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10 Mar 1997

rlly random. i dont care for hot pockets muchh. ermm...pretty into the emo/scene/rockabilly/indy/punk statement but im still working on a look that meshes it together! haha ^-^. i hate how ebarassing my family is sometimes... my best friends lexi and felicia are always there for inside jokeness and More saduisahduiash dsau

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sillynilly0070 asked:

19 Jan 2009

i want a nose peircing badly, but don't know how to convince the rents. help?

im trying 2 convince my mom 2 let me get a nose peircing. nothing INSANELY drastic just a stud on the side. and i hear since its cartliage it heals fast anyways. im 12 but i offered to pay for it, use proper treatment/ medicatin if i need & even not wear it once im @ school!!

P.s. I have double peirced ears.



rinji_halfelf says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009

You're going to have to wear it in school at least for some period of time. You can't take it out after it's been in there for several weeks. Otherwise the hole will close up.

Sounds like you are giving me a sample of what you have told you mom. What did she say?

Did you ever think that it's not only your reputation but hers that could be on the on the line?

People might see you have the nose ring and think your mom is a bad parent. Or assume you're out of control, and won't offer your mom any help in the future.

It could also attract pedofiles after you. If I were one, I could see the nose ring as a sign that you take risks, or no one cares about you. Or the someone could see it as a signal that you're an easy target and kidnap you.

For young people, it's a symbol of expression, but don't forget that older people, it could be a completely different meaning.

Sounds gross, but that's how the world works. There's stereo types for a reason. Because a lot of times there's some truth in there.

Besides, right now isn't the time to worry about a nose ring.

In a few years you'll be getting your first job.

The way things are now, jobs are cutting back on "freedom of expression" types of things.

For instance, my job used to allow people tattoos, and facial piercings. As soon as the economy took a hit they changed their policy.

Now you can't have tattoos, men no longer can wear earrings, women only can wear one set of earrings that can't dangle of certain colors. No facial piercings of any kind.

They do this because a lot of trashy and lazy people have the same things. And the employer use it as a way to not hire them. Though, if the employer knew you're of a good moral character they usually let it slide. But more likely, you aren't going to know the people hiring, and they aren't going to know you.

I'd wait on it. What's more important now? A nose ring, or getting a job later so can put gas in your car and go to the mall when you're 16?

I'd much rather have a job and a car than be sitting at home with no money, a nose ring, and a bicycle to get around.

Just a heads up, that times are changing. We're still not sure what's going to happen.

Besides, why do you need one?


kadie says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009

Ok, while i agree that you should wait a year or two to get it done since 12 is far too young, most of what Rinji_HalfElf said is complete crap.

There's nothing wrong with nose piercings, and if people choose to believe that by having one you're somehow morally corrupt or whatever then that's pathetic.

As for the job aspect, she's 12. She's not gonna be looking for a job for a long time yet, and when she does i doubt the nose piercing would be a problem since most work places have rules saying they can't descriminate because of appearance these days, and even if they did say that she couldn't have it, then she could take it out while she worked as there wouldn't be any risk of it healing up after about a year of having it.

Anyway back to the question, like i said i think 12 is a little young to be getting a nose piercing, although i have to admit i had mine done at around the same age. I ended up taking it out a couple of weeks later.

I think you should leave it for at least a year and if you still want it done, then think about approaching your parents.


aimee_christina says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009

Tell her that 1. its my body of i decide i dont want it it heals up so good you can barlly tell it was there and 2. show her the stud you want so she knows its not to out off control and freak like like most parents imagen leave notes around or send random emails asking her please please please dont ask for much else and if she asks you if you want somting like a snack or somthing say no i want to getmy nosed percied though and say please mommy please please and she'll be yours soon enough :)


xxuzedupbatteryxx says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009

mhmm lawl i ll tell u my story buh dun u dare try it :P

well i really wanet to get a nose pierce dun too and a double ear piercing i told that to me rents my mom was like wuhever buh u go with yer sis to get it dun and u pay ( i was broke and my sister is a bitch ) so yeah then i told them abt a nose pierce tthey freaked out dad was like blah blah no >.>

and one fine day my mom and i had this gay quarrel and i went into the bathroom and pierced 4 holes in me one ear.. XD

later on i showed it to me rents and they were fine witth it although they didnt believe me at first buh then they were fine -_-

and yeah i wanet to pierce my nose me self too buh its freaky and i dun wanna ruin me face eh

i really wanna get a tongue pierce though..

my dads not really home at times (work ) my mom is con vincible -_- and yeh its just my fuck sister -_-

same way i am thinkin of gettin it dun by a frend.. and then just show it to them..

or just carry on with the fake piercings XD

u know what u should do ( ur mom will hate me fer this ) threaten her ull pierce it yer self XD

or just try an wear fake stickers on yer nose infront of her and convince her it really looks gud on

i hope it works

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