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28 Dec 1992

Name: Sam
Location: Pennsylvania

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samigore asked:

05 Jun 2009

Stomache pain?

i have this constent stomache pain it sometimes is on the top of my stomache sometimes the bottom and it gets really bad and ideas what it might be? it sometimes feels like menstrual cramps but im not even on my period most of the time it happens



amaay says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

abdomial pain can be caused by many things. [:

if it really hurts you should see your doctor, here a few few things to relieve the pain:

-place a hot water bottle/heated wheat bag on your stomach,

-soak in a warm bath,

-drink plenty of clear fluids (such as water),

-reduce your intake of coffee, tea and alcohol as these can make the pain worse,

-get plenty of rest,

-take mild painkillers, such as paracetamol. [:

treatment options:

-pain relief, your pain may not go away fully with painkillers, but it should ease,

-fluids, you may have fluids given into a vein to correct fluid loss and rest your bowel,

-medicines, for example, you may be given something to stop you vomiting (if you do vomit),

-fasting, your doctor may ask you not to eat or drink anything until the cause of your pain is known.

if you are really concerned see your doctoor. [:


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

i have the same !!!

it's been two months know , i have it every day !

i went to the doctor and they say it have : irritated boel system ...

there's nothing you can do about it ...


i feel the same pain as you describe it and i also thought it was something with my periods , but it isn't

and i have more pain when i ate something , or when i'm stressy...


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

i mean irritated BOWEL syndrome :p


owen3 says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

i get pain in the same places best 2 just go to the LOOO


gbpkid says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

I used to get stomache pains all the time, i eventually grew out of it; when it happens i always used a hot water bottle on my stomache.

you should go to your doctor though if its constant, it could be something more sinister, once they told me my stomache acid had changed pH causing my stomache lining to start to get eaten away.. it was not nice.



barbipixi says:

Posted on 06 Jun 2009

it really can be something to do with menstral cramps though

it can also be a lack of potassium

if your eating right and exercising and taking your vitamins then i would think something to do with the womanly time of the month your cycle may just be a little over active you have all sorts of hormones going on all through the month so it's possible to have cramps a few weeks before your cycle

but it NEVER hurts to get checked out and make sure the dr thinks everything is normal..

and sometimes getting on a birthcontrol (that wouldn't mean you can have unprotected sex : P) can help ease the cramps you can even get that for free from the health department they just need to examine you and you would need to tell them your symptoms as well for all the fyi on it


leirah says:

Posted on 06 Jun 2009

I agree, see what your doctor thinks. I used to live with daily pain as well, similar to my monthly cramps, and it got labelled as Irritable Bowel Syndrome without any actual tests being done. So I found that simply getting comfortable in that stressful time of my life was the biggest help. Doing more things that were fun, like shopping and taking bubble baths, and trying not to worry about things that were no longer in my control. Also helpful was more fibre in the diet and yogurt with live bacteria cultures just to regulate the delicate system in your tummy. And now I'll never know for sure what it was, because it's gone.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome should only be the diagnosis after other possibilities have been eliminated, like allergies. You could always try testing yourself at home, too, by cutting out dairy for a few weeks, or caffeine, or gluten, and see if that feels any better.

As everybody's said, there can be a lot of explanations for what you're going through. And it may mean a slight lifestyle change, but it'll be worth it to get to feeling better again!


fallenangel says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2009

ive had pains lik these and it can do with cramps but it can also do with not knowing wat to do or to much stress in ur life so u should try and spend a day relaxing with no stress around u and that might help

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