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maria bielski




16 Jan 1997


i love me!!!

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roxy851 asked:

14 Aug 2010

I HATE my body i am 13 and i am fat and i have lovehandles! what do i do!?!?!

i need help! i go to the gym a lot




dj_ali says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2010

Dont eat oily food.. stop eating fast food... eat vegetables and walk for 30 min before eating your lunch and supper.. I am sure you will lose your weight in a week.. =)


shadyca says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2010

eat moderately. no binge eating. eat regulary-have a large breakfast, moderate lunch and a poor dinner. eat healthy-so, no fast food, oily food, fried food, eat cooked fish (without oil), eat chicken and turkey since it's the healthiest, avoid eating pork and stuff like that. eat a lot of vegegtables. instead of candies and fatty stuff take some fruit as a snack.

workout, but don't overdo it.

and the most important-drink a lot of water


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2010

i agree with maeve, you are a very pretty girl , your lips and eyes are stunning! eat healty food and if you want a snack take a piece of fruit :)


sliq says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2010

another thing you can do is ask a trainer what exercises you should do to take the love handles away.. i know of one : if u lay on the edge of your bed face down with half your body hanging off and you like lift yourself up & down it helps A LOT it took mine away ;) and i had A LOT :P


jjb714 says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2010

Don't worry I am in the same boat you are. I am also 13 and weigh 192.6 pounds but I am 5'8. I am pretty tall girl but have a weight issue also try asking your parents to get you a trainer or ask a trainer when go to your gym to tell some things. Don't eat greasy foods!

I know how you feel.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2010

well you are very pretty : P

but you can look in my blogs under the weight folder to see some of my tips


gosupermodel_is_back says:

Posted on 15 Aug 2010

Omg your soo pretty and i am gonna be thirteen soon hooray! ermm well heres a step by step to lose weight =D

1Start with your diet. For fast results, you must change your eating habits. And because you want fast results, you must make drastic changes. However, hunger will not be one of the solutions and neither is belemia. Some prefer to have set menus to stick to, some people prefer rules. This contains a bit of both:

Breakfast Ideas: Toast with vegemite (unless you're not an Aussie, in which case: Try it, decide you hate it, read How to Enjoy Vegemite , try it again) or your favourite spread (preferably without butter, unless it's vegemite which is disgusting without butter.Just to talk up vegemite a little more: It has almost no calories - 4 per tablespoon or something ridiculous like that.So anyway: Toast with vegemite, a banana and coffee; cereal with skim milk and fruit; that kind of thing. Some can't wake up without coffee, and it's an appetite suppressant so thumbs up.

Lunch Ideas: At some schools, most people bring their lunch from home, of course, what it's like in other countries and schools vary, but do know that what you can bring from home will most likely always be better than what you can buy at any canteen/tuck shop/cafeteria.Sandwich

on wholegrain/wholewheat/multigrain bread – (just as long as it's not white bread which is bleached flour. It contains very little nutrients)- with cheese, ham or chicken, salad veggies (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, etc), mayo, tomato sauce (sounds weird but it actually tastes really great, don't dog it until you've tried it), salt and pepper; if you have access to boiling water you can bring those powdered soups in a thermos and a bread roll; dinner leftovers are always great.

Snack Ideas: carrot and fruit, natural yogurt and berries (you may need to add a tiny amount of sugar to this, depending on how sweet your yogurt is); a handful of nuts; veggies (like carrots, beans, snow peas) and low fat dip; i think you get the idea

Dinner Ideas: One idea is: 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbohydrates. If your parents make fatty foods for tea, only have a little and make yourself a salad as well. If you're cooking for yourself here's some easy ideas: pasta with tomato based sauce; quick soup (the powdered type you add hot water to) and bread; scrambled eggs; if you really can't be bothered, just make yourself a sandwich or heat up leftovers; eat baked beans cold from the can and have a bit of salad after. It really doesn't matter, just as long as you follow that basic rules mentioned below.


Breakfast: Carbohydrates, fat, dairy

Lunch: Carbohydrates, veggies, protein

Dinner: Pasta, carbohydrates, veggies

Snacks: Fruit, veggies, dairy, protein

For each meal, make the veggies the main part, then the protein, then the carbohydrates. dairy falls in somewhere there too.

A serve fits in the palm of your hand

3 serves of fruit per day

3 serves of dairy per day(milk, cheese, yogurt)

4-5 serves of carbohydrates per day

Go crazy on the veggies. You can have pretty well as much as you want, you can't go overboard.

Don't cut anything out completely. Well, except fast food Maccas, Hungries (aka Burger King), KFC. Some facts about them are: Maccas soft serves are made from pig fat. KFC chips are fried in lard. Those thick-shakes have pretty much no natural ingredients in them (except probably fat). It's all preservatives and additives, and lots of bad things. Read "Chew On This" or "Fast Food Nation." You'll never eat junk food again.

Having said that, restrict consumption of: sugary, chocolate dark may be a bit healthier, but it is best to avoid! Have it once a week instead and you'll probably enjoy it more as well as lose weight, Butter, oil, fried crap, ice cream, or potatoes (they contain a LOT of starch). Chips, biscuits, cake, juice, cordial, soft drinks, or sausages - at the end of the day, you know what is good for you and what isn'tListen to your body, it will tell you what it wants and when it wants you to stop packing in junk, or just when your full. Don't eat out of boredom.

Get off your butt and exercise: Fast weight loss will only be achieved with diet and exercise.

Plan your week: Have 3 days where you do intense exercise - like running or a class at the gym. The other 3 days do low intensity exercise like a long walk and, well, that's about it. The other day is your day off.An exercise "session" should go for about 30 minutes to an hour. You should burn at the very least 300 calories in a high intensity workout session in 30 minutes. Any less and you're not working hard enough

You're working hard enough if you're sweating profusely, breathless (not the whole time, but a good part of the time), and when you're done you can scull water with no effort because you need it that badly.Do some weight training. Muscles burn calories by just being there. The more muscles you have, the faster you'll lose weight.Always, always stretch before, and after you exercise. It's bloody hard to lose weight when you're injured.

3Get very good at saying no when people offer you food that will sabatoge your diet. In fact, think of this more as a healthier lifestyle choice. This should inspire you to take care of your body and feed it only when needed.


Try to avoid eating after 7 PM.


Stop adding sugar to your food unless it's absolutely necessary .

You can't lose weight off one particular spot. Doing more sit ups will not give you a flat stomach. It will just build muscles in that area. You will lose weight off the parts of your body that you are genetically designed to.

You must eat 3 meals and 2 snacks (or, even better, 5 small meals) a day to keep your metabolism in fat-burning mode.

Make yourself eat breakfast. If you're not hungry in the mornings or if it makes you feel sick, only have a little bit and build up to more after a few days. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, and therefore your weight loss. you must eat to lose weight.

This is not a fad diet. this is a way of eating for life. Once you're at your goal weight, tone down the exercise a tad, have a few more treats.

Weigh yourself once a week and keep track of your progress.

Go to your local op shop and get some 80's aerobics videos. The outfits are incredibly hilarious but the workouts are great.

Try to make your diet follow the 'food pyramid' or pie or whatever you choose.

Make a list of stuff you can do when you feel like eating but you shouldn't because you're really not hungry.

Eat before you go out and take any money to buy food while your out.

Buy one of those calorie counter books, the ones that have all the foods and what their calories are. Counting calories can be incredibly boring but it has some great information at the start of the book. However, just in case you care: you should be consuming 1800 to 2400 calories per day, depending on how much exercise you do. get the book. It's cheap.

Get some suitable shoes for your exercise.

Buy a dress or a pair of jeans that are too small - now you have something to work towards.

If you like sugary foods or don't really eat "healthy" just avoid buying those foods. But make changes slowly, and instead of just immediately cutting them out of your diet, eat them in smaller and smaller portions, or try and see if you can eat small, low fat portions. And slowly cut them out of your diet to replace them with FRUIT.



fathima says:

Posted on 18 Aug 2010

lolz u look pretty i dont think u r that fat. and yeah u can do some simple exercise.

Drink lots of water that u don't feel hungry all the time. Remember do not sleep immediate after ur meals. Eat ur meals 1 hr before u go to bed. Avoid taking junk food and do not eat more sweet food.


hazel_eyes435 says:

Posted on 19 Aug 2010

your very pretty!!! but if u feel that u could lose som weight try eating healthyer, drink lots of water, and if u watch tv durring the comercial WORK OUT!!!! haha i do that, whel anyways good luck!


pweddieprincess says:

Posted on 17 Apr 2011

hmm ur a beauty but ur weight seems like u could loose a bit of it......mabye cut off snacks and softdrinks and work out 3 times a week......i did tht in december when i was 120 pounds and now im 100


roxy851 says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2010

thank u i am 160 lbs. and 5'6


roxy851 says:

Posted on 15 Aug 2010

than u a lot

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