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10 Jan 1992

"I have to Run; Before i can Walk; With you by my side it seems so close to possible"

"Be the fruit loop in a world full of cherrio's"

"Don't follow in my footsteps, I run into walls:D"

"I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road and not hMore saduisahduiash dsau

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punkprincess asked:

31 Jan 2009

I want to become scene but don't know how....

Please help me figure it out here's how I have my hair




jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 01 Feb 2009

That's a cute hairstyle. Ok, for clothes, scenesters wear Van slipons, black or neon skinny jeans, and bands t-shirts or cute graphic tees. For jewelry, buy lots of beads and other cute stuff. Buy cute bows for your hair. Dinosaurs, Hello Kitty, Miffy, and Invader ZIM plus other cute charactors are big with scene girls. Attitude is huge. Scene girls are often random, happy, and cute. They talk kinda like Dani Gore or the lead singer from Blood on the Dancefloor. They usually have some kind of icon who is generally Oli Sykes for boys and Audrey Kitching for girls.


jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 01 Feb 2009

This is my blog on being scene.


selanddemifan says:

Posted on 01 Feb 2009

hey!!! if you goto she will show you how to do hair!!


punkprincess says:

Posted on 01 Feb 2009

thank you! anymore?


xbabyvainx says:

Posted on 03 Feb 2009

1. Scene queens are always confident. If you don't have that kind of attitude, then who are you? No matter where they are, scene queens think that they are the center of attention. Its all about them, all the time.

2. Get a myspace. Making a buzznet and stickam account wouldn't hurt too. Scene queens are internet royalty. Constantly update on your life to keep people interested. Blog daily, be active, take pictures, etc. So that means accept any friend request you get.

3. Scene lingo is easy to catch on. Add extra letters to words and use words such as "lush" and things like that. Don't overdue it though, 99% people don't like horrible terrible spellers. You don't have to have perfect grammar, but at least put some effort into it.

4. Get professional pictures taken. Nobody wants to see a typical scene angle picture or just another scene girl. Remember, you are going to be a scene QUEEN. You want to look like a real model, and if you do good on the shoots, you might actually become one. Photoshop is your friend, but just remember Photoshop doesn't work in real life, so be careful not to really overdue it. You can take some typical myspace pictures when you're bored, but only on a sidekick and don't ever make them your default or anything.

5. Wear a lot of makeup. Scene queens are known for their perfect, detailed makeup, so be sure to be good at putting it on and wear a lot of it. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and lipstick are a must. Use brands such as MAC and Chanel. Put it on well and do it everyday.

6. Now that you have the face and personality, how about your hair? Scene queens are supposed to be different and unique, and they must stand out in a crowd. Don't just put brown and blonde streaks in it. Go wild! Dye your hair a bright color, such as purple or pink, then add tons of crazy extensions (such as black, green, orange, etc). You don't really want to dye too much of your real hair because its really damaging and you can't change the color too often, so just have short vibrant colored hair and add tons of extensions and just switch them up a lot. Swap em, put them in different orders, etc. Dye your hair a different color every month, and if you like the original dye job, then add some touch ups every month. To make your hair stand out even more, make sure you have a tiara holding your hair in place.

7. Clothes are essential. Say hello to hot topic. These clothing lines are just everything you need for the perfect photo. Online clothing stores, such as new york couture, glamour kills, and bleeding star are also very popular and worn a ton by scene queens. Many scene queens shop at thrift stores too, then take the things they buy there and glamour them up and alter them to make them their own. They make their own style, they set the trends. They love taking shirts then cutting the sleeves and adding glitter and making it completely one of a kind. Its something you should do too.

8. Have an ideal phone you wanna show off. Phones to watch out for are the voyager, sidekick 3 or sidekick ID, the V or nV, and the iPhone. The sidekick is defiantly the most popular though. Add a ton of tacky phonecharms and carry it around with you at all times. Always find someone to text, too. The more you're on your sidekick the more popular you tend to seem.


* Take care of your skin, always be healthy.

* Go to shows. Bring a date, and look fabulous. Make people jealous, and you have fulfilled the envious part in life.

* Date a rockstar. Press would be asking you everything so be prepared.

* Whenever going to shows, have your best friend with you at all times. She will make you look good anywhere.

* Be your own photographer before going to famous ones. They always want a sample of your work, trust me. Make a cute portfolio about yourself.

* Appearance is everything. Look like you ARE the creator of the whole world, but don't be a Kiki Kannibal and claim everything is yours.

* Dont just claim your "scene" just because you have the clothes. You are considered a wannabe if you tell people (aka anyone) that you are trying to be audrey, hanna, jac, andrea etc. (scene).


* You may get made fun of

* Some people may call you a poser

* You may get some hate mail

Things You'll Need

* hair dye

* camera

* Sunglasses

* portfolio

* fansite

* myspace

* facebook

* buzznet

* accessories

* bigger ego

* skinny jeans

* vans, converse, etc.

* flat ballets/super high heels


rawrximxpeyton says:

Posted on 01 Mar 2009

hello. Scene girls are very birght and bubbbly. so use bright colors to show people that. Band Tee's or some animated cartooon Tee maybe. Skinny Jeans and a nice pair if Convers shoes. do your hair how you want it to be done. but alot have long hair that has short layres and swooped bangs to the side. Shorter gair is also a very cute Scene style like what you have up there^ Teased and coloreful also!

i hope i helped you


ickinicki says:

Posted on 09 Aug 2009

i think its lame how people have blogs and such on how to be scene. LOL i just randomly was like wow i want choppy hair and i want purple. think of your own idea. i save pic of peoples hair to see how i can make my own. (: scene isnt all about being on the onternet 24/7 really man seriously. go to some local shows the music scene is BIG!

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