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Sarah Amore


prettypinkypink asked:

18 Nov 2011

Am i fat and ugly? kids at school say i am and i agree with them and im crying how can i be pretty .

and thin and how can i be thin?

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bumble_bee_123 says:

Posted on 18 Nov 2011

Ammmm......exxcccuusseee meee??!!!!!!! Thoses kids at school mite wnt 2 get their eye sight checked cause girrlll you are the furthest thing away from it. And your weight is healthy and believe me you do NOT need 2 lose weigh ur weight is perfect. If u luk at ppl who are realli skinnny its disgusting!!! You've got realli pretty features and your hair is fab!!!!! I know how you feel people in my school say I'm ugly too and draw pictures of me that are horrible and stick them on my locker nd stuff. I dnt thnk Im that pretty bt i wouldnt anyway so dont let what other people say change ur opinions. They're just jealous of u!!!! I know how you feel people being mean can make you feel like shit but you just gotta ignore them and dont let em bring u down :)
Good luck :)
[email protected]@nn3 xxx


liannelovesmakeup says:

Posted on 18 Nov 2011

Oh my goodness. That is just ridiculous. You're gorgeous! And your weight is totally average and you look great!
Some girls are so mean, they tease people and make them feel horrible about themselves. It's psychological abuse. And guys are so immature, the only way they can make themselves feel good is by putting other people down. And believe it or not, those mean people are VERY insecure and they probably hate themselves and the way they look, too.

Don't be so hard on yourself, and ignore the stupid mean people. They don't matter at all in the big picture of life. :)
Enjoy being young and beautiful!


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 18 Nov 2011

People. Jeez.
You are fucking beautiful! I want your face and your hair and you just have the prettiest features. I agree... Them skinny little sacks of bones that pass for 'healthy and normal' these days are completely anorexic. One of my friends is like that ; hugging her is like hugging a itty bitty tree branch. You've got great curves!


thebestgee says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2011

Your are B-e-a-utiful! and Not fat!!!!!! you look normal weight and size!
you do not want to be all bones.


fancytoes says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2011

You are not fat, nor are you ugly. Far from it. Mean insecure people will "throw rocks" at you and when they find something that bothers you they go in for the kill. My sister was very beautiful and very thin in high school. So pretty that other girls who were jealous used to call her fat and tell her she had a pizza face. (one zit once). She had low self esteem and they zoned in on it. You are pretty. Ignore them, tell them to eff off, whatever works. You may have to endure it for a while, but they will tire eventually. I often used humor to deflect any of those types of comments in high school. I usually had some really rude things to say back at them. That was what worked for me. Confidence can be a very hard thing to develop. As they say "fake it until you make it." Hold your head high and walk with dignity.


dragana94 says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2011

U're so pretty girl,do u have a mirror in your house??? How can't u see that u're gorgeous.And what those kids are saying it's just ridiculous,they don't have better things to do,u need to ignore them ( I know it's hard but try) once they see u don't pay attention,they'll stop it.
U need to be confident,say back stuff like- First look at yourself than talk about others,and walk away.If they are saying bad things,it doesn't mean that they are confident,they're just or even more insecure.

so YOU ARE beautiful,don't listen what they are saying :)


jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2011

omg, you must go to school with blind kids because anyone who thinks you're not pretty and slender must be blind :D Seriously, you don't look like you need to lose any weight, but if u want to firm up take yoga, pilates, or ballet or something like that. Ballet is especially good because it improves your posture and makes you look taller and more slender.


111991 says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2011

Whatever your reason for wanting to be slim, there are some
things you can do to become slim while staying healthy. If
you are reading this article, chances are you want to know
what those things are. Read on then, to find out.

First thing is to assess your current eating habits. This is
important because you need to know what’s not working.
If your current eating habits are keeping you overweight,
and you want to be slim, it figures that you need to change
those eating habits. If something is not working, change it.

Assessing your current eating habits.
Keep a record of your eating habits for a week.
The record should contain the following information:
. What you are eating
. How much you’re eating
. When you eat (note the times) – you want to know
how far apart your meals and snacks are.
. Why you’re eating at those times – is it because
you’re hungry, or are you ‘comfort eating’?
. How you feel after eating – pleasantly satisfied
or bloated and stuffed.
. How many glasses of water you drink each day

When you find out your current eating habits, you’ll need
to determine which habits are sabotaging your efforts to
lose weight. Those are the ones you want to change.
More on that later.

Goal Setting
Determine what your weight goal is. Or you may prefer to
monitor your progress in terms of your waistline or hip
measurements. Whichever one suits you is best.

Form a mental picture of yourself looking the way you want to
look. Goals are more powerful and empowering when we visualize
them. Hold that mental picture in your mind at all times.

NOTE: Eating healthily is not all there is to getting slim.
You must become more physically active (read ‘exercise’) in
addition to eating properly if you’re to lose weight
permanently. This article deals with the healthy eating part
of that equation.

Action Plan
Now that you know what your ideal size is, you have a goal that
you’re working towards. You need to then determine a plan of
action to help you achieve that goal.

To help you decide on the right plan, bear in mind that eating
should be a pleasure. Ask yourself the following questions:

. Which nutritious foods do I enjoy eating ?
. How soon after eating do I get hungry again? Most adults
get hungry about 3 to 4 hours after eating a meal.
. Do I eat only when I’m hungry? Hint: You should.
. How can I stay full? Drink lots of water. Scientists
recommend between 6 and 8 glasses of water daily.
Your body needs it, and it helps you stay full.

With the answers to those questions in mind, form an action plan,
and start a new daily record to help you keep track of your
progress. This new record should contain the same columns as your
initial current habits record. This way you can monitor each
improvement and celebrate accordingly.

When deciding on which actions to take, you need to refer back to
your initial assessment of your current eating habits. Decide
which habits are preventing you from losing weight. Write down
alternative habits that you want to cultivate, which will
help you get slim.

These new habits you want to form are now your ‘targets’ –
milestones on your way to your ideal body shape and size.

Taking Action
To form healthy eating habits, start with small changes.

Don’t make too many changes at once. Set yourself main
targets, such as ‘I will drink 8 glasses of water each day’,
then set smaller targets to help you reach each main target.

Using the example above, a small target could be ‘I will drink
an extra glass of water after each meal’. When you break down
your targets, they don’t seem so daunting. They seem easily
achievable, so you feel encouraged to stick to them.

Decide on the foods you will be eating regularly. Make sure
they’re foods you enjoy.

Eat small portions, about 5 or 6 times each day, instead
of three large meals. This helps keep your metabolic rate
high, and helps you lose weight naturally.

How to stay motivated to continue eating healthily

1. Believe that you can do it, and accept responsibility
for your health and for the way your body looks.

2. Reward yourself each time you successfully complete a
small target. Celebrate each small success – don’t wait
until you’ve lost tons of weight before you reward
yourself. Make the journey enjoyable by treating yourself
each time you make progress.

3. Keep in mind what you hope to achieve – remind yourself of
how lovely and healthy your body is becoming each day as a
result of your new eating habits. Remember, each small
step in the right direction is bringing you closer to
your main target.

With a clear goal in mind, a feasible action plan and tips to
help you stay motivated, you should find it easy to form habits
that keep you slim and healthy at the same time.

Here’s to your new healthy eating habits!


kelley1115k says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2011

u are not fat !!!! i am like the same as u.. and ur sooooo NOT ugly not even close!!!


vampkisses says:

Posted on 20 Nov 2011

definitely NOT fat and definitely NOT ugly! the kids at school probably think the same about them selves and they just say it to others to make them selves feel better... just dont listen to them (:


jenn_1481sunny says:

Posted on 20 Nov 2011

Of course your not fat or ugly. The kids at school r just trying to think of things they can use make fun of you with. Trust me, I know, because I've also been made fun of for stupid things. If they really do somehow believe your fat then their all anorexic, and actually, your really pretty. so dont listen to them, just think for yourself about your looks. All that listening to the kids at school will do is bring down your self esteem.


gtan88 says:

Posted on 20 Nov 2011

What kind of people do you have in your school?! You are soooo pretty!!!! and you are not that fat at all!!!!!


auri says:

Posted on 20 Nov 2011

I'm confused as to whats wrong with the kids you go to school with...
First off, you're not fat...every person is different, there is no "standard" anyone has to meet and I think it's mostly that society has accepted looking like skin and bones as "beautiful."
Second, your hair is gorgeous and it frames your face really nicely. I love your bangs :)
You have a beautiful facial structure any girl would love to have.
Overall though, you're beyond gorgeous, the kids at your school are more than likely jealous.
Girls can be vicious to each other...and guys say stuff like that to 1) Help out the (excuse my language) jealous bitches to feel good about themselves or 2) because they like you.
Kids at that age have a low maturity level about anything, all you can do is ignore them and smile. If they say it directly to you, then just say something along the lines of "Didn't your mother ever tell you if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all?" and walk off. I'm pretty sure they've heard of manners and if they're gonna go around and judge people like that, it's obvious they aren't even worth your time. Don't stoop to their level.
Despite what anyone says, you look the way you do whether you like it or not. Everyone doesn't like certain things about themselves, it's something you have to embrace.
When I think of all the things I don't like, I think of the kids who have been through fires or things that have caused their bodies to not grow looking how they were supposed to. Even then, personality makes the person.
Smile and be happy you're alive and well. c:


hoor95 says:

Posted on 21 Nov 2011

Oh my god dude you're SOO PRETTY! The people who said you're fat and ugly are blind. You're just perfect! No joke. :)

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