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Sarah Amore


prettypinkypink asked:

18 Jun 2011

i want to be pretty and skinny

tommrow im starting an 800cal diet and im buying makeup and facewash for myself

can i have diet advice and advice 2 be pretty




silence_ says:

Posted on 18 Jun 2011

Did you do research? I know you're young. But 800 calorie diets are NOT HEALTHY. You do realize that you're essentially being anorexic, and that this is not a good means of weight loss at all, yes?
side effects:
Other than malnutrition, loss of muscle, fatigue, dehydration, kidney related problems, loss of concentration etc., the problem from a weight loss perspective is that you're setting yourself up for failure. That may sound harsh but it's true. Once you plateau at 800--which you will--you will be forced to increase your in-take, and since you'll be in starvation mode and you'll gain the weight back.
you can use this tool by the NHS (UK) to calculate if you're in a somewhat healthy range.

copy and pasted from what i told the last girl about 800 calorie diets.

It's best to start at 1200 calorie diets and then do a lot more exercises especially treadmills, cycles, and oscillators to tone the legs, to tone twists the obliques , sit ups and cross situps for the tummy area, push ups to tone arm muscles, and all around pilates won't help.

Makeup is how you want to look, skincare is how you look now. So I wouldn't advise using too much makeup , but rather to take care of your bare skin, so that even if you do wear makeup it looks good.
Have a good cleanser that will help with acne so that you never get blemishes.
Facemasks are also good and help to do multiple things for the skin depending on the type you get. I use one with tea tree in it (mainly because it's cheap and works)
Get a toner that will also prevent acne (look for salicylic acid in the ingredients as it is an ance treatment) and remove blemishes (tea tree is good for that, lemongrass, rosemary ingredients etc)
Next you'll want to minimize pores, so that you look nice whilst fresh faced..

You already are pretty to be honest, you just need to let your confidence shine through. The personality speaks louder than looks. But on a serious note, please don't do anything damaging to your health by going on such an absurd diet. There are other ways.


vampkisses says:

Posted on 18 Jun 2011

i saw your pic and you are skinny and very pretty! if you want to lost weight an 800 calorie diet is not the wat to go! even if you really dont want to, exercise is key. exercise and eat healthy... although with the 800 calorie diet you will lose alot of weight, you will gain it back and you'll just lose muscle and increase your chance of getting fat and getting sick because anything you will eat will turn into fat. i dont mean to sound like a jerk, but its true.


kat says:

Posted on 19 Jun 2011

I saw your other question and the other pic you took of yourself. You're not fat at all! You do not need to lose weight! And don't go on a diet. Even if you did need to lose weight, diets don't work. They are temporary because you end up going back to bad eating habits. What you should do is work on being healthy. Eat fruits and vegetables, take daily multivitamins, drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, and exercise. Not only will you look better but you'll feel better too. Trust me! And btw, you're not ugly. You're really pretty, actually! Have more confident and don't stress too much about you're appearance. :)


misssymisc says:

Posted on 19 Jun 2011

duuude, you're NOT even fat. You should just work on getting toned, like abs. (:
800 calorie diet, is soo BAD for you. I've done the 1000 calorie diet and theyre just not good. Starving yourself is never good. You loose alot of muscle and it slows down your metabolism so that when your older its waaay harder to lose weight and its easier to gain weight.
So you're better off just working out.
Thats currently what im doing.
And you're beautiful.
You just need confidence.
Being Confident can make you 10x more prettier.


krista090 says:

Posted on 19 Jun 2011

First of all you're not fat (maybe you need to tone a bit but that is not being fat...and most people do need a bit of toning).
Secondly 800cal seems too little in my opinion. You can try to cut down on sweets and junk food but don't starve yourself.
Third, you seem quite pretty, so what you probably need is a different point of view about yourself :)


mamakoki22 says:

Posted on 20 Jun 2011

ok~800 is way too little. if you slow at all or anthing...gues what, you will put on wight fasst!. Just eat a healthy high protein/vitamin breakfast=not full of fat! Eat your lunch. Hlf a sandwhich and a cup of soup. Learn to love soup and sandwhich and to undersatand that sandwhiches are lunch...not hamburgers! (ok sometimes)Soda and fried foods are not going to keep U skinny! Cut it out ! Learn to love veggies even if with light ranch!. find out which fruits you love the most Buy them & eat them! Good luck. Let me know!

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