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Samantha, or Sami (:




24 Jan 1992

Hi, I'm Samantha ! (:

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simplysamantha101 asked:

23 Mar 2009

So, there's this guy that I like... (Please take your time to read this, if you'd like.)

Well... Okay, so, to start, my name's Samantha, and I need advice.

There's this guy that I like. His name is Anthony & he's in one grade higher than me. I'm absolutely positive of this: He thinks I'm pretty. He told one of my teachers that and my teacher told me... Anyway, I like him, yeah. One day, this girl at my school who is sort of my friend went up to him and started a conversation with him... Now, she like always talks to him about me. I don't tell her to talk to him about me but she does it without my permission anyways.

Oh, and by the way, Jenna is the girl who's my friend.

She told me that these are like all of the conversations she's had with him & that this is how they went:

Jenna - "Hey Anthony, you know Sam, right?"

Anthony - "Yeah, what about her?"

Jenna - "I heard you think she's pretty."

Anthony - "Yeah... And?"

Jenna - "I think you should ask her out."

Anthony - "I don't know, maybe..."

Another conversation...

Jenna - "You should really ask Samantha out."

Anthony - "I don't know yet..."

Jenna - "Do you like her?"

Anthony - "Maybe."

Another conversation...

Jenna - "So... do you like Sam?!"

Anthony - *apparently annoyed* "No."

Another conversation...

Jenna - "Do you want her phone number?"

Anthony - "Sure."

Jenna - "Okay, give me your phone and I'll put it in."

Anthony - "No, just give me the number."

Jenna - "No."

Anthony - "Okay then..."

And the MOST RECENT conversation...

Jenna - "If Samantha asked you out, would you say yes?"

Ryan (Anthony's friend) - "Oh yeah, quicker than you can say 'butterfingers'.

Anthony - "Yeah..." (Yeah, I would say yes?!)


I thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it very hard.

But it just seems embarrassing and "against girl code" for me, a GIRL, to ask out a GUY, that in addition is in one grade higher than me...

What's your take on this?

I really like him a lot and I kind of want to go out with him but I don't want to be the one to ask him out. :| I don't really think he likes me... but I know he thinks I'm pretty.

So yeah, help?! -__-



robynhood says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

I've been there(:

You HAVE TO be sure that he likes you more than a friend. Not just because your pretty. Not just looks but and personality should be important. If you don't know him that well you should get to know him. Tell your friend to back off a little, because it might go to the point where he gets annoyed and thinks your asking her to do that. Once and a while when you see him and he looks at you don't turn your eyes another way, JUST STARE AT HIM. I love doing that. :p

Asking him out makes a girl seem like she's the on that wants the guy more. So never ask the boy out. NEVER. Just like someone how make him ask you out. Not FORCE, but a slick way to send him message saying, "Hey you, i love you. You should totally ask me out."

Ha. :D

Anyways, good luck(:

Tell me what happens(:

No help? Well, I tried. :p


lemon says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009 advice would be to tell your friend to not go up to him all the time cuz thats happened to me and it didnt turn out well and you dont want that trust me...the reason being is cuz guys feel pressured when you have friends go and ask em all the time so hell probly grow far apart from you and think youre friends makin things up...oh and donnot i repeat donnot ask him out get to kno him more and wait til he asks you out give it time cuz like i said guys feel pressured too when it comes to hell see you a this desperate chick and hell use you for when he needs somethin so its not a good jus flirt with him a littl play hard to get but not too hard to where hell think youre usin him...jus make it to where you show that you like him

hope i gave good advice goodluck


k_bot says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

well kind of the same thing hapened to me once

i liked this boy in my class and i told my friend who went up to him and asked him out for me and he said mayb and then everyday for 2 weeks she asked him out until he finally sed yes but it was so my frend would go away and when he told me that i sed you know i really dont want to go out with you anymore and he sed yeh me either and now we're actually really good friends..anyway

that might happen to you so ask your frend to lay off and tell her its not her job to control your love life and that you want him to like you for you not because your friend told him to!!!:):):):)


little_miss_brightside says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

well everyones been there is a safe assumption to make

pleasse under any circumstances do NOT ask him out like a big :thumbdown: and i will >:( soo yeaa not good cause guys actually hate it like some girls think they do BUT THEY DON"T its odd

tell your friend to back off because she is ruining any chance you have with him she seriously is

i reckon that you should add him on msn or somethin and casually start tlkin to him but dnt stalk please for the love of god dnt stalk him and leave it all up to him

if a guy wants you then he'll make it happen unless hes uber pussy lol

good luck let me know how it works out :)



krista090 says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

unless you talk to him he cant like you because thinking someone is pretty doesnt equal liking them. then if he likes you hint that he should ask you out.


3nir says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

First tell your friend to mind her own business. She's really making a bad impression. That guy will think that you told your friend to say all those. And please don't ask him out. Maybe he likes you. And if he really does, then you don't need to ask him out. He'll do it when he's prepared. Maybe he's a bit nervous that you won't say yes. Try to talk to him. Give him time to take your number. But please tell that girl to give it a rest. Or else that guy will never ask you out.:|


leask says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

Heeya Samantha :). I know your friend is looking out for you and everything, but she isn't doing you any favours, she's kinda making you seem... Obsessed. I seriously think that you shouldn't ask him. Speak to him first, rather than your friend. He might think your good looking, but that might be all it is, a compliment. But just wait, if he likes you he'll ask :D. Good Luck :)


babyblue says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

he,your friends sorta bothering him too much

but its cute,it does seem like he likes you:)

hmph oh yeah the whole rule in how that only guys asks the girls is annoying especially if you really what to ask

be different take a chance to ask him out cuz if he really likes you he'll think your cool enough to actually start something


summaplum1221 says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

ok tell ur friend to STOP nothing will drive a guy away more than somone like that! and there is no guarante that once you to are together she will stop bothering him. so u need 2 set her straight now. ask if he wants to hang out and maybe go c a movie...then u can let him make it official and ask 2 be ur bf :x


emmzeee says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2009

My advice.. i think maybe dont ask him out quite yet because asking him out without knowing what he thinks from him straight to you can be very nerve racking.. but i think you should talk to him and mayb just let him know that u like him and see what he has to say and take it on from there :)

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