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Samantha, or Sami (:




24 Jan 1992

Hi, I'm Samantha ! (:

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simplysamantha101 asked:

26 Mar 2009

I recently posted a question about this topic a while ago...


Well... Okay, so, to start, my name's Samantha, and I need advice.

There's this guy that I like. His name is Anthony & he's in one grade higher than me. I'm absolutely positive of this: He thinks I'm pretty. He told one of my teachers that and my teacher told me... Anyway, I like him, yeah. One day, this girl at my school who is sort of my friend went up to him and started a conversation with him... Now, she like always talks to him about me. I don't tell her to talk to him about me but she does it without my permission anyways.

Oh, and by the way, Jenna is the girl who's my friend.

She told me that these are like all of the conversations she's had with him & that this is how they went:

Jenna - "Hey Anthony, you know Sam, right?"

Anthony - "Yeah, what about her?"

Jenna - "I heard you think she's pretty."

Anthony - "Yeah... And?"

Jenna - "I think you should ask her out."

Anthony - "I don't know, maybe..."

Another conversation...

Jenna - "You should really ask Samantha out."

Anthony - "I don't know yet..."

Jenna - "Do you like her?"

Anthony - "Maybe."

Another conversation...

Jenna - "So... do you like Sam?!"

Anthony - *apparently annoyed* "No."

Another conversation...

Jenna - "Do you want her phone number?"

Anthony - "Sure."

Jenna - "Okay, give me your phone and I'll put it in."

Anthony - "No, just give me the number."

Jenna - "No."

Anthony - "Okay then..."

And the MOST RECENT conversation...

Jenna - "If Samantha asked you out, would you say yes?"

Ryan (Anthony's friend) - "Oh yeah, quicker than you can say 'butterfingers'.

Anthony - "Yeah..." (Yeah, I would say yes?!)


I thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it very hard.

But it just seems embarrassing and "against girl code" for me, a GIRL, to ask out a GUY, that in addition is in one grade higher than me...

What's your take on this?

I really like him a lot and I kind of want to go out with him but I don't want to be the one to ask him out. :| I don't really think he likes me... but I know he thinks I'm pretty.

So yeah, help?! -__-


Hiya, it's Sami, again. (: Well, um, hopefully you read everything above before you started reading this (x Anyway... I guess you could say I've changed my mind... I don't think he likes me at all. :| Like, not even one little teensy weensy little feeling for me. ;P I thought it'd end up like this in the first place anyway, just because he's in one grade higher than me. We talk some times, most of the time after school, but I don't really talk to him that much. I'm too shy to talk to him and I feel like I'll make a fool of myself talking to him...

I'll try to maybe talk to him more often... (:

Oh & if you were one of the people who answered my old question, you're probably wondering,'Did I ever tell her friend to back off and mind her own business?'

YES, I did tell her to stop talking to him about me & to mind her own business. Woohoo. :] But as far as I know, she's only said a word or two about me to him ever since I told her to back off. Like last time, of course she did it without my permission. And the other day she like totally embarrassed me in front of him. Ugh. ;|

Well, any other advice?

Oh & also thanks to the people who answered my other question from a while ago. BIG THANKS to the following people: Emzeee, summaplum1221, BaByBLuE, Leask, 3niR, krista090, little_miss_brightside, K_Bot, leMON, and robynhood.

Thanks bunches ♥(:

So yeees, any other advice ? ;P

Oh & P.S. Sorry if this didn't really make any sense. I'm so exhausted; you don't even know. xD



samantha_scelestic says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2009

wow... this is a fun mess! LOL you really should just walk up to him and tell him how sorry you are that she intruded. It was wrong of her and if she does it again that he should tell you. Also mention that you didnt ask her to say anything to him. And then maybe say cutely "and I think you are pretty too ;)" then walk away. it works for me. i hope i helped some


emmzeee says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2009

Yeah. hmm well you say your worried you will embarass yourself infront of him. odds are you will embarass yourself millions of times in your lifetime and hey its not the end of the world. just laugh along with it and the more you talk to him the easier it will get.


leask says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2009

Heeeya!! Okay, I think that you really need to speak to him alot more. If you get talking you might something that you're both into, adn that could be the little spark you guys need:). I think your fab for being able to tell your best friend to back off - it can be really hard telling someone you care about to back off. But also, in the most non-bitchy way, I'd watch her. She seems to want you to not get in with him, if that makes any sense. You have nothing to lose with this guy, so give it ago. Good Luck


anneey says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2009

This jenna girl sounds like she fancies him or something :L

Anyway it sounded like you were thinking you couldnt go out with him cuz he was one grade higher or something? :/ as if, most of the girls round here, and me, tend to go for older guys anyway. Like at LEAST a year older.

But yeah you should talk to him more and then see :)



abbygirl08 says:

Posted on 28 Mar 2009

i went through the same thing with a boy in 10th grade, im in 9th. he is every girls dream at my school and when i found out he likes me i nearly fell over. we also went through a 2 month period were like nothing happened and both of us were confused...... point is boys have this annoying ability to put there feelings on hold when there is no encouragement. but he likes u, even if its a little bit, he likes u.try a little eye flirting and stratigically placed compliments and ur on ur way, i promise. works 100% of the time. Alls u need is to give him some encouragement so he will get the gutts up to do something about his feelings. never underestimate the power of eye flirting and compliments. In my experiance, it has never failed. goodluck

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