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Anna Heerema




06 Oct 1993

My names Anna, birthdays in October, favorite numbers 25, I got two older brothers who i adore, i got a boyfriend whos amazing his names mikey, anndddddd yeah lots more if you wanna know more message me up at

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takethistoheart93 asked:

17 Sep 2009

im incredibly jealous

okay so, i have been with my current boyfriend for a long time :) i love him sooooooo much and vise versa. BUT

i get realllly jealous when my ex is with his gf. i know her a little but not much, i think she is a nice person and all like i dont hate her. BUt ugh i just don't want them to be together. im constantly jealous of her. I love my ex i do. We had a long relation ship and were still really close friends. Best friends actually. And i told him i dont think shes good for him and he was like your just jealous. but he's called me crying at might cause of her... i feel bad for him and jealous of her. HOW DO I STOP :( i dont wanna ruin my ex and i's friendship. he saved my life literally and i never wanna see him hurt!



auri says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

Well you cant always save him. yeah i know what you mean...but think of it like this...

Its like when you were a little girl, you wouldnt want your parents preventing you from getting hurt in ANY WAY. yeah, ik it hurts but every kid scrapes their legs or gets bruises sometimes, its just how it goes.

Just like with him, just let him do what he feels is right and support him. It really hurts your friendship when you tell them the other person is wrong for them, especially when they really like the person. Now i could understand if the person was a player or something but she seems nice.

Just back him up and be there for him =)

As for your jealousy, maybe get you, your bf, him and her to go out sometime and see how it goes. Just hang out and maybe you'll get to know her a bit more and see why he likes her so =)

Good Luck Hun!



bethanyjl says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

I know the feeling. its like you know what a awesome guy he is and then some girl comes along thats not right for him and starts messing him up! so you start to warn him cause your care but it just comes across as jealousy to him so he wont listen. Well maybe all you need to do is let him figure this one out on his own! warn him and tell him that shes not good for him then leave it up to him. and every time you see them two together try to ignore the jealousy you feel and think of what a happy relationship your in and how you love your man. if your ex doesn't want to listen to you then thats his tough luck. just dont be all "i told you so" when things get worse in his relationship (and im sure they will) jsut be there to comfort and support him and put aside your jealous.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

first you have to figure out y you feel like that.

do you really just worry about her hurting him, or do you want him for yourself?

if you care about him as a friend you'll be there for support but you can't change who he is or who he dates.

if you love him and you want to be with him then you have to let him know slightly that you care for him in that way but don't try to force your way between him and the girl he's choosen

you can't be jealous of his gf and not want to be there in her place

if you are jealous and you just don't want her to have him but you don't want to be with him like that, then you're just being selfish and you need to step back and re-evaluate your feelings

i know it feels great having guy friends flock around you but you have to learn to share : P


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

if you really truly know you arent supposed to be with him and you dont want to get back with him, then you are just still trying to get over him which is normal and will get better with time, However, the more contact you make with him the harder it will be to not stay jealous. You need to decide what is more important, your ex's future with this girl or your relationship with your bf. you have an obligation to your bf in a way as long as you are dating him to do what you can to better the relationship, if you cant, you arent being fair to him unless you left it. so I would decide who you really care for more, your bf or your ex, and if it;s your ex, be sure it;s really just for him and not some hope that you two will get back together one day. good luck! thats a tough one!


ctl888 says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

I don't think you are over him. If you have all these strong feelings for him then you may still be very much into him... which is not fair to your current boyfriend. You might have to find a way to let your feels go a little. your ex is a big boy.. he can walk on his own.. and have his heart broken too. it is part of growing up. I mean we never like to see anyone we care about getting hurt or what not but it will happen, no matter how hard you try to safe guard someone. If he calls you crying then yea, talk to him a little... but be mature and try to not choose sides. if you do then he will call you all the time knowing that you will always back him up. try to stay neutral, bc you also did not hear her side either.


hanlou says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

My ex has split up with so many girls because of me!!! If they aint good i tell him, and i tell him the truth!!! Me and him are so close because we where together so long and now we are really good mates. I would never ever lie to him. If i am jelous of someone i will say to him i am jelous of her because of ........... And he would laugh and say dont be stupid. I still love him and he loves me but we are not in love we are just close sometimes thats hard to differenticate. I am jelous because i dont want a goirl to get inbetween our relationship not because i want him.

i hope this will help you.

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