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14 Jul 1995


So I'm fifteen, and I'm a sophomore. I love to draw and paint, it keeps me from going absolutely insane with my brothers running around bugging me all the time. its the only thing that gives me peace. && I love to write, moreso love stories and other things, but I put a lot of my stuff on

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snowdog101 asked:

03 Nov 2010

Is there a trick to this? maybe..

I dont understand. I have never had a bf, been asked out on a date, or even had a boy want to talk to me. Is there a trick to this? How do you get boy to notice you? especially the one you really want to notice you? does anyone have any tips or just something...anything helps!



mistress1209 says:

Posted on 04 Nov 2010

there are no tricks, really. just be yourself, smile a lot and drop him a line or two whenever you walk by. Sometimes, guys are just totally clueless, so it takes your part to make the first move.


joannalouisebutler says:

Posted on 04 Nov 2010

i've had quiet a lot of boyfriends, i started getting boyfriends wen i was 13 because i got more confidence and started flirting more... which before that i thought i'de never get a boyfriend cause everyone started kissing boys round the age of 7 and i was like wow i am the odd one out ... so theres no real trick just be who u wanna be, flirt abit, dont be clingy, just play it cool :))


sena95 says:

Posted on 03 Nov 2010

There is no trick , it is just that some guys are shy , and you probably still didnt find the right guy but anyway thats how you get the guy to notice you :

If you don’t know the guy

1. Know him better. Know what he likes in a girl. And change to be like it but not completely. Go with what he likes. Remember he is still a person. Every person has different likes or dislikes.

2. Know his lifestyle or activities from day to day. If the guy goes jogging everyday in a particular time then go and jog with him. Then talk to him in a friendly manner and don’t let him notice that you like him or you’re doing this for him.

3. Establish communication. Just say "hi" or "hello" is the simplest way to get him noticed you. Some girls would get the guys phone or cell phone number just to talk to guys. Some of the guys would not like having the girls to have this kind of first move. Or if you were office mates ask him some help about work. When you see each other try to flash him some smile. Have an eye contact when you are talking with him. Keep interested in whatever the guy says.

4. Just be your own self and remember some first impression do seem to last. Most of the girls find their selves acting awkwardly when facing or meeting with the one they like. Being with yourself let the guy knows who you really are. Don’t overdo anything. Pretending to be like someone you are not, just to impress this guy is not good.

5. Make friends with him. Be with the flow. Making friends with him is one sure way of establishing a relationship. It is good that you make friends with him at first to get you notice. A serious relationship often starts in friendship. Who knows what will happen in the end. By doing this you will know each other more often.

If you happen to know or you are already a friend with the guy

1. Make a connection with him by knowing what you do and like both. Having same hobbies or activities will help you be noticed. Joining the same club or working together is one key to be able to get to know more about him.

2. Don’t be too demanding or pushy when you are on a date. Teasing him is also good. Have fun when you are with him. Make him feel that you are here at his side. Always lend a helping hand. Help him with his problems.

3. Its okay to be aggressive but not too much. Give him a little space and time to be with himself. Let him find you. Absence can make him long for you. Give him a reason that you are worthy to be with him and make him fell you are special.

4. Dress well to catch an attention. Have a make over. When it comes to attracting guys, be pickier with how you look. It doesn’t mean showing off, but at least you are looking your best when you’re with him.

Whatever ways you would like to follow to catch a guy’s attention, remember that having a good approach and conversing is still the best way to be noticed. Still, knowing a person better is one way in liking him. Remember to impress him always.


vampkisses says:

Posted on 03 Nov 2010

i dont agree with #1 on the list,, don't change for him, not even a little, be who you are if you don't then people don't no you for who you really are. Ok well I was/kinda still am the same way! i had a bf a couple weeks ago though,, we went from not really knowing eachother to going out to just being friends and now really really good friends and i think he kinda likes me again... I started being my real self with him thats how we became really good friends.. i am sometimes really shy around guys and i hate it but relax and just put urself out there(: just say hey or ask for help on an assignment or something then start a conversation! take it from there but dont give up..thats what ive learned and it usually works...hope i helped a little!! haha


gee_jade says:

Posted on 03 Nov 2010

hmm.........there are a few tips i can give you, and the trick will come into play in flirting ~_^ ok, so for starters here is what i can tell you:

*dress cutely and fashionably, you want to stand out not blend in, find some fashionable pieces and mix and match

*you don't have to style your hair, you just have to make sure it's nice and shiny

*keep your skin clear, you can go to a derm if needed

*wear a nice smelling perfume, something light and sweet smelling, try something from victoria's secret

*ok trust me you would want to do this xD natural looking makeup :D opt for soft colors like beiges and pinks, and it's better to play up the eyes since guys aren't so drawn into wild lip colors the first thing they'll think of is :is that going to rub off on me?" then they'll think twice about kissing you

*SMILE :D look friendly

that should make a good impression about you :)

okay so before flirting make sure the place is appropriate, and what you're wearing isn't too revealing otherwise you'll come off as a slut. don't try to flirt if you're wearing a bikini and NOT near a pool or the beach, people will think "slut" and you don't want that.

what you do want xD is to find the PERFECT TIMING. remember dear, timing is everything,

make it a point to try to be alone with your target, and when you find a good chance, it's time to go in for the kill xD now i suggest you search the internet for some good flirting tips, there are A LOT trust me :) good luck! xD


barbipixi says:

Posted on 04 Nov 2010

i didn't start dating till i was about 17.

there's not really a trick to it. sometimes you have to do the asking. that's what i have to do always


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 09 Nov 2010

Trick?? there's no trick.

Guys just started noticing me this year... I'm in the seventh grade and i never really changed anything. Yeah, basic hygene is a must.... umm, don't change anything for anyone. If u end up doing that then you reveal more of yourself as the relationship progresses and what if he loves you for the person he thought you were? That doesn't work, you definetely don't want a relationship that's a fluke.

If those idiot guys catch on that you like one of them, they'll start going out of their way for you. Might ask you out, but normally it's up to the girl. Even if they notice that you like them, they are still frusteratingly clueless.

It's only really a matter of time before they start seeing girls as desirable objects.


joannalouisebutler says:

Posted on 04 Nov 2010

-_- i like all of this apart from 'natuarl looking makeup' :LLl, if u wanna look natuarl may aswell not wear makeup... or me and ma mates cud be abnormal by thinking 'whats the point in wearing makeup and clogging up ur pors [dunno how to spell that] if it looks like ya aint got nothing on' :P


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 10 Nov 2010

i think


snowdog101 says:

Posted on 24 Nov 2010

Wow...really good advice :) i even kinda laughed towards the end!! ah..funny stuff...anyways, thanks :)

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