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shysparrow13 asked:

20 Feb 2010


The First Day Free

Five days. Five hard and long days. My fur has not grown long enough yet, although winter is here. I must stay hidden though because they do not give up easily. They will not give me up easily. So I stay where I am. A single black dot amongst the thousands of ice and snow covered trees....

"Are you ok? "A voice called in the blinding white.

Ok? Why would someone talk to a wolf? I looked up in to two eyes of brilliant violet. "What is your name? "She asked.

I tried to open my lips, but they didn't move."Dad!" She called over her shoulder." I found someone. He is alive, but barely come quickly." She turned back to me." Don't worry your safe now. I...We got you." I saw a tall burley come toward me. I must have backed away because the girl said." Don't worry we're just trying to help you. Daddy is gentle."

The man picked me up." Scrawny 's yer jacket at?" I shivered." Now don't worry we live close." Why do they keep saying don't worry? I turned to see the girl who found me looking at the spot where I just was. Sensing my eyes on her she turned toward me and smiling she ran to catch up.

I felt a sudden burst of warmth." Here we are kiddo."The man said.

The room was a typical cabin living room, spacious and a deep red color. The furniture was black and fit for a house of two. Its cozy feeling made me feel at home." Fix 'im some hot tea Ayla."

"Yes dad." I heard her head the kitchen and start the teakettle. The man laid me on the couch near the fireplace and put a blanket over me.

After a few minutes the girl, Ayla, came back." Here, “she said handing the steaming mug to me." This will warm you up." I took a sip and sighed as the warmth touched the inside of my throat. Clearing my throat

I said,"T...Thank "He speaks." Came the joyous reply from man only grunted. After taking another sip I spoke again “I’m Rolf."Ayla smiled.

"I'm Ayla and..."Gesturing to the man she continued.” that man is my father Alistair." I finished my tea and put it on one of the tables." We'll take care of you. You should rest."

I did as she asked and it was only then that I realized my mistake. They were still after me. These poor unsuspecting people had just let a shape-shifter into their home. A wanted shape-shifter. These sweet people were in danger because of me.


He was awfully scrawny for a boy of sixteen I thought watching his shoulders rise and fall. I wasn't being creepy just checking if he was breathing. Of course that’s natural if you save someone from certain death, you check on him. Besides he was on my couch it's hard not to see him from the kitchen.

The pot whistled from behind me."Oh no."I muttered. I really should pay more attention I thought picking up the steaming kettle and placing it on the oven mitt on the counter.

A groan sounded behind me. Looking over my shoulder I saw the boy lift his head up and look around confused. Suddenly I heard a searing sound and sure enough the soup was over-flowing. It’s sad that I'm the best cook in the house.

"Hungry?"I called coming into his view with a bowl of fresh tomato soup."It really isn't horrible." He stared at me." Okay..."I walked over to the couch and sat down a few feet away from his legs." What's the matter cat got your tongue?" I laughed. He stared." Talkative much." I muttered.

"Where am I?" The voice was soft, warm, and deep. I looked up surprised once more that he spoke.

"Um somewhere up near the Canadian border why?"

"Not safe...Danger." I thought he muttered." I've got to go." He announced suddenly.

"Wait why?"

"I'm sorry thank you, but...”

"You’re not going anywhere sonny." My father said from behind him.

I heard him gulp." I appreciate your hospitality sir, but..."

"You have no coat or clothes and you were half dead on MY property at least rest awhile." He said ending in a softer tone.

“Really it’s not…”He stopped contemplating what he would say next." I'm not that bad off.”

My father wasn’t there anymore." It won’t work, “I said softly." The Baines main trait is to be stubborn.”

“Great." He mumbled.

“Here “I handed him a blue plaid shirt, long jeans, and underwear." Why don’t yaw change?”

“The bath…”

“Second door upstairs to the left." I told him. He walked upstairs and I focused on washing the dishes.

“He is staying?" Dad asked.

“For now, but we cannot force him to do so." I said not turning to him.

“Maybe he could…”

“Dad, no. There my chores and I’ll do them." I heard him walk away and grumble about how it’s not right for me to carry ten pounds of wood by myself. More footsteps I looked up and froze.

Rolf was standing before me and honestly he was hot. Normally I was very straight forward (with everything-especially boys), but seeing his tan-skin contrasting with the tight deep blue shirt along with jeans. Well let’s just say that I became flustered.

“You have chores?" He asked." What kind?”

“A lot, but things like chopping wood, dishes, cooking, and helping dad." I replied.

He looked me up and down and I knew what he was thinking. Why would such a tiny girl like her have these types of chores? In my defense I hated that. I am plenty strong to carry would. Sheet this isn’t nineteen fifty-one.

“Do you need…”


“Then do you want help?”

Again I froze this question was different and wasn’t one I had heard of. Do I need help/Do I want help? I smiled shyly at him." Yes I wouldn’t mind some help…”

Rolf’s view

I heard laughter from Kayla as she watched me try and pick up more than fifteen logs. It shocked me how she could pick up as much as she could. (Twenty logs) I wish I had super strength again. I hated not pulling my own weight.

Her skin looked so pale and fragile carrying so much. Her hair was the only dark thing besides her eyes and that seemed to make her feel tinier. The only dark thing about the beautiful…Whoa! Stop. I thought angrily. I am already putting her in danger. Anything more…

“Hey you plan on helping or what?” Ayla called laughing at my nervous expression. She was truly…I stopped there and continued picking the logs up and putting them in the stack. “Thanks for the help." She said chuckling lightly.

I shook my head slightly and turned toward the pile.

I felt something icy cold explode on the back of my head. I turned around to see Ayla covering her mouth and shaking with laughter. I put the logs on the pile and grabbed a pile of snow and was ready to through it…when I was hit again.

She no longer tried to stifle her laughter. Her small frame shook hard as she laughed at my snow covered hair. “Now you’ll get.” I said loudly as I threw the snow at her. She easily dogged it and with a squeal of delight ran behind a tree.

“No fair!” I screamed running toward her.

She threw a snowball at me, but I easily dogged it and stepped toward her. I froze, her eyes alight with joy at our game and a few feet from her, and I froze.

Perhaps it was the excitement or the look on her face, but I took a step toward her. She stopped laughing. This is it I thought. Behind us I saw movement. NO! The thought hit me hard. I stepped back and found Ayla with a confused look on her face.

“Let's go inside I’m freezing.” She whispered snaking around me toward the house. I didn’t follow her. “Rolf?”

“I’ll be right there I just one to check something.” I replied not looking at her.

“You’re not planning on leaving, are you?” Her voice was tiny.

I turned to see her eyes wide with fear and hope. I don’t think I could leave… Yet. “No. I’ll be right there. Promise.”

With a final pleading look she walked to her home. Her footsteps were so quiet you would think she was scared or sneaking up to her house.

I walked up to where I saw the bush move. I wonder… I thought moving quickly and stealthily. I pulled back the bush and… nothing. A few animal prints, but nothing else. No one found me. No one was watching me. Yet. There was always a yet…

I sat down at the table that night and felt like a traitor and a demon. The food smelt wonderful. That only made me feel worse. They don’t know it, but they're housing their death. Why was I being so cruel?

“Y’all sure did get a lot of wood. Thanks.” Alistair said.

“You're welcome dad.” Ayla said smiling.

“Yeah.” I agreed quietly.

“Are you okay Rolf?” Ayla asked. Her tone made me feel wanted and loved when they shouldn’t feel either way toward me. I loved how it felt all the same…

“Yeah I am fine I just need some rest. If you’ll excuse me.” I said standing up.

“Is it not good?”

“No it was wonderful Ayla… I just need to lie down.”

“Oh okay.” She looked sad which only made me feel worse.

I headed toward the couch, but Alistair stopped me. “You’ve got a bedroom now. Third door on the left.”

I quickly got to “my room” and laid down on the bed. I must have fallen asleep because I suddenly woke from a soft knock.

“Rolf?” Ayla called.

Great I thought miserably. “Yes?”

“May I come in?”

“It is your house.” I said curtly. I must cut ore relationship off now. If there is one that is…

“True,” she said entering the room, “but this is your room.”


“Hush. Now I get that there is a secret of yours that you won’t tell and I can respect that.” I breathed a sigh of relief. “But.”Uh oh. “I need to know something…”

“What?” She was making me nervous.

“Well…” She looked down at the bed and played with the cover. “Do you… Do you…” Yes!? She looked up at me and I saw her become, if it’s possible, paler. “Do umm you plan on staying here for awhile?” This wasn’t the right question and we both knew it…

Perhaps it was for that reason that I realized what I had to say. “Yes.” For now…



music_is_life says:

Posted on 21 Feb 2010

omfg!! did u right that?! i lov it!!!!!


barbipixi says:

Posted on 22 Feb 2010

lol like the girl below. it's very good

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