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rachel caroline




03 Dec 1994

I'm Rachel.:3
i don really have anyone to
bother with my questions
or problems so this site is
pretty amazing.


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rachelsauras asked:

27 Jan 2010


lately I feel like my life's gotten out of control.

I've given up on myself. I've given up on friends. I've given up on school.

it seems like all i do now a days is cut class, get high, drink, cry, or waste my freetime away sleeping or on the computer or watching tv.

the only time I'll hang out with someone is if there's drugs/alcohol/partying involved. I've only gone to school three times in the past two weeks, and even then I cut sixth and eighth period every day, and 2nd today.

I've learned to be really good at getting my feelings out.

but once again I've bottled up everything and it's really taking a toll.

I have no motivation for anything anymore, it feels like.

and even right now as I type this, I just feel pathetic and like why

even live? I just don't know how to fix everything.:( it's all so

overwhelming, that I keep putting dealing with it off, and more and more

just keep building up.



xxwalkxxofxxlifexx says:

Posted on 27 Jan 2010

Awwwwwwh, I know howyou feel love.

where nothing goes your way , you try your best but it doesn't even matter,everything just kind of dies... :/ i know the feeling.

And trust me , like the saying " it will get worse before it gets better".

well, in a way this kind of applies.

You'll find you way.

Just keep doing that you're doing, don't change anything, and people and things willl come you way.

No more skipping school missy, bleieve me, it will not get you far in life.



kobywiggs says:

Posted on 27 Jan 2010

i kno your story. me myself have been where you are.. you need to find out who you are. and what you stand for. the partying needs to be put on a hold that is not a goof way to fix yourself babe.. i smoke weed every now and then and partied hard when i was younger.. school on the other hand you have developed an habit of skipping not good i kno i use to do the same thing and it got the best of me i failed my senior year because of it.. you dont need to fuck that up hun.. you need to get your head up,and motivate your self that thing will get better because they will babe, and your human and growing up,that is the way we all feel sometimes iv been through hell.. im coming out of my slump..finally.. things will get bad and good from time to time.. just dont turn to drinking and drugs for a way out of sad day.. things will get better, i promise you.. babe trust me and take my advice to heart i just want to help you, because when i went through this i didnt have anyone to help me through the pain.. but i will be here for you and i will help you if you let me babe.. so smile babe and think thing will get better, it want rain all the time sweetness :)


sanaya_luvs_ya says:

Posted on 27 Jan 2010

u think of what u want out of life vry carefully and then think how to achieve it coz wat u doin is nt helping and it wont help in future either its just feels good now then feels lyk shit later on.

I felt lyk leaving college nt apply 4 unis bt as the tym is cuming close i know if did leave i would regret it l;ater on in life. I dnt hav motivation either jus motivate ur self (does tht even make sense). in my family no 1 is happy with wat im studying yet i dk bout wat they think because at the end of the day i know what rite 4 me n i know what im good at.

U know what u need to do is stop harming ur self with crap lyk drugs n drinking.

speak to a frend sum1 close dey mite help u n if u dnt trust them or u think dey r da bad influence den tell sum1 u know in skool sum1 u dnt normally talk 2 bt can trust i know it sounds silly bt trust it helps n u neva know who suprises u lol.

Go bak to skool 4get about the past and start freshhhhh. I know its easier sed then done but try coz ders nothing wid out trying. its normal 2 feel lyk leaving and giving up at this age(im guessing ur a teen riite?) but u need to push ur self if nt 4 others den ur self and mayb loved 1s. Ive pushed and am still pushhing myself to the limit to get sumthing out in the end fingers crossed i hope i dnt disapoint myself.

tak care n TRY XX


xxmusicluverxx says:

Posted on 27 Jan 2010

Everyone wants to be happy.

Nobody wants to be in pain.

But you can't have a rainbow,

without any rain....


gogosarahhappyheart says:

Posted on 28 Jan 2010

not wanting to sound like a mother or somthing but seriously you shouldnt be cutting school so much, becasue when you are at school u get to take your mid off your problems and you are around people that could be new friends for yoy that would care for you, also gewt off the drugs nad drink it isnt good for you...your going to end up putting your own body at risk and you dont want that you dont want to wake up one day and find yourself in a hospital bed. go to your parents or someone and just tell them how you feel etc and they could try and help you (my friend done this when she felt depressed and now she is much more happy and i have really seen a change in her she is much nicer to be around). and about not being motivated...try and find somthing that does motivate you to do better in life..try and make some goals for yourself. xx


ctl888 says:

Posted on 28 Jan 2010

I am sorry you are feeling down.. but the more you put off the more you will have to deal it. it won't go away. And as for school... don't f*ck it up now. You made it this far and now you skipping and screwing things up? At least finish school, if not for yourself then for your family/ parents. So that they can be proud of you. You do not want to be the only one that did not finish highschool.... then you will be kicking yourself in the ass. Suck it up girl.... and as for the partying and stuff. it is just a phase. You might want to put it on hold till you are out of HS. I did not party till college...and trust me.. I partied everyday....from monday to sunday. but I also forced myself to graduate college as well. soo my saying is... if you study hard then you can party hard.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 28 Jan 2010

go find someone to talk to. i know its not exactly the thing you want to hear but if things are really as bad as they sound then theres a deeper problem than just not doing what you need to do. you could end up getting worse and not being able to stop or get out of what sounds like a depression leading to addictive behaviors and you will not have a very bright future ahead of you. please talk to an adult you trust and who cares about you


missymm says:

Posted on 28 Jan 2010


okaaay i'm seriously in the SAME position, I do the same; I get highh; i dont party though i dont like being around people; they're stuupid. But i didnt think any one else felt like that.. Iloveyouu!

&& i dont find anything wrong with bllazingit but if your doing it to "fit in w/the crowd" then stopp, that's retarded. GAHH, i read those answers,

It sounded liike some of them are waay off.

Atleast you know your not alone


ctl888 says:

Posted on 28 Jan 2010

Be strong girl... try your best to handle things the best you can. don't think you have to carry everything on your to your mom or dad who ever you can trust and you feel most comfortable. you are not alone..there are a lot of people whos lives are not perfect either but we all work through the issues... and adjust our priorities.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 28 Jan 2010

btw its because ive been there and now have a lot of regrets because my future and present are now much more complicated and messed up because i did not get adequate help when i should have

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