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NeW [email protected]!!! 2013 waw time flies

01 Mar 1997



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pweddieprincess asked:

12 Aug 2011

okay....i rly wanna kno whats wrong with me D=

well....a while ago...this guy called joshua who had a gf...began 2 tlk 2 me on fb...(we met like twice)...he then confessed tht he liked me and he was thinkin abt me more than is gf...and hes goin crazi 4 me...i was i told him if we hav 2 be togetta he muss dump his gf...howeva he kinda kept her and me at the same time without telling me...wen i found out i asked him abt it and he dumped his odda gf (nikalia).....we started over and he was rly tolerant and nice....howevz.....i started 2 get jealous cuz he had this fren (a girl named kareemah) tht he took pics wid nd i acted kinda annoyed weneva we tlked at nights...aftr braincooler at the mall....i didnt go cuz mum had a fight wid her bf...and he rly got angry....we ended our relationship a few days after....but....the ting iz...i want him to want me bak...i kno am selfish but!......ways 4 him 2 want me bak....and advice on everyting!



bumble_bee_123 says:

Posted on 12 Aug 2011

Your not selfish by the sounds of it your just confused.........

That guy has been messing with your head from the day he said he liked you...............Saying he would dump the nikalia to go out with you and he never did........... Then when he realsied that u knew what waz goin on he dumped Nikalia because he prefered you..................... Now I dont really know but it could be possible that what happened to Nikalia might be happing to you....

He might have been happy with Nikalia but when he say you he changed his mind he told you that he liked you and would end his realationship with Nikalia but he never did.. He was 2 timing and when he got caught he choose you.........

Now maybe he likes Kareemah and is 2 timing again (some boys are just players :| ) Its only a possibility but since hes done it once whats to say he wouldnt do it again

Another thing is that you just felt jealos that he was around other girls. Its a natural girl instinst I suppose............

You should talk to Kareemah and ask her if there was anything going on between the 2 of them.... If there was then boys like that are just not worth it and your better off without him

Also you want him to want you back which dsnt meanu still ike him.... You just probably are upset and broken hearted.......... And want someone to want you and you also want the bo who broke your heart to regret it and suffer....... These feelings while go away eventually but for now its best to have no contact with him.... Go out and live your life!!!!!! Socailse and meet other guys :) Also a girly night in with your friends might help you get over a guy :) Tell yourelf you can do better than him and you will and someday youll find the right guy who will never break your heart like joshua :)

good luck xx


ravenousgirl1 says:

Posted on 12 Aug 2011

forget about him, there are plenty of other fish in the sea anyways lol. he sounds like a douche.


inside_out says:

Posted on 12 Aug 2011

I agree... he doesn't sound like he's the kind of guy you wanna be with. He seems rather dishonest... and if he two-timed ya once, he's likely to do it again. I wouldn't trust him. True, he probably does like you, and you still like him back, but he's not good for you. It's best to move on. Time will heal these wounds.
God Bless :)


beauty_lover21 says:

Posted on 13 Aug 2011

there is absolutley nothing wrong with you and everything wrong with him he dosent deserve you if he cant keep you happy and not cheat! If you like my blog send me a messaage or friend request and I will answer your question my blog is Called Everything Girl and also the beauty report!



moonlytkitty says:

Posted on 18 Aug 2011

Everyone will meet the one they love and will marry. He just wasn?t the one and wasn?t worth it. If he started flirting with the Kareemah girl, he isn?t worth it.


mechelle_abalo says:

Posted on 23 Aug 2011

that just like my know, if he really loves you, he would do anything to make you happy, to keep you around... im saying that you should not give your whole trust to this guy to save yourself from hurting in the end.... if he cheats on his girlfriend to go out with you, he will one day cheat on you too. Thats just possible to happen. Goodluck. xoxo


pweddieprincess says:

Posted on 13 Aug 2011 juss gonna 4get abt him...


pweddieprincess says:

Posted on 13 Aug 2011

lolz....gr8 advice hun


pweddieprincess says:

Posted on 13 Aug 2011

oh god...i hope it does....thxie..

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