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06 Oct 1996

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shmooshie asked:

06 Jan 2012

Can i even become a model? :(

SORRY ITS SO LONG!, I want to be a model for starters, My boyfriend acts like it will never happen... i try soo hard.. my dream is to be a Model but since thats prob. not going to happen Cosmetologist, and if i can afford more school then go into fashon. I've wanted to be a model since, forever. I've been to one convention.. What should i do!? i want to prove him wrong! Am i even pretty enough? do i have to be 6"foot?, im only 5'4' at the moment. :/ (still growing) but some people say you can be short. I can pull of HIGH heels so? i think that helps.. but What do you think, Shoot, i really want to know all your thoughts BIG dream of mine.. P.s If you know how i can get into the business that would be great or some modeling companys? and could i be a site model?? and does this cost a bizillion dollars? Thanks Everyone for even reading! :) im the blonde in the pictures

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bumble_bee_123 says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Ok first thing are you absoulutly 100000000% sure you want to be a model. Models have to have confidence thick skin and willing to go to castings and work very very hard. Even the most beautiful models are turned down sometimes because they might not have the right eye shape of lip size that they want so even when that happens you need to get on with it and keep trying. Modeling isn't a walk in

you have great facial features and you are very photographic . Models also need to have flawless skin they rarely wear make up off the runway or photoshoots. Being tall does help you a lot when becoming a model and only being 5*4 is a bit of a disadvantage but that doesn't mean you can't do well in the business.

You should sign up to a modeling agency. Do some reserch online about modelling agencies. Realise that you aren't going to become a famous model just like that. It takes time and a lot of hard work so the sooner you start the better. I'm not to sure how much it costs but you can check that out online.

I read this thing on how to become a site model heres the link >>

Being a model isn't as glamorous as it seems its acthully a hard life if you don't get very very lucky. Also you consider moving to a big city like Paris London Sydney New York etc.
Good .luck and I hope you succeed in whatever you do :)


jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

You have a beautiful model's face. Your smile and eyes are fabulous. 5'4" is a little short, but agencies are looking for different body types sometimes, and you could have a growth spurt. I can't really improve on bumble-bee-123's answer. Everything she said is absolutely true. Her advice is perfect.

One more thing: modeling never lasts forever. So definitely have a plan be whether it's doing hair, makeup, or working in fashion. I was actually picked as a model when I was 8 (my sister was furious) because I looked and dressed like the kind of boy they wanted. But by the time I was 14, they were looking for a different kind of boy. So I haven't had a modeling assignment in a year. But it was still worth it because it convinced me that I absolutely ahve to have a career in fashion in some way.

Good luck dear!


silence_ says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Most people have already covered it, but there is more than one type of modelling you can do, whether it's editorial type, runway type , or the plethora of other types of modelling, you need to know what you want, because each has their own criteria. For example, runway modelling usually would require you to be very tall and thin (unless you're doing runway modelling for the bigger sizes) , however editorial modelling isn't as strict when it comes to height and size , and it gets even less strict when you go into things like body part modellings (hands , legs) , or fetish modelling, or alternative modelling.
So first thing's first, know what you want.

Next models don't wear much makeup like bumble-bee said. They wear it during photoshoots and I guess whenever they feel like they want to, but for the most part, they're bare faced and take exceptional care of their skin. Modelling agencies, if you wish to go down that route , will require a few up close facial portraits, uneditted and with little to no makeup on, also side profiles and a full body profile. These are usually the standard. This is for them to get a good look at your features and body, because makeup can alter and hide certain features of the face.

If you want to get hired for an even bigger agency, you might want to consider building a legitimate portfolio . That is, finding out the names and numbers of photographers closest to you and asking them if they do time for print/ time for cd shoots for beginners, if not you could always pay them whatever their price is for a good photo. The better your portfolio, the more people who will be willing to shoot you or hire you under their agency. This means you may actually end up spending more for this, before you even begin to get paid at all . This is the route taken by most freelance models, and that can be taken by most people lol. This won't bring you many places unless you're known to be extremely great at your shoots and the end product of the pictures are always spot on, but you'll get a better than average set of photos to send to bigger agencies and so a competing edge in getting in.

You also need to practice expressions and poses, and modelling ettiquette at some point, but it's best you ask your photographer when/if you get a tfp/tfcd or commissioned shoot about all of those, they will better help you prepare.

You also need to know whether you want to get hired for an agency and work as a part time cosmetology student. Because although that will be hard work, it's doable, and when your modelling career (if it goes far and you get a lot of shoots) is over (usually around late 20s) , then you can fall back on being a makeup artist or something of that sort. Being a student part time will probably help you whenever you have shoots to attend, so that's crucial.


ravenousgirl1 says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Modeling is hard work, it looks easy, but its really not. You have to be on a strict diet, excersise alot, able to push your body to certain limits, do photoshoots that can be really scary, hard, and uncomfortable. And constant pressure to be thin. You also should have flawless skin.

Being 5'4 is a disadvantage, most people prefer 5'7-6'0.. and how old are you, cause almost every girl stops growing by 14-16. So you may be stuck with 5'4, but you can still do well in modeling. Taking classes can be expensive, i know alot of models have well-paid parents paying for things.

You need to practice alot, being flexible can help in some photo takings. And practicing expressions like Coco Rocha.

You should research model agencies, and be careful not to fall into any phony ones.


shay_shay says:

Posted on 07 Jan 2012

1. Stop trying so hard. If you look desperate, agencies will be less likely to give you a chance. Be confident and enthusiastic instead :)
2. Get contact info for local modeling agencies, or places that may need models, such as hair salons, makeup artists and small, local clothing companies (this is a great place to start).
3. Check your BMI. You can find body mass index calculators online anywhere. Bookmark it to make sure that you remain at a healthy BMI throughout your modeling journeys.
4. Look at the specifications for different types of modeling.
Runway/High Fashion models: Usually very tall, thin and gaunt.
Lingerie models: Not too sure about height, but they are allowed to carry a little more weight so they look healthier.
Hair/Face/Makeup models: Since you're shorter, this is your best bet. Weight isn't an issue so long as you have a pretty face.
Art/Photography models: Anybody can be an art model, but the very best are the ones that can convey a message or emotion without speaking.


shmooshie says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Thanks Seriously Helped a Ton:)


shmooshie says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Thanks soo Much! :)


shmooshie says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Thanks for all the tips!! :)


shmooshie says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Thank you do you know any modeling agencies that are false? And Thank you for everything! :)


yogageek24 says:

Posted on 24 Aug 2012

That was a lot nicer than what you said to me.

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