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Taylor Eden Klown



Having More And More Thoughts

01 Sep 1997

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taylor_klown asked:

23 Feb 2011

Having A Baby At My Age ?

My Name Is Taylor , And Ive Been Thinking Of Having A Baby . But I Still Think Im To Young And I Wouldnt Want The Father To Walk Out On Me But It Seems Like Most Do It AnyWay Right ? Ive Been Talking To My Boyfriend About It And He Clearly Wants One To I Just Dont Think It Would Be The Right Decision . Although My Family Tells Me Id Be A Good Mom Because I Clean Up After Myself And I Do Realy Good With Kids ! I Still REALLY Want A Baby But Again Im Still Having Second Thoughts HELP !



aud19822001 says:

Posted on 08 Mar 2011

IDK how old you are, but DON'T DO IT!!! I have 3 kids of my own and my husband has one from another girl as well... I'm contemplating having another, but I'm also in my late 20's and am in a relationship with a man who I've been with for 12 years. I LOVE kids, obviously. However..... We had our first baby when I was 18... I turned 19 13 days after I had her. You never realize how much you get to do until you are pregnant and/or stuck at home with a child. While I was pregnant with her, 3 of my best friends took a trip to Denver to visit another very good friend (who is now my brother in law) of mine... I wanted to go soo badly but couldn't b/c I was pregnant and due any day... when they came back they all had new tattoos or piercings, videos of such a great time, and everytime they mentioned it, it pissed me off b/c I wanted to be there with them... had I not been pregnant so young, I couldn't have gone. That summer (and every summer I've been pregnant) I surrrre didn't want to go to the beach with all my friends... I was HUGE. I've also been pregnant in the winter, and missed things like New Years Eve parties, my birthday parties, etc... not to mention what having a baby does to your body. When I got pregnant with my first I weighed 119 and am 5'5"... I looked pretty good, looking back. The day before I had her, I weighed 189 freakin pounds! I had (HAVE) stretch marks everywhere, my boobs are saggy, my hips are huge... ppl say I look good (I'm around 132 lbs after 3 kids)... which, I don't think I look BAD clothed... but I'm sooo self conscious to get naked b/c of the way I have extra skin from being so big to losing it so fast... and no amount of exercise in the world will firm my belly back up.... nor REFLATE my boobs. I've been told these are just battlescars from doing something great... and yes, now I agree... but had I known then, what I know now, I would have waited til I was... 22. I never did want to be an 'old mom'... I've always wanted to be able to go outside and play with my kids and such... but I also didn't think about all the great things I missed out on between the ages of 18 - 22. But you see it when your friends are doing it, and you can't. Don't miss out on that.... you'd never regret having a child, but you would regret missing out on all the things you miss when you have kids or are pregnant... you can have children for years (I've been doing it for almost 10 now) but you can't replace the memories lost by not being able to do things while you are young and carefree....


jessah0licx3 says:

Posted on 23 Feb 2011

i know how you feel, you just want a baby because you love kids and theyre so cute. (: but don't go there! live your life, and wait until your a little older, and your relationship with your boyfriend is a little more serious. wait until you have a job, and until you have a seirous conversation with your family about it. i'm sure you'd be a great mom, but live your life a little first. :D



ninja_nikki says:

Posted on 23 Feb 2011

I don't know how old you are, but truthfully if you're younger then 18 you will probably not be ready. Would your parents really be there to support you? Imagine trying to balance having a baby, school work and a job. Your boyfriend (and yourself) will be excited once the baby comes along, but just wait a couple months and you're going to want your social life back. You're not going to be number one anymore....your baby is going to be number one. You are going to have to drop everything to become a mother. And the exspense of it all is the worst'll be paying hundreds for diapers, food, a crib, etc. Not to mention if the baby has something wrong with it the Docters visits would be another good chunk of money. I agree with jaylacutie123 watch Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnet that'll show you the hell these mothers go through....Usually the boyfriend drops them, the girls gotta go back to school and the grandmother/father has to end up taking care of the kid while the girls in school. Trust me the baby will be the one to suffer. You're still a your teen life. (:


jaylacutie123 says:

Posted on 23 Feb 2011

okay wait , how old are u? well im 16 i dont have a baby but my older sister does ,i babysit my newphew and its alooooooooot of work , think paying for all of the things a baby needs diapers,wipes,baby food, doctor appointments, please be4 u think about having a baby talk 2 ur parents , have u seen the show on mtv "teen mom", thats baciscally a little sneak peek of what the girls go through.


alexx_barbie says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2011

omg your crazyy! no 14 and i wouldnt even dream of being a mom right now!~why dont you just enjoy life for a while?! i mean, basically if you have a baby right now your life will end, no friends, no school, no fun! your life will become alll about the baby and sure theyre soo cute! but they are also sooooooooo much work! teen mom and secret life dont even do it justice,, and just think about how people will look at you! and also do you really think your bf will be that helpful if theres like no possible way you can move in together?! rethink this pleeease :)


mistress1209 says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2011

best answer right there by Maeve. Honey trust me, there's more to it than what you think. Having a baby changes your life for good and there's just no turning back. I'm not sure you're prepared for that.


vampgirly says:

Posted on 27 Jul 2011

if u want to talk u can talk to me wenever. in my opinion, without meanness in this at all, just because u clean up after yourself. u need to have money coming in, and to be sure of yourself. you can talk to me whenever. please be carefull. this is more than just u and ur boyfriend's lives u r affecting, you are making a new one

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