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Jamie Hall




30 Jun 1992

Hi ma name is mimi, im 17 years young and i have just got ma hair permed afta 3 years of goin natural. I am looking for tips on how to keep ma hair healthy, growing and strong cause i do notice that wen most girls get their hair permed, they dont take good care of their hair and their falls out. I haMore saduisahduiash dsau

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queenmimi1001 asked:

05 Sep 2009

Is it appropriate for a girl to be called a bitch when she deserves it?

Well i used to defend all females to the max never allowing a girl to be called a Bitch in my presence. But, one day( like day b4 yesterday) i decided to call some slut(she deserves dat) a bitch... she slaped her mother in da face out in pubic and is known for having sex with any guy with a penis before when peole used to talk about her and i used to defend her not believing her to be the slut that she is(that was proved true) but now i think it is fitting for girls like that to be called out of their names because i think they are not desering to be called sumthing respectful... Am i wrong to think ike dat? Plz dont be harsh on



isthereareas0nf0rmetol0vey0u says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

well, in a situation like this, you try to be as "calm" as possible..

yeah, she deserved it, but think about the consequences, now she'll probably hate your guts, (i know i would) and she's going to try to get other girls against you. sometimes yoou need to stand up for YOUrself, not just other people :P


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

Lol I call alot of people bitches. Most the time i kidding, like with my mates. But you gotta realise you have some fucked up people in this world.

Like some girl turned the whole school against me just cos she was jelous of me! I was bullied every day & i stopped going to school for a few days. I even started cutting once (iv stopped now. whew) but seriously. What was she? a bitch! :]

bitch simply mean a woman who erm.. backbites and is mean and stuff. If that girl slapped her mum in the PUBLIC, well damn.. her mum shouldve given her a good spankin when she was little. What a bratty kid :/



ctl888 says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

I would not defend someone like that if I hear other people calling her names. I would not contribute to the name calling but I would just step back and not say anything.. I figure what goes around will come around... and usually people will get whatever they deserve.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

Some girls are bicthes, and they deserve to be called out on their bitchiness. But that doesnt mean you have to do it. Has anyone ever not given you something terrible taht you really deserved/ it's called taking the higher road-you call her that and you bring yourself closer to her level. Yoy let it slide-at least around her and people that know her(here it's ok) and you may have saved yourself a lot of future regrets. You cant know everything that was going on with her and you may need her one day or someone who never heard you call anyone a bitch. And honestly, what is it going to help? Because if she is a bitch, then you know calling her one isnt going to make her change. And just giving someone what they deserve has never helped out anybody


missymm says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

My honest opinion: I don't think it's right, to call her a bitch; it's her life. Who are you, to tell her what do it with it. If she wants to go around sleeping with tons of guys, it's nobodies business but hers. And for abusing her mother, that's for her mother to deal with, if she wants to call the police, she can. But I don't think "that slut" needs some girl[in this case, you] telling her that she's a bitch, for something that has nothing to do with you. And it's NOT wrong for you to think like that, because it's your point of view, and not every bodies is the same. But, Nobody deserves to be called a bitch.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

if you want to drop down a level yourself then sure.

i will give you she doesn't seem to have very high morals but i would just stay away from her it's sad that her parents couldnt' raise her better. but you're not going to change that by calling her names. in fact that can just make things worse for her and maybe even for you.

hurting her (even if she doesn't act like it affects her really things like that will always hit home) can just cause her self esteem to remain down and she could just get worse. she does need to learn she should want better for herself but that probly won't happen and she probly will never accept help from anyone because it all starts with parents and friends

i would say don't worry if you do say something but don't set out actully thinking about it and wanting to call her those names.

you know she's wrong and you know you won't drop down to that level so rise above and just move on. you don't have to include her into your life about by even thinking about her. just move on and worry about yourself and your friends and family


apria says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

you know what she may be a b**ch but it's not your place to say that. nobody has that right. i think you should just forget about her and move on with your own life.


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 06 Sep 2009

Bitch just means female dog. She sounds like she has no more morols then a street dog so shes a bitch by all means! Specially her slappign her mom! sheesh if i did that to my mom, man i better be able to run fast!


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

But seriously. dont bother calling her anything cos she might start in you. Just ignore her and deffo dont defend her. if she says something to you, well thats your business. say whatever you like :L


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