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18 Oct 1988

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problem_kiid101 asked:

07 Jul 2009

Hi can someone please help me with love ?

Okie here i go, it was July 4th 2009 and i had thought my period ended so me and my sister went to the beach . I had shorts and a shirt. It was a beach party, and there was this boy i really liked. I took off my shorts and started dancing it was cool. I paired my friend Mark [changed names] with my friend Jessica. They really liked eachother. Lol . We sat on my towel, and Jessica says lets go to the water, and i was like word. Mark didnt have trunks and so the boy i like Romeo, was like let me try them on. We all just laughed. And so Jessica puled out my shorts, and when we all look at the shorts they had blood. I turned red n snatched the shorts, and we put them in the bag. I look at my bathing suit had dry blood. Thank god my shirt was almost like a dress lol. So he had saw that, and i felt very uncomfortable, so i stood shut for like a good 20minutes. Then i see this kid i used to talk to, walking to me and he says hi. And i say hey wats up. We talked for a good 15 minutes. Blah, i left and i was really like embarrassed so my boy gave me a massage. I felt so better.And so then i went and everyone was dancing and Mark pulled me to dance a bit. And Romeo pulls some other girl to dance, course i got jealous she was prettier. And so I couldn't take the embarrassment neither the jealousy so i took my stuff and hid it, told my friend i was going to the store. I left walking a bit heart broken, because after the thingy of the shorts happened, he just didnt even talk to me. I felt dirty,embarrassed,and jealous. So i had left and i saw Isreal, the kid used to talk to, on the line for a metro card just like me. He says hey why you leaving so early and why do you look down, i say because i dont feel well and nothing. He says what you got fronted on or something ? And i just stand there picturing what happen. He says you hungry come let me buy you pizza. So we walk 4 stops away from the beach just talking like what happen. I really felt down, then my sister Jessica instant messages me and is like where you at. You said you would come back boo, its been 3 hours im worried. Then i told her everything and that im leaving, she says nah pick me up first maybe you'll have some luck. I say okie. I left and then i found her in the train station. I waited in the line for a metro card. Once i got in, i explained her, that i needed space. I am a super confident girl i felt defeated. And there was him talking to the girl he was dancing with. So i kept walking up to the train waited for the train. We got in and i sat next to my sister and her new boyfriend. They looked so cute and happy. And the girl he was dancing with sat in front of me, acting like a immature fool, screaming and whinning. And he sat near her. I was really jealous, trying to not let it get to me. Then they moved because people started coming like with their kids and blah so he sat near her again. I just sat by myself, trying to think. I just started tearing because I've been threw so much in my life, and for once theirs a sweet kid out there and there he was siting next to some foolish bitch. When it was my stop to get off, i said bye to Mark and just left. Didn't even look. Walked home crying, just really hurt, because he wasn't the person i met. Here's the story how i met him, i met him because of Mark. He was sweet funny cute and just really smart. I thought to myself maybe he is hubby type. I got his aim, started talking to him, then i seemed to really liked him more. Then we met up July 4th 2009, and then all that stupid shit happened. And i ever since that day, i haven't spoken to him or nothing. I keep getting nightmares of the same thing that happened on July 4th 2009 with other boys. As much as i try to move on because it was stupid, i cant. All i think of is the period thing. Now having my period scares me. I really dont know what to do, because my sister said because you had your period you took it the wrong way. And i really don't know what to do. Help me, i feel so self conscious . =/ .




problem_kiid101 says:

Posted on 07 Jul 2009

Add to my question should i hit him up ? :-s


auri says:

Posted on 07 Jul 2009

If he liked you to begin with he would understand...Maybe just talk to him and let him know whats up. And you cant help it anyways, its natural...things happen.If he still doesent talk to you, hes not worth your time.

Dont worry, i understand how you feel =\

and im sure your embarrassed, but over time ppl tend to forget about it, and the girls who know about it should be understanding and know it can happen...


barbipixi says:

Posted on 08 Jul 2009

if he was as cool as you thought he was he would maybe have chuckled a bit but he would have still liked you

sorry but he probly didn't like you as much as you liked him (ever)

junk happens and you really have to know it's a part of life and growing up. everyone knows girls have periods and sometimes there are accidents. but cool guys won't care one bit.

really don't wory about it and you need to realize he's just not as great as you thought he was


jasm1na says:

Posted on 08 Jul 2009

i think you should move on, forget romeo!

but on the other hand isreal seems like a nice caring guy! and he came to see you, you should call him and ask him to hang and to catch up on everything you guys missed on! you never know he might be the next romeo :P

good luckk :thumbup:


amaay says:

Posted on 08 Jul 2009

forget about romeo, he obviously isn't caring enough to see what and how much you have gone through. although, isreal sounds like a nice guuy, keeps talking to him and you'll never know what could happen! (:



paigee says:

Posted on 08 Jul 2009

agree with below

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