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10 May 1995

Hey I'm sara. I'm a 14 year old freshie. And I uhmm. lol i dont know :] Who cares. hehe.

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sarabara asked:

15 Jun 2009

Help with DIY(Do It Yourself) Hair bleaching. Any tips from peoples :D?

Okay well i'm a brunette right now and i'm going like almost white bleach blonde. any tips :] what products should i use? I live across the street from a sallys beauty supply so i can get whta i need and money is no object :] thankss Yea that was helpfull but just a tiny bit confuseing~ okay not a tiny bit but alot of a bit lol



monmon says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2009

Things You'll NeedBW2 Clairol Bleaching Powder. This is the best one to use on dark hair.

Goldwell 10p toner.

Ardell Lock in Blonde.

30 Volume Creme Developer. It has to be the creamy white one, not the clear liquid one.

Hair coloring brush. It's a plastic 2 inch wide paint brush to dip and spread the bleach on your hair. Easily found at Sallys.

Hair blow Dryer

Protective Eye Goggles

Shimmer Lights Shampoo for blonde and silver hair. It's basically a purple shampoo to tone your hair. Get a regular deep conditioner too like Pantene.

Plastic or glass mixing bowl. NO METAL mixing bowls!

Clear or white grocery bag. It can't be a color bag or else your hair will take the color of the bag.

Alternate Method-[edit] TipsCondition, Condition, Condition.

I would also buy a hair serum/polisher to add to my dry blond hair.

My favorite is Fantasia IC hair polisher. Costs about 5 dollars at any

Walgreens, Sallys, or Rickys. It will make your hair GORGEOUS!

Also, buy another hair dye, a darker one, or the same as your previous hair colour. That way, if it turns out bad, you can return to the same colour.

Pour 3 ounces of creme developer into plastic mixing bowl along with 2 scoops of bleaching powder in a room with windows. This stuff is not healthy to breathe in a closed up room!

Put on your Goggles. DO NOT forget the goggles, or if you have eyeglasses, add tape around them to protect your eyes.

Commence mixing the bleach and developer mixture.

Part your hair in 4 sections. Start at the back and DO NOT start at your roots or else you will come out with lighter roots and darker ends.

Add bleach all over your head, keeping 1 1/2 inches away from your roots.

Put the clear or white plastic bag over your head and tie it at the nape of your neck making sure all of your hair is tucked underneath the bag.

Leave it like this for 40 minutes.

After 40 min. make a hole in the bag large enough to fit the nozzle of your hair blow dryer and begin blowing hot air into the plastic bag. What we are doing here is activating the bleaching process by adding heat. #Keep blowing hot air for 10 or so minutes.

Do not do the roots yet. After about an hour or so shampoo your hair with the shimmer lights toning shampoo and then DEEP condition it with Pantene hair conditioner.

Wash out and blow dry COMPLETELY.

Repeat the process of adding bleach to your hair, heating with hot air, washing/conditioning it, blowdrying again. Do this 6 times. This is a very painful process because now you will be doing your roots and it will sting.

On the 2nd repeat, do your root and say OUCH!

NOTE: You do not want to leave bleach on your hair for over an hour. You will destroy your hair and you will not get dates. This is why you must repeat this process 6 times or until your hair is a deep blonde. ALWAYS condition in between! The goal for today is not to get it platinum blonde. Marylin Monroe was not born platinum blonde, silly. It took her time too! You want to go deep blonde because if you have black hair, you need to give it time to heal as well as your scalp for heavens sake!

Ok, so wait 24 hrs. or more. Your hair should now be a deep blonde or a reddish tone.

Now, do some more bleaching, and heating until you get to your desired color blonde or platinum.

Wait another day before adding the toner.

PUT GOGGLES ON...After 24hrs. or more, mix toner in plastic container with 30 volume creme developer (read directions on toner). Depending on how golden or platinum you want to be, add drops of Ardell's "Lock in Blonde". The more you add, the more golden blonde your hair will be. If you pass this, that's fine. Your hair will not be as crispy blonde. I personally like to add about 18 drops to give my hair a bit of color/golden platinum feel to it.

After 40 minutes,(read directions on toner) wash, condition and dry.

Welcome to the club...You are now a bonafide blonde bombshell!!!

I hope this help!


barbipixi says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2009

bleach is very dangerous so of course it'll be a bit confusing if you do it right.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2009

bleach is very dangerous so of course it'll be a bit confusing if you do it right.


kelly_goo says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2009

best tip,


iv had bleach blond for ages now and its fucked my hair up big time

i still have a chemical burn on my scalp from the first time :|

go to the salon tbh


amaay says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2009

i'd suggest you go to the salon, as they're professionals and know what they're doing. :]



dominique says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2009

if u want to do it urself i would recommend the Beyond the zone bleaching kit. u can get it at sallys or prolly any beauty supply stores.


xxmonotone says:

Posted on 16 Jun 2009

okay well i think its fine for you to do it yourself, you dont need to go pay a lot at a salon like most people suggest.

i bleached my own hair for a while and have had it really really white before. i used bw bleach, it comes in a pretty big container so it will last you, use 40 volume developer. bleach it in layers to make sure you get all your hair, it would also be good to have somebody with you so they can check the back of your head to see if you got it all. leave it on for an hour to an hour and a half. shampoo it then once you rinse the shampoo put shimmer lights shampoo or the generic brand they sell at sallys(its a toner shampoo that gets rid of yellow if you get the purple kind or gets rid of orange if you get the blue kind) in your hair for like 5 minutes then rinse. it might have a little yellow and if you want it lighter then bleach it again in like a week or so, just dont leave it on as long and it will get white.

people are always scared their hair will break off but honestly hair is a lot stronger than people think!

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