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24 Jun 1994

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stenmore asked:

01 Sep 2010


i have a crush on this popular boy, and he is actually unbelievably good looking and sweet too, but i am not popular or very pretty at all, and he doesnt even know i exist, he goes to a co-ed school and i goto an all girls, i reallllllly like him, what should i do?



sena95 says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2010

go ahead introduce yourself let him know u exist .. guys are nt hard to talk to really no matter how gd looking they r they will stay boys so talk to him as a friend and then start to flirt ..but if he wasnt interested dunt push it , jus choose another guy so he wont think u r obsessed ..and btw u r pretty and u dunt have to be popular to b pretty :D nd u should really go talk to him this will show him that u have guts and guys like tht a lotttt me i went through the same but i was too shy :P okay i hope i helped (K)


gosupermodel_is_back says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2010

Hmmmm.... first off... i think we all know what crush means.. its an admiration towards someone... either a celebrity, a player, or even your classmate or schoolmate! It's either you like him 'cause he/she is smart, he or she is good at something... or just like everyone else.. 'cause of his/her cuteness!

i know we all want our crushes to like us just the way we are, right? and to notice us or at least to know that we exist in this chaotic world! or even know our first name...

and we kept glancing at him or her every time we have a chance... but has he or she ever caught you looking? *smiles* wooohoooo!

and when you see him or her.. you blush and do that "guppy effect" (it means you tingle! haha)

okay these are the ways.. i've gathered it up! and i think it really helps! only if your crush is at the campus... haha...

1. Have eye contact! but! don't make it too obvious.. :D

When you pass by him or her... try to look in his/her eyes.. notice how amazing they are... :D but then quickly look away!

2. Call his/her name!

Everyone reacts when someone calls his or her name... but one thing that will make him/her notice you without intentionally calling him/her is that... when you see a person you know (with the same name as your crush) and your crush at the same place.. you shout his/her name! Then both your friend and your crush will look but then your crush notice that you approach your friend who has the same name.. (believe me! this works every time!) :D

3. Smile at him... *smiles*

This is the simplest and most effective of all! Just simply smile at him/her and you'll never know your crush will smile back!


*smiles back*


NOTE: but make sure you smile at him at the right time so that he/she won't think that you've gone mad by looking at him in a long period of time....

4. Know his or her great buds!

Just be friendly with them... You'll have lots of friend to be with in time of need... Just talk about everything naturally... Except the part of your crush! And you get to talk to him/her too!! and the bonus is that.. you get to see your crush in their environment when they are all oh-so-comfortable!

5. Dress nicely... :D

Choose clothes that fits your personality so that he will be able to know what kind of person you are... You gotta stand out in the crowd! And the hair.. you can experiment what style you would like! Be creative!

I don't know if you feel this way too but does your crush stands out in the crowd? Like, you really know if he's there or something? Oh well! it does to us! :D haha!

6. Join contests at your school where you can display your talent!

Join some contests that you will be able to win! Like declamation, Art contests, dance contests or even quiz bees! And your crush will be like "Woah! She/he is good at this! Cool!" Show them what you're good at!

7. Talk a lot!

It really pays off being a talkative person! Talkative = lots of people will listen! And you gotta be funny too! And the best thing that can happen is seeing your crush listening and laughing! And that makes your heart jumps, ain't that right?

8. Earn a nickname that everyone knows!

Earn a nickname.. a positive nickname! Like "Miss/Mister Linguistic" and it does pay off knowing different language! :D or even "Einstein"... or simply just your nickname.... you never know he might start calling you with that nickname!

9. Know what your crush likes!

Know what his/her hobbies... whatever he/she likes to do.. you gotta show interest! I guess we all know that if you have a crush, you look for something you have in common! Even though its senseless! Like, you have the same favorite color..stuffs like that.... But things begins with these stuffs! :D Kinda true ya' know!

10. And last! Just be yourself when you are around him/her!

Don't try be someone you're not.. 'cause that's just like living a lie! And believe me..that's horrible at the end! Just act natural! Try not to blush! And forget that you will just blabber in front of him! He might even think it's funny! :D

So what's you waiting for? Go and let your crush notice you!


mimi_monroe123 says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2010

Your Really pretty!!! You HAVE to have self confidence. I know you can get really nervous around crushes but you have to beleive in yourself its the only way, start by letting him notice, like if you know someone that knows him, let them introduce you, because then meeting him would be easier. Then slowly start becoming friends with and trust mee iff you be yourself HE WILL DEFINETLY ASK YOU OUT!! guys like pretty girls and you are very pretty, you just need to smile more, maybe make your hair lighter, act cute or something. Everyone is a flirt they just need to find it in them. WE ARE GIRLS just act feminine, guys like giirls like that and most importantly get to know what he likes: his hobbies, what he finds in a girl, and you never knoe you cant judge him by his looks he can or cant be a jerk so be careful. Most importantly BE YOURSELF

I hope this helped you....


snowdog101 says:

Posted on 06 Sep 2010

yaa know, all girls think at some point that they aren't pretty. I know I do sometimes, especially compared to all those other girls at school. But ya know what? every girl is pretty in at least one boys eyes. Plus u have nothin to worry about girl, ur gorgeous :D I bet u have a bunch of guys that like you, you just dont no it. :) But some ways to get noticed is finding out his likes and dislikes and see which ones you have in common. Whether it be music likes or school subjects or even fave places to hang. There has to be something. Also making friends with some of his friends could help tremendously. Then u can meet him more formally with ppl you know that know him. Dont worry, I know how you feel, I have a little bit of the same problem, but you just have to remember to be positive. Worst case scenario, is that he's not interested, and life will move on :) Best case, however, he could like you too and you could maybe go to each others dances at school and stuff like that. Good luck!!! Go get him girly

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