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01 Oct 1995


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runningwithscissors asked:

03 Feb 2010


So, this little chika in 7th grade thinks she has to be me. She's trying to take (and have sex with) my boyfriend, steal my friends, she already decided that she's taking all the classes I'm taking as soon as she gets in high school, she talks to me every chance she gets, and ect., ect. I've been dealing with this for quite some time now. And it's getting super annoying. I now my boyfriend won't do anything with her because.. well, she's in 7th grade. I've already warned my friends no to talk to her. But it seems like she's slowly seeping into my life. I get I should be flattered or whatever. But I'm feeling a little stalked.. I've never even seen her before until she started taking my life. I've asked her nicely and I've asked her meanly. But she still won't give up. How long do you think this little phase of hers will last?



vanillabb says:

Posted on 03 Feb 2010

Wow she does sound like a stalker! =p

I would just ignore her until she get's the idea, or maybe just give her a dirty look when she is right about to talk to you.

sounds kinda mean but it will work.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 04 Feb 2010

that is weird. i wouldnt be mean until she actually acts on your boyfriend in a pretty obvious way. but i would find it hard to be nice to her too. maybe just ignore her and act like it doesnt get to you. if it gets too bad tell her she has to stop making moves on your bf and you need space. i dont think it can go on too too long being in 7th grade...if you have to sit down with her and let her know you think she's reallly cool and you would like to be friends but teh way shes acting right now is not the way to do it


barbipixi says:

Posted on 04 Feb 2010

i would think maybe if you have a school councilor talk to them and let them know what's going on and that you're getting a bit scared 'single white female' ( was happening to you and maybe they could talk to her about he focusing her attention somewhere else. and if you don't have a councilor then maybe just talking to the principal or a teacher


ctl888 says:

Posted on 04 Feb 2010

Wow, what do your friends say about it? I would ignore her too... just be nice enough so people won't think you are a b*tch. but you do not need to be overly nice and you can ignore her if she is in your class. like try to sit far away from her. I think she probably thinks really highly of you so that is why she is following you and copying you. But maybe once she get to middle school she may just fade away among the other students. Soo just ignore her.


staceface says:

Posted on 05 Feb 2010

dewddd, im having almost the same problem with this one chick. well two ? but the first chick is in seventh, im in eight, but shes all annoying stalker bitch and she pisses me off. and she wont LEAVE ME ALONE! i'v tried many tihngs but ehh screw her, i just ignore her but b e nice sometimes because i dont wanan be looked as as a bitch whos mean to little kids..and the other girl is in my grade and she copies off my i think you should just ignore/be nice and try to avoid any situations with her. and again, like be stern and tell her to stopppp.//


rmzie says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2010

honestly it may seem like a bitch move but put your foot down tell her to get her own life and friends ... if you told her nicly already to back off maybe you need to be a bit more scary... yeah shes younge but you dont want a leech through your high school years and you dont want to have to worrie about if shes around cuz if your bold and stand up and are mean to her she will think your a bitch and then ditch her little phase i know it sounds mean but dont let her take control of your life stand up be a little bitch for a couple of days to get the point across and then after shes gone well.. problem solved.


runningwithscissors says:

Posted on 04 Feb 2010

Lmao. She's in middle school and I'm in ihgh school. It would be impossible for her to be in my classes. But she's always hanging around after school...

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