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Anna Heerema




06 Oct 1993

My names Anna, birthdays in October, favorite numbers 25, I got two older brothers who i adore, i got a boyfriend whos amazing his names mikey, anndddddd yeah lots more if you wanna know more message me up at

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takethistoheart93 asked:

11 Aug 2009

question about my friend: Boy issues

Hay im using my friends account to ask for advice.

soo last year up till october i reallllllly liked this guy we were really good friends we hung out and at a class trip we got really close held hands and stuff and i really htought he was gonna ask me out. Then i got sick for a week and a half came back to school and found out he was dating sum random girl named sarah. I was really upset and stuff and a month ish later i finally accepted that he was with her and they were happy together. They lasted until shortly after christmas. But inbetween that and christmas i met this guy through a friend and we started dating. the first guy asked me tons of questions like who is he wheres he from blah blah blah and stuff anyways now its like august and we all go to different schools but were all good friends. im going out with the 2nd guy but i just found out the first guy stilllll likes me alot and hes asked me out several times since i started going out with my current boyfriend.... ughhh i love my boyfriend who im with now like ugh sooo much. but i also liked the first guy forever and when he started going out with the other girl randomly he broke my heart and the 2nd boy like he made me so happy after.

my friend talked to the first guy and apperently he wrote a book about me... like weird but idk a whole book based on me ... he really likes me and idk how to tell him or even if i want to tell him that he had his chance more then once and he lost it when he went out with that girl. and now im happy with my current boyfriend without hurting him cause were still really good friends.



midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 11 Aug 2009

Babe, if he started dating a girl (the first guy) just cos you were off for a WEEK, he might even cheat on you in the future. I'm sorry, but if he really fancied you, he wudn't have started dating anyone else just bcos you wernt available. Sometimes, you dont relle know how much you love sumone until they're gone. Maybe thats what happened to him. He saw you happy with someone else & suddenly he wanted you baack. I dunno what to tell you cos it depends on the personality of both guys. Whos more kinder, more patient, more loving out of the two?& like you said hes already has his chance with yoou. Id say stay with your new bf, & dont hurt him like the first boy hurt you. Because you might wanna get back with ur bf again..

Do what your heart tells me. Do what your gonna be comftable,happy with (:



auri says:

Posted on 11 Aug 2009

Hun, you gave him a chance and he didnt take it...ik its hard to tell him no...but

he must accept the fact that he was the one who didnt take the chance when he had it.

Just let him know your happy with someone already, and that you would be happy to remain friends =]

If he liked you from the start then he wouldnt have gone out with someone else when he knew you two might have been something.

Just tell him you guys could be friends, and that he had a chance with you before. Im sure he'll understand.

Hope i helped a little =/



barbipixi says:

Posted on 12 Aug 2009

don't leave the guy who loves you for a guy who wants you

there is a big differance in a guy that actually wanted to make you happy and a guy who decides you're gone for a week and he want's some booty.

sorry but if the first guy was holding my hand and flirting with me and then out of the blue started dating another girl well that would show me right there he just wanted booty.

i want a guy who if he likes me and i get sick he's going to call me and try to keep me company, he's going to put in that lil bit of effort to show me he'd be there for me even if i couldnt' be there with him

totally stick with the guy you're with

the first guy hasn't done anything to show he really likes you but basicly break your heart and write a creepy book

anyway who wants someone to write a 'book' about you that's a lil strange would he actually know enough about you to write a WHOLE BOOK.

i would totally rather a guy write me a song or poem about how he feels and read/sing it to me : P

just think about that for a second that is soooo creepy... what would he put in a book about you. how would he write that many pages? is it a story and you're just one of the characters? cause then it's not really about u anyway. he just wrote a story and made a chara have your discription and he could have had that for a long time and just decided to add in your discription to make you think it was about you?

uh yea a lil creepy


xxmonotone says:

Posted on 12 Aug 2009

i agree with everyone belowww

boys are so annoying sometimes!


ctl888 says:

Posted on 12 Aug 2009

Guys always want things they can not have... so when you finally started dating, the first guy was all in your face. He knew you had a boyfriend and was telling you all sorts of stuff. You need to becareful with guys that like. And if he really liked you in the beginning, then while you were sick he would not go and find another girl.... he would check up on you and be worried to see if you were getting well. Stay with your current boyfriend.


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 12 Aug 2009

thanks soooo much for answering... grr boys.

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