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22 Sep 1994

I am 16 years old. I am funny and nice person, most of the time :P I'm always looking for new friends. :D

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shinja asked:

30 Jul 2009

This really stupid, but I can't help feeling scared - This is a really long story, sorry about that.

Okey, I have been writing with this guy on msn since december. He has been really funny and a good friend, but I think he has fallen completly in love with me and I REALLY don't think of him that way! He was been dreaming about me and one time he started saying things like he wouldn't give up and now he is asking if he can move too USA with me.

Untill now I have thought that as long as he doesn't know my adress I am save. But now he starts talking about moving in with me and all kind of stuff. Soo I was going to slowly stop talking to him, because he was really crepping me out. Then I didn't talk to him in a while and then when I come on msn

he says: "Where have you been." without saying hey or anything.

I said: "what are you talking about?" I mean I wasn't away in a long time or anything.

He: "You have been gone for days!"

And I haden't though about it and though I had been gone for like 1 maybe 2 days. So I said: "I have been gone 1 day :P"

And then he said: " 3 days" That isn't like him at all. Normally he is very funny, but there it was like I wasn't allow not too talk to him in 3 days.

I know being scared since he lives in another country, but I can't help being abit nervous and thinking aboout was he could find me. Soo I quess what I am asking is do you guys have any ways to calm yourself down. And also is it okey that I just stop talking to him without saying goodbye or anything? , Ups, I know being scared IS STUPID since he lives in another country..., Well, he isn't really the normal cool guy type. He is pretty much a idiot, very funny idiot, but still just a idiot. I never thought he would be a danger too me. I am going to block him, but I am not going to tell my parents, because if they knew I had been chating with a 16 year old boy they would be the once I should be scared of!!

Anyway, thanks for the advise guys, if any one wanna add me they are very welcome, or if you have some other answer to this question you are welcome to writ



soccerchick15 says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2009

hmm.... i also think tht is ccreepppyyy!! but u should tell ur parents or 1 of ur parents and stop talking 2 him 4 good! if i were u id make another msn account!


purty_j0ezy_4 says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2009

well, of course it is ok!!! i think he is now lyk obsessed wit u, nd that can b really dangerous. wat i suggest, is that, since u r chattin on msn messengr, just block him in ur contact list. that way he kant c that ur online, nd if he does, he kant tak 2 u. nd, dont tak to him any more, because that us very creepy, nd it might get dangerous, im worried for u!!


auri says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2009

yeah i think its creepy also.

I think maybe what it is that he thinks hes in love with you, and is moving WAY to fast.

Maybe to get him to stop, tell him you have a boyfriend and he might go back to just being your friend. Either that or let him know your not comfortable with him talking/acting like that.

Or just say you need a break/vacation so you wont be on, and just relax and do some stuff for you, like hang out with friends go to the mall etc to get it off your mind.

If he doesent stop just let him know, hes risking the friendship, and if he continues, block him and do your best to get over it. I would hope he would stop but if you continue to talk to him, it could end up being something you never expected =/


babiijuiciix3 says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2009

Thats..Some Like Creeper Type Shit...but you also gotta think if hes from another country there culture could be more clingy like my is Italian and yes they are more like up close touchy feely not in a bad way but might creep someone out but thats people if hes creeping you out which he kinda is a creeper sorry tell him to leave you alone make a new screen name because he can make a new one easily to message you and just talk to your friends on there he dont have your last name do he or any info because you can easily put that into a yellow pages and get all your address and house number just by putting your last name and the area you live in


ilovepink2011 says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2009

he doesnt love you at all he is just freaking crazy. i have been through it alot with diffrent people and now i dont talk to people i dont know because of this i have been in so much trouble just block him on msn


reverie_09 says:

Posted on 30 Jul 2009

thats quite creepy! I think you should just delete him off MSN. Then he won't be able to get hold of you! Good luck, don't be scared. If you think anything is up then you'lll need to talk to your parents!


barbipixi says:

Posted on 31 Jul 2009

being scared is not stupid!!!!

you never know who you're talking to. you don't know if you found some obsessive guy who thinks 'youre the one' and would do anything to be with you

truthfully i would block him and maybe even cancel that account and make a new one for your friends

this is why young kids have to be careful freaks seem nice and cool when you are getting to know them then on e day they show their true colors

it's a very serious situation and very dangerous. you neeed to block him and stay away from him.

and it would be best if you did tell your parents because if something every does happen they need to know it could involve this creap


barbipixi says:

Posted on 31 Jul 2009

you should deff stop talking to him immediatly and block him! stay safe!!!

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