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20 Feb 1991

Find out for yourself.

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soccercutie220 asked:

28 Jul 2011

Will my boobs ever grow?!?!

Ok so I am already seventeen years old, and my breasts are SO small. My actual bra size is probably like a 30-32A. I wear a 36 B push-up bra so they don't seem so small under my clothes. I hate that they are so small, and I'm tired of being embarrassed when I take my bra off and go instantly flat in the front. Now I know I'm not the only one who has this problem, but I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had this problem and had their boobs get bigger as the got older. I've tried different things such as massaging and eating certain foods, but none of this has seemed to work. Is there anything I could possibly do to help them grow faster? Please help me! Thank you.



_yo0t_ says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

I honestly think it depends on genetics. i mean i'm your age and i wonder the same thing. lol except i want to be skinny and have big boobs. but in my family thats kinda what we have. i'm a bigger B when I gain a couple pounds.
i'm also told taking birthcontrol makes your boobs a bit bigger. I will not find out until august. lol or maybe longer depending on how long it might take? idk.
hope this was somewhat helpful!


babiijuiciix3 says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

its genetics and they wont grow maybe a little bigger but most likely me my boobs are a average size c38 but i wish i was a B when i take pictures its all you see i look hefty and usually crop them out. their not always a good thing.

i mean there are ways to make them appear bigger by buying certain clothes and you can use makeup they have youtube videos for everything now a days but love your body it makes you who you are i actually read something in a magazine that a smaller chest is actually making a turn in the world.

love your body it makes you who you are wear it the best way you can.


inside_out says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

i agree that a lot of it depends on genetics... if your mom has small boobs... and most of your close relatives do too, then you're probably out of luck. But don't be upset, cuz I know plenty of people who have big boobs and wish that they were smaller (the grass is always greener on the other side...)


xxpinkxinfamousxx says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

Im turning 12 & my boobs are about 34B. (I think)
Anyways when I was in elementary school, mine were bigger than all the other girls, and I always wished for smaller boobs.
Now that I went to middle school I want bigger boobs than what I have now. I know its kinda weird for a 12 year old to want big boobs, but my bodys different and I grew pretty fast so I'd say I have a body of a teenager. My height is also 5'5, so people think imma teen.
I've been looking up info about getting bigger boobs.
And so far this is what I know:
If you sleep with a bra, DONT. People say your boobs grow during the night & the need space & I dont think they can grow much with a bra in the way.
I also heard massaging your chest with lotion helps.
Heres a website with more info about it:
Really hope this helps :)


akasia says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

I heard your breasts stop growing around 18.... If your really skinney and can gain weight without it looking bad, that will help, there are also creams and stuff that's supposed to help. I also heard birth control makes them a bit bigger after a while.

But a lot of guys are into the petite thing, so its not all that bad, you'd be surprised how many girls hate having big breasts too, my one friend is always complaining and they make her look bigger than she really is.


leily says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

Boobs are kinda like "out of your control" things on your body, the only suggestion I have would be to do push-ups to push out chest (push ups work your pectoral muscles and your pectoral muscles are under your boobs) i don't know what to say other then embrace your A cups! (hope that helps a little :/)


rubycity13 says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

I've just turned 14 and mine are 36 DD-E and i hate my boobs. I can't wear normal tops because when i bend over my boobs fall out, its no fun, they are all you ever see in photos and are just generally in the way and i can never ever not wear a bra. I know you must feel embarrassed, but love your boobs, thats what god gave you, but if you still feel like you need a little help try silicone cups, they are like inserts you slip into your bra that are not noticable but can increase the size your boobs look alot, they come in clear and nude and some are suitable for bikinis. You can get them on amazon they are usually called breast inhancers or bra inserts. Hope i helped :)


818sakura says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2011

what i got to say is to like ur body the way it is. God made yew like tht so yew could show other ppl that ur perfect the way u r yew dont need anythan ur just perfect n trust i have the same problem as yew n i hate it to buht i gotta aceept it yew noe ;)


somaiahlovesblue says:

Posted on 01 Aug 2011

A lot of girls have the same problem (including me). I'm only 14 but I'd tell you to not wear a bigger bra to make them look bigger cuz one day if someone finds out and tells everyone else about it, that'll be more embarassaing than having small boobs itself.
And like what everyone else said, they probably won't grow too much- its just how you are and you have to learn to live with it.


vampkisses says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2011

im 14 and have the exact same problem! its frustrating! haha

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