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rachel caroline




03 Dec 1994

I'm Rachel.:3
i don really have anyone to
bother with my questions
or problems so this site is
pretty amazing.


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rachelsauras asked:

18 Jul 2009


what's everyone's most secret fears or worries?

i don knoo. I haven't posted a question in a while and I thought it'd be interesting to know.^__^

plus meybe someone will be able to relate, and we won't be as scared/embarrased bout em.

okiee. well my biggest biggest fear is:

growing up.:( I'm only 14. and I worry about it every single day. you don't know how many times I've broken down cryinn cause of it.

to me I see it as your life basically ends at 25.

unless you're a celebrity, you're forced to grow up, dress and act a certain way and if you do differently younger kids or adults will look down upon you or somethinn.:/

I don't ever wanna exceed the age of 19.

never ever ever.D:

my biggest worry is:

not making anything of my life.

I've disappointed sooo many important people

in my life. honestly I feel like it's all I'm good for.

what if it's all I continue to do?

like. what if my mum dies without her ever being proud of me?


I sharedd.

now you do the same.^^

xx ahaas.

everyone always tells me my fear of growing up is so silly.x] but now I see I'm not alone!

I don't feel as ridiculous anymore.

kekye- being alone worries me too.:( not so much friends but like. dieing alone. without love.DX

amaay- I kno! I always let myself down. but I try and play it off like I don't. but I can never do anything right.

vanillacupcake- I wish my only fear was climbing ladders.(:

lexi123- I don't think you'll end up like a lonely cat lady, if it makes you feel any better!^^

cheeeeeelsea- I'm gonna start tryinn my hardest to make the best of it.^__^

barbipixi- I hope my mum's proud of me.:/ and you really do give me hope. you're so happy and look on the bright side of things.(: I think imma try and take on your attitude about the world.


dominique- I can relate. my dad was er a "bad" guy and we don't see him anymore.:| and my mum is hardly ever there for me.D:<b



kekye says:

Posted on 18 Jul 2009

my fears:

growing up. same as youu.

and the thought of having so many responsibilities scares

the crap out of me.

being alone.having no true friend.

scares me >.<

i don't know who to trust anymoree.

wasting my life.

i dont want to grow up and do the same things everyone

else does.

i want to do things differently.

i want to have fun

but not get into trouble because of it


amaay says:

Posted on 18 Jul 2009

-yes, i really don't want to grow up eitheer. :/

-and, i don't want to make a mess of my life, like ruining it all, and being alone for the rest of it.

-i'm also scared of majorly upsetting the important people in my life, too. i really don't want to. i try my hardest to impress everyone i meet, as if i don't i feel like i've let myself down, and it scaress me. :(



xvanillacupcakee says:

Posted on 18 Jul 2009

Climbing ladders is my only fear.


cheeeeeeelsea says:

Posted on 18 Jul 2009

Im scared of death and growing up.

You only live once so make the most of your life :p


barbipixi says:

Posted on 19 Jul 2009

i'm sure your mom is very proud of you : P you're her baby and deep down she'll always be proud of every lil thing you do.

and you don't have to have a super hard job to be happy and support yourself. who knows you could grow up and be a successful dog walker and help so many people and be so happy lol

and life doesn't end at 25. you'll see as it goes it just keeps growing and so will you. right now it seems like you wouldn't want to be anything but who you are right now, but as you get older you really do change and grow and your tastes change. i'm not saying you'll all of a sudden like classical music and espresso, but different things become cool to you as your mind and body change.

i'm scared of loosing my job and not being able to support myself or my baby. but then i realize i'm great at what i do and if i need to find a new job i'd kick ass no matter where i go. and things always work out for the best in the end.

i feel lucky and i'm very optimistic. that glass is only half empty cause i drank half the choco milk and it's yummy in the tummy lol


dominique says:

Posted on 19 Jul 2009

my fears are growing up

AND MY BIGGEST FEAR is being alone in life, bkz my dad died and i only hav my mom so thats my biggest far... also the silly stuff like im TERRIFIED OF THE DARK! like i get panic attacks when it gets dark so yeah


jessd says:

Posted on 19 Jul 2009

My fears are spiders, snakes.

But the ones that im really scared are death of me or anyone important in my life.. Im more so scared of the way im going to die. Like i want to die in my sleep. Im scared of fire. I Dont want to me burned to death.

Im scared of the future like im alone, or my life gets screw up some how. I want to have family and a good job and sometimess i scared thats not going to happen.


jessd says:

Posted on 19 Jul 2009

im also scared that someone is going to come in and kill me when im a sleep.


ilovepink2011 says:

Posted on 19 Jul 2009

anything with more than 8 legs so yeah like spinders.


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