to someone at your school about letting you wear them! :)

good luck! :thumbup:


rainbowoleander says:

Posted on 23 Jul 2009

Well, honey, here's what I can think of:

If you need to wear band-aids, calmly explain to the office that band-aids are for keeping others from being infected with your germs. Just think if that nasty cut were to burst open again and hit somebody! I mean, (not to be rude) but people at your school could have AIDS or HIV or something else and also, having a cut visible is disgusting and also unsafe - you can get dirt particles in it that can cause further damage and/or scars.

With jewelry and accessories, push as far as you can. You said "no big, chunky necklaces", well, wear necklaces that aren't THAT chunky. Push them and push them.

Check out your rights as a citizen of Canada and write an angry, angry letter.

Ask your parents for a letter that says you can wear the effing band-aid lol. Have them say that they don't want you to be harmed in anyway, and the school is making a very risky choice to ban things that are meant to protect your health.

If all else fails, get suspended! Lol. If my school treated me like this, I'd probably cuss them out. They currently don't allow us to wear shorts or jeans with rips in them (even if they're patched - poor farmworkers)

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