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hannah murray




10 Mar 1996

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salt_and_pepper asked:

19 Jan 2009

how can i make my boobs bigger???

ok i have the smalledt tits in the world! i can barly fit into a AA!! does anyone know how to make my boobs bigger naturally. no pills or surgury! all of my friend are a b or c some even a d! i get made fun of alll the time. i really am interested in making them bigger. please give any suggestions



jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2009

Stuff your bra. lol


rubi12321 says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2009

well im sorry to say the only way to make them bigger is too get surgery i know a lot of people that do it. Plus you shouldent feel bad about yourself[= everyone is naturally beautiful there own way


sillynilly0070 says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2009

unfortunately, surgery is really the only way to REALLY enhance your cup size.... if you don't want 2 do that try using a padded bra. to be honest though, even if you did do surgery it can leave scars and you might regret it later on! i know its sappy, but everyone is so diversely beautiful you shouldn't worry. life's too short! hope this helps!


musicislife says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2009

forget everyone that makes fun of you it shouldn't matter what sizs ur boobs are. anyone thats worth having around wouldn't care if you were like AAAA be confident and love urself.. everyones BEAUTIFUL in there own way.. its good to be differant. k? :):">:lol:


rinji_halfelf says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009

You could invest in a water bra, It will make it look a little bigger, and has a natural look.

Other than that, surgery, or gaining some weight might help. But weight gain usually only works if you're really thin, and it also depending on genetics. You might want to look at other female family members built like you, and see if their fill out up top when they are heavier. If they gain it all on their hips and legs, and not on top, then forget gaining weight. You are probably stuck with a small cup size.

Meanwhile, you can always wear dark of neutral colored skirts or pants, and wear a shirt with nice detailing on top to emphasis your bust. Wearing the dark bottoms should balance you out.

Another option is to go on the pill if you haven't already.

Sometimes it will increase breast size, but just going on it for increased bust size isn't that great of a reason...


luvs_leanna says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2009

well, ignore everyone, make fun of how big their boobs are! lol u should be lucky to have small ones, lol. cuz trust me!~ i have a big bust and i get made fun of a lot just bc its hard to 'contain' them in tank tops and bathing suits and my fam, we go camping to lake havasu every summer... not fun! lol so just be happy w the way u r, trust me u may regret it later, i do, i used to wish mine were bigger and hey, got that... oiy it sucks, so ya... luvs! *leanna*


kendra_suee says:

Posted on 25 Jan 2009

trust me having big boobs isnt fun. like bathing suit season sucks. guys well guys are guys and sometimes when you go shopping you have to get bigger sized shirts and dress shopping is so hard. youre lucky just the way you are trust me. just try like a water bra or if you really want to just get like gell things im not sure what there called you just put them in your bra yeah hope i helped with that.


x_knelie says:

Posted on 25 Jan 2009

I have to agree with almost everyone else, having big breasts is not fun. I am 13 and I am a size C, and I get waaaaaaaaay to much attention, it makes me really uncomfortable!

Think about it, would you rather have guys want you for you boobs, or you personality? Girl's that are kind of flat don't have to worry about guys only liking them for their boobs, so that is a plus.

Hope I helped!:D


natinthehat96 says:

Posted on 12 Feb 2009

I agree with everything your saying, i dont want huge boobs but i want moderate size like a B, I'm an A as of right now. I have heard that you should massage your breast, like for 5 to 10 mintues two times a day, its not gonna get you boobs tomorrow, but it does make them some what larger. You can also rub oil on them too.

Another thing you can do is do exercises:

hope this helps!


pottersclay says:

Posted on 28 Mar 2009

1. You don't have the smallest boobs in the world. *I* can't even fill an *AA*! Talk about itty bitty titties. You are not alone. Though we flat chesters are small in number (I'd bet because so many of us succumb to plastic surgery or padded bras), we are still a number, so don't feel all alone in this! :)

2. God made you the way you are. He made me the way I am. It's so hard to accept that some days, but you really have got to accept it. That God made you BEAUTIFUL. Pray He'll help you to become comfortable and confident in your body image.

3. I know why we flat chesters want our chests to be not-so-flat: because of guys. Perhaps society, too, but mostly guys. We want to look attractive to them. A few points on this.

A) How will you feel when on your wedding night your soul mate finds out that your breasts are fake? Either that there have been some bean bags stuffed into them by surgery, or 50% of your boobs are actually just part of a padded bra. I don't want my future husband to be surprised or disappointed; I want him to really know who he's marrying, you know?

B) What the other girls have said on here are true -- for us, it's guaranteed that any guy who is enchanted by us is truly by our inner beauty, not our outer.

C) Some guys actually -- brace yourself -- appeal to "iron boards" too! Ah, deep sigh of relief.

So that's all I have to say on the matter. I hope one day I'll be fully confident with what my body image has been made like. I'm still going to wear shirts that have images on the front to disguise the extreme smallness of my front, but I'm not going to totally fool myself and everyone else. Because God's made me beautiful and He will make me beautiful in the eyes of my future significant other -- all I need to do is totally put it in His hands and trust Him with my all.



diemannequin says:

Posted on 28 Mar 2009

hey don't feel bad, maybe they will get bigger over time. Seriously don't get plastic surgery you don't want to have boobs for brains! and girls who make fun of you are jealous because you don't need huge boobs to be confident and fell attractive. Even if you fill a B some people may still make fun of you. I'm a B 32-36 and my friends still tease me oh well. I just joke a long I don't really care and it makes sense that I have smaller boobs then them 'cause I'm smaller. :p


livelaughlovesb says:

Posted on 06 Apr 2009

If there really small then a water bra will do you wonders but i would not buy a cheap one!

But if you have a lill something then a pushup bra will work!



thekitten89 says:

Posted on 16 Jun 2009

The supplement 'Breast Success' uses herbs that promote oestrogen growth and apparently works.


stephanie_foreverx3 says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2011

= ]
Aw don't feel bad ..
well you can do these steps .
1. You can wear push up bra's Or water bras .
2. You can rub Spicy things on your boobs and rub then 2 times a day .
Such as colgate , Olive oil , butter , and somtimes mayo .
My cousin is a size A30 :D
She did that rubbing Olive Oil on her boobs for 2 weeks and her boobs are bigger than mines she's now a B32 i think ;D
and soo yeaa :D
But hun's don't worry bout your boobs so what give em' yourr middle finqer :D


edenprettygirl says:

Posted on 15 Apr 2011

dont worri hunn im the same i wear a bra though BUT im doin sumthing that makes ur boobs bigger massagin them twice everyday for 5 mins and push ups once a day for a minute they will become muscel under the breast tissue im alrdy seein a improvment!!! xxxxxx


suthapklomrod says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2013

I gave the methods inside a full test run over 6 weeks and with 2 weeks I had already started to notice a difference. It took just under 4 weeks for me to gain one cup size taking me from a B cup to a C cup. find more information

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