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Anna Heerema




06 Oct 1993

My names Anna, birthdays in October, favorite numbers 25, I got two older brothers who i adore, i got a boyfriend whos amazing his names mikey, anndddddd yeah lots more if you wanna know more message me up at

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takethistoheart93 asked:

07 Aug 2009

sorry another question.. Advice

i have three friends.

DQ [ girl ] - my best friend ( hates AN) ( CH's girlfriend)

AN [girl ] - my other really good friend ( CH's best friend ) ( hates DQ )

CH [ boy ] - DQ's boyfriend and AN's best childhood friend and my friend

okay so its a really long story ill make it short and simple as posible

AN is mad at DQ cause DQ is breaking CH's heart.

DQ is mad at AN because she thinks shes too close to CH, her boyfriend.

CH is confused at fuck cause his best friend and girlfriend HATE each other and other problems and now hes cutting himself

I am soo fucking afraid hes gonna do somethings stupid cause i used to vent to him about ym cutting problems and self harm and now i think he got the idea from me.

DQ is mad at me cause she says she was my friend first i should stick to her

and AN is my friend and is venting about my friend DQ and how mean she is and how shes breaking CH's heart

I promised not to tell anyone about CH's cutting


btw: DQ has no clue about CH ( her boyfriends) cutting and depression.

and DQ is a major drama queen shes makes big deals about everything and thinks CH is cheating with AN which there not cause AN is lesbian and im her bestfriend and i know shes not and would ever.

i feel like DQ is making me choose her over AN and AN is making me tell DQ and CH to break up...

and CH is asking me for help and stuff and asking advice and i dont know what to all say anymore...

Should i telll DQ about CH even though id break a promise and he'd hate me?

Should i tell AN about CH ( she doesnt know either)?

Should i tell m7y boyfriend who is friends with all of them and CH's best friend about CH's cutting.....

sooo confused. i feel like im in a fricken war zone between AN and DQ about CH while CH is depressed and needs help that his girlfriend and best friend and other friend dont know or cant give him because they dont know......



kekye says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

Your friends should get it together :/

Heres what I would do:

Help CH to stop cutting first.

Don't tell them that he's cutting,but tell them that he's upset.

If they already know that then somehow open their eyes :/

Tell AN and DQ that you won't take sides.

Taking sides would make it so much worse.

Friends help friends make friends. O_o

Maybe AN should tell DQ in person that she's les and that theres nothing to worry about :/

If they still hate eachother they should at least NOT act like it. Play nice.

And to DQ: Just because they're really good friends doens't mean that he's cheating._.

And has DQ seen CH since he started cutting? Wouldn't she notice?


cookiemonstuh says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

i kinda think you should stay out of it.

its not your battle, i understand though.

if you really want to do something than put them all three in a room and get them to talk about it and let each other know how they feel.

i know it seems elementry or whatever but if they all know how they think and whats going on than a it will be easier to find a solution to the problem. that was totally confusing but just get them to talk it out and it will all work out in someway. hope that helped(:


hanlou says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

ok i think maybe you should not tell anyone and not get involved if you do it will all end up being your fault. Support your friends all of them but just listen and help but dont get involved unless you really really need too. just concentrate on your friend DQ and help him through this.


_lisstheshopaholic_ says:

Posted on 08 Aug 2009

idk what to say because i have sorta the same prob. i moved away from him. ok my story is we knew eachother since preschool and i had a crush on him in kindergarden. i thought we both luved eachother or something in 3rd grade and 4th then in 5th i figured out he didnt like me like that. but while i thought we were falling in luv, really it was only me so now i am stuck with a broken heart. i get dreams about him so so so often. it is driving me nuts. yesterday was his birthday and i miss him so so sooooooo much :( :-s


_lisstheshopaholic_ says:

Posted on 08 Aug 2009



barbipixi says:

Posted on 08 Aug 2009

i would tell hi CH if he keeps cutting you're going to tell his rents so he needs to stop you care about him and you don't want him hurting himself

then CH should already know that DQ and AN don't like eachother because AN thinks DQ doesn't love him basicly and DQ think's he's messing around with AN. right? so he just has to realize there's no fixing that.

you can't make a Jelous girlfiriend stop being jelous it's her nature if he doesnt like the mistrust then he needs to re-evaluate their relationship and talk to her about that trust she needs to have in him.

then CH needs to have a Comming to Jesus talk with AN about his love life and just being there to be his friend and not figure out every part of his life. she's his best friend and he'll love her but he may get his heart broken and there may be lots of GF's but he'll always have her and she needs to know he has to make his own mistakes. she can say her part sure but she can't make him do anything.

and i think it's fine if they hate eachother that's another trait you're not really going to be able to change. they don't have to hang out and they don't have to play nice. they just need to not interfere with eachother. they can be a bit spiteful in private but they need to not bring it into a fight. they need to learn to ignore eachother and just be there for the guy the both care about

basicly the girls both need to grow up a bit and your friend needs to relax these things happen all the time and he can't force them to like eachother


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 11 Aug 2009

Your in a tight corner lol. I'd say, talk to DQ & AN. Make them both sit together & discuss WTF is their problem. Tell DQ that AN is NOT interested in a relation with CH & there IS such thing as friendship. Make them sort it out! Tell DQ to stop overreacting at everything because if she cares about CH at all, she would realise that all this is really stressing him out & he cant dump his childhood friend just cos his gf is getting all paranoid. & Tell CH to stop cutting, cos i doesnt help! I mean, i know im being a hypocrite cos i've cut but thats why i can saay it doesnt help at all. Its like taking drugs, they can make you feel better for the while but then ur back to the real world & the problems will seem even bigger than they really are. Tell him maybe he should dump DQ altogether? . Maybe she is a nice person, but she shouldnt get all worked up bout it all! Make all of them sit & talk it through with em (: x


amaay says:

Posted on 13 Aug 2009

i agree with 'midsummer_dreams' [:



takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

i would really love to stay out of it but i think ive already got too involved =/


hanlou says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

sorry i mean help CH through this. sorry got confused with names


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

and thank you. im definitly trying to get them all to talk


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

i agree,

i got him to not cut for 2 days he caveed yesterday and started again.

i agree i told them to either figure out to not hate each other or just not talk then and put stress on CH

and yes she has but he doesnt do it in places she can see. he doesnt cut his wrists..

thank you so much for helping =S


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

i agree. unfortunately i think im already too invovled and stuf. but im trying to not be apart of DQ's and AN's fighting and concentrate on CH. THank you.


cookiemonstuh says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

no problem. best of luck(:


hanlou says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

thats ok, hope everything works out xxxxx

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