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18 Aug 1994

looking for a change in look
not sure what 2 go with
i'm 15...although i probably look younger
looking at the scene style....nothing 2 bold or bright...not EMO

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rockersk8techick asked:

02 Mar 2010

me & my bf had sex yesturday but we are a little unsure if i am pregnant...

i am 15 & going 2 be 16 in 6 months & he just turned 17. we have been 2gether for 4 months now & we love each other. if i was pregnant he wud give up everything 2 take care of our kid but we dont want one at this age. 1st we cudnt really get his dick inside me? we got it in barely but didnt feel much (both virgins) we used a condom but then we got in the shower & took it of but we dont know if the water cud have gotten the pre-cum inside my vagina. we didnt have intercourse without the condom. we just want 2 be sure. he has fingered me b4 but i bleed each time & this has been the 4th time is that normal? does precum have sperm.



barbipixi says:

Posted on 02 Mar 2010

precum has sperm yes

normally water unless you shoot it up inside you will not wash sperm up into your vagina where it would need to go to get you preggers

but really that's a big chance you guys are taking and you can't even drive yet. and how would you take care of the baby? oh i know your parents would handel that right cause you don't have a job and i'm pretty sure your bf doesn't and if he does i know for a fact he can't make enough to care for a baby

sorry but i have strong feelings about children making children. if your not old enough to care for a baby properly by yourself then you shouldn't take the chance of making one.

and dating 4mo is just a drop in the hat of the rest of your life


xxredxheadxx says:

Posted on 02 Mar 2010

okay, i don't wanna be mean or anything, but having sex without a condom is one of the STUPIDEST things you can ever do. i'm not gonna tell you not o have sex, and it really is pointless to tell a bunch of hormonal teenagers not to. Because we all know youre going to. i'm only fifteen, and i'm not a virgin. I mean, i know yall are gonna do it. but seriously, USE A CONDOM or something.

and, yeah, if youre so worried, take a pregnancy test.


vanillabb says:

Posted on 02 Mar 2010

He's probley doing it too hard , or he could have poped your cherry when he was fingering you . If you use a condom you should be alight unless it broke. If you took a shower after it won't make you pregnant.


bear14 says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2010

you know, even if your boyfriend got sperm on your underwear, it doesn't stop there...if it has the chance to get in, it will...i learned it in high school sex ed. i'd say if you bleed, then you're not pregnant...but this isn't true, a woman can still bleed when she's pregnant if more than one egg was dropped but only one got sperminated (only word i can think of), so be careful. give it a while and if you don't get your period, see a doctor...but don't stress about it because it could make your period late


nana_0601 says:

Posted on 02 Mar 2010

I agree with barbiPiXi and feel the same way as she does. 4 months is absolutely nothing and you two are not even living together. To take a risk as huge as that is unwise. Pre-cum definitely has sperm, and if you're so worried, maybe you should take a pregnancy test :S


rockersk8techick says:

Posted on 02 Mar 2010

ok we used a condom through out the whole time but afterwards we wanted to take a shower 2gether which is when he took it of but we didnt have sex in there. i wanted 2 wash of the blood & he wanted to wash of the precum but i was just wondering if when washing it of it could have gone inside of me?


rockersk8techick says:

Posted on 02 Mar 2010

we were super careful about having sex & we used a condom throughout the whole time. afterwards we wanted 2 take a shower to wash of & if by doing so i was wondering if the precum could have gotten inside me. also why was it really difficult to get his dick inside of me? is it normal 2 bleed everytime he fingers me?


rockersk8techick says:

Posted on 02 Mar 2010

thank you you actually helped with this question :)

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