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Sora Yu




30 Aug 1994

  • 3790 Rank

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sorayu asked:

24 Feb 2009

I feel uncomfortable being myself sometimes... :|

Most of my girl friends are much smaller than me or shorter than me and when I'm around them, I always feel so out of place.

Like I don't belong.

I know that they all love me and I'm glad to be their friends, but...

I don't feel comfortable and sometimes I just don't feel like I'm in the group cause I'm so tall and my limbs are a bit long.

I mean, I'm not THAT tall (5'4), but I feel like I am.

And I guess my body is pretty proporsional (sp?) to my size.

I hate wearing anything with high heels, cause I'm afraid of being taller than I already am.

And another thing is that, I've grown up with the idea that guys should be bigger / taller than girls.

Or at least most of them should be.

I'm not sure how that idea got into me, but that's just how I think for some reason, even though I understand that that isn't necessarily true.

Most of the guys in my school are shorter than I am or about the same height as me.

So I feel uncomfortable standing straight or being around them very much.

And only when my tall guy friends are around me do I feel comfortable and normal.

I just want to know if there's anything that I can do to try to help myself feel more at ease and comfortable being who I am.

I'm comfortable with my body (I don't feel I'm too fat or too skinny, I don't have weight issues much) and I'm okay with my appearance, but I just have this one issue.

I feel kinda silly feeling this way, now that I read what I just wrote ^^;

Ahah, but thank you. >///




rach008 says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2009

I totally know how you feel...I am really pretty tall (5'8" almost 5'9") so I always feel self-conscious around my friends and especially around guys because I am so tall. I used to always wear flats and avoid heels because I didn't want to be any taller but then I saw an interview with Taylor Swift on tv. She is very tall too and she was dicusssing the same issue. She said that she used to be so embarassed about being taller than most boys so she wouldn't wear heels but then she said that she decided that she loves heels and is happy with the way she looks and doesn't care how tall she is because it's not something changeable. This really inspired me to not worry about my height and just wear the shoes that I like regardless of how tall they make me.

As far as your other issues I don't really have too much adivce...I guess everyone learns to accept themselves and their body on their own time. Just remember that you are who you are and you should have confidence and be strong and don't let anyone tear you down.

Hope this helps!:)


beaag says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2009

im sorry but idk exactly what to say except that being tall has it advantages too

mabe you should find whch they are :) cuz they will help you feel in place even if youre not at all :)

and bout the gusy problem, maybe the guy youre expecting is not there inside the school maybe its outside

or if it is n there and hes almost your same high, trust me it doesnt look bad, i have plenty friends with this i wouldnt say problem but situatoin :) and they look good ;D

so, hope you feel better and find it cuz youre surely not out of place

and always always be yourself no matter what! thats the most beauiful thing a person can have :)

good luck!



strange_bird says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2009

i think people around you must just be short lol. Because i'm about 5'3'' and i'm considered short. All my friends and co-workers are taller than me. If it poses an issue then maybe a change of scenery is what you need. I'm not saying drop your friends, but if guys aren't into your height and vice versa then they obviously are not the guys for you. in other circles you might be perfect. try branching out.


jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2009

I don't think you're too fat or skinny or too short or tall. I'm 5'5" and 130 lbs. and I'm considered normal. You have a beautiful body and should be proud of it. By the way, from what I can see in your display pic, you're gorgeous, so don't feel bad about yourself.

Best of luck,

Jessie Elisa


sorayu says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2009

Thank you so much.

I think reading all these responses have made me feel a bit better about myself.

I hope I can get over how I feel and feel more natural soon.

I will always keep what you guys have said with me, thank you.. >///


lavalley says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2009

i think your perfectly normal and i'm 5'7" and my friends are still taller than me. and dont worry about height. just find some guys and just pretend there taller than you. who knows, you may grow out of the idea that a boyfriend has to be taller than you. Remember, good things come in small packages.


krista090 says:

Posted on 24 Feb 2009


first of all probably ur friends and the people around you are just small/short and not you're too tall...i mean 5"4' is considered normal height for a girl in most countries. from the pic your body seems proportional enough. also even if its uncomfortable try standing up straigh because if you dont it will cause problems in yopur spine and you will be forced to stand straight. if you like heels wear them, dont feel silly about feeling that way because you are not alone in that situation...i mean im about 5"6" and most of the people i know are either shorter than me or slimmer but i try not to let it affect my life, even if i dont wear heels often...only when im hanging out with tall people so as i dont look too tall, and i also agree with you that guys should be taller than girls, probably because that's how it is in movies and my dad is taller than my mum so i think its natural for guys to be taller than girls. anyways its probably that you grew up faster than your friends/classmates so probably in a year or so you will all be the same height approximately.


blu_eyed_horseygurl says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

most guys are over 5ft 4 so don't worry about that,

be proud of your height, nobodys is like you , your different, its wat makes you you!

Plus your short friends (including me) are envious of your height

imperfection is beauty


babyblue says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

lol ur myy height or one height shorter actualy ,dont worry you and me are what they call old ru?:P cuz byy highschool guyz r def taller. lol im actually the shortest out of all my friendz.


oh_brooke says:

Posted on 27 Feb 2009

Everyone is different and everyone has something about them they dont like. I bet some people wish they had something you have. Thats just the way things go. Just love the way you are and poeple will respect that. If you have confidence than your friends will look up to you. & being tall is awesome. Show off your tallness... even though your not "tall" lol. I'm 4'9 and 90 pounds. I love it and even though im short and not a lot of people are im with i still feel confident no matter what. You should walk with your head high and shoulders back. Walk with confidence and talk with confidence :]


glamour_box says:

Posted on 28 Feb 2009

I say...Flaunt your height. I would KILL to be 5'4. I'm 5'1 and it's a pain in the ass to find clothes to fit. I say wear some kick ass heels, some skinny jeans, and walk like you're the most gorgeous creature on earth. You have a beautiful figure.


diemannequin says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2009

wow where are you living for 5'4 to be considered tall. I'm 5'3 and a half inch. And everyone says I'm short or average. One of meh BFF's is 5'11 and I don't feel strange around here, height is never an issue with us. She only curses me for having a high metabolism I can binge on junk food and not gain any weight, or if I do it all goes to my butt. ^^ and hey don't stress about guys they get their growth spurts after chicks do, so just 'em some time and they'll get taller.

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