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Sarah Amore


prettypinkypink asked:

02 Dec 2011

am i fat and ugly? how can i be pretty and skinny? kids at school say im fat and ugly...

i like stravtion i like feeling hungry and i have lost 9 pounds so far and im trying to be 100 or 90 pounds, im 135 and 5 foot 4 and im really disgusting. today i ate 450 something cal and i work out alot and my stomach is killing me but i like this feeling i feel beatiful with im hungry and idk why... so if i continue doing this how much would i loose in a month? and i tried eating heathley and it didnt work. so why would people say im ugly? what should i work of to be pretty? i want honest opioin please and what ur rate? the kids at my school rate me 5 or 6 ... some times lower but my friends think im pretty i bet they r lieing to me.......

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shanghaigirl says:

Posted on 02 Dec 2011

Starving your self isnt healthy! The key is to eat healthy with sweets only 2-3 times a week (If you want to) Exercise daily and drink lots of water. When you starve yourself your body actually tries to keep your fat so you don't lose weight so it's good to have something in your stomach! A 1,000 calorie diet is good, it doesn't starve you but it also doesn't give you too much. If I was to rate you it would definatly be a 10 your gorgeous!!!!! i love your eyes!!!!!! Your not fat at all! Your a good weight! People at your school must be blind if they can't see how gorgeous you really are! Don't keep listening to them if they tell you your fat and ugly just think of the wonderful good things about yourself! hope this helps xoxoxo


jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 02 Dec 2011

Well you don't look fat to me and you're really naturally pretty, with very beautiful eyes. And number ratings are really dumb anyways. I think 90-100 is too skinny. I 'm guessing u should way around 110. So eat less (about 1200 calories a day or so) and exercise but don't go overboard.

t's hard to tell from pictures, but you might benefit from a new hairstyle and maybe a better shampoo and conditioner. That always makes even pretty girls feel prettier.


neonsrt says:

Posted on 02 Dec 2011

I say your a 10 ,there probably just jealous of your beauty.But starving can cause you too loose you natural beauty .I use to starve myself and yes you'll "feel" pretty but it won't last. you'll still look in the mirror and find something wrong .It's mental not physical.Please stop starving yourself ,instead find a way to love yourself.I know its hard because I deal with the same problem. And If you ever need to talk I'm here. : )


liannelovesmakeup says:

Posted on 02 Dec 2011

It's sad that you still feel fat and ugly. You've gotten more than 14 answers on here, saying you're gorgeous, which you are. I'm afraid you won't believe it no matter how many people tell you. For whatever reason, your self-esteem has been damaged. Most girls and women have low self-esteem, unfortunately, but it IS possible to like yourself and stop being so hard on yourself.

People at school will say anything to anyone, just to be mean and make themselves feel better. Nothing they say is true. It's all bull crap.

If you're having serious, persistent low self-esteem and you hate the way you look, you could possibly have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. People with those disorders can't see themselves properly. All they see and all they focus on is the negative stuff. All their "flaws" are magnified to them.
This can lead to depression and eating disorders, which can be life-threatening.

I'm not trying to freak you out, I'm just saying that the mean kids at school are wrong, and it sucks that you are so unhappy with how you see yourself, so there could be a psychological reason for it. Which doesn't mean you're crazy. It means you can get some help and learn how to feel good about yourself! :)


jazzy17 says:

Posted on 03 Dec 2011

Hey there girl ignore them idiots you are not fat and you are not ugly , I'm 18 and i have finished high school people picked on me because i have a learning disability . The people at your school who do that are stupid people who have no life's as you grow older you ralise that those who picked on you are pathetic . You are better than them focus on your dreams onwhat you want in the future like a fanatastic career and live your passions please don't listen to them .


lynisa000 says:

Posted on 03 Dec 2011

like i dont know i go to school and like there is this guy that i like hes cute and everthing but anyway but my freind loves himm and he like me and wants to get with me like what should i do im trying think idk an u help me???


bumble_bee_123 says:

Posted on 03 Dec 2011

Ok u do realise bullying is mainly because of jealosy. You arn't pretty your above that your stunning!!! And ppft fat? thats a cheap 1 from them!! You've got a fab figure. People say your ugly because they are and your not. I got bullyed before and I posted a question here and someone sent me a link saying "People only try to bring you down because you are above them" I'd say your defo of the scales you are really really stunning and you need to realise that! I used to get bullied alot but it all ending becuase of 5 words I said to the bully. I went up looked her in the eye and just asked in the form of a question
" Why are you so mean?"
This works because your not accusing your simply questioning and the can't really answer without sounding like somewhat an idiot. Don't use the words horrible or stuff like that "mean" says enough. Just say that to whoevers causing you trouble and walk away. This will make them think about the kind of person they have become. You have to learn that they're opinions aren't important cause at the end of the day are they the ones who will be there for you? Are they the people you will know till the day you die? Are these people going play a part in your future life? Chances are no they are just a barrier you have to get over. Your young, stunning, healthy weight and have your whole life ahead of you and dont let those unimportant insecure people bring you down. And remember
"You are beautiful no matter what they say"
So remember not to care what those insecure people say because it juts shows how little they think of themselves to.
Live likes its your last day of living
Don't worry about consquences
Because most people spend half they're life worrying about what other people think
And they other half trying to fix it
No one will ever be perfect
And no one ever has
Just live your life to the limit
And live it while you can
Because who cares what they think of you
They're not important
Don't let them ruin years of your life
Don't let them win

Good luck :) x
[email protected]@ann3 xx


dragana94 says:

Posted on 04 Dec 2011

Don't listen to them!! Everything is told,I don't have anything to add..But pls for yourself,do NOT listen to those ppl,they don't have better things to do!! Try to ignore them and have fun..But if u want to lose some weight because u want to feel more comfortable ( but in a normal range) it's fine.


hellokittyleopardglitter says:

Posted on 19 May 2012

omg! first thing dont starve yourself because you may be losing weight now but after a while youll start gaining back weight,, its something called water weight,, when your body doesnt get enough nutrients it tries to regain it with water.. so there for youll get really sick and DIE. okay sweet heart youre gorgeous and dont let anyone tell you other wise!
its whats on the inside that counts and if no one can get past the outside you to get to know the inside you then theyre some stuck up bitches. so i just want you to know you are beautiful. no doubt about it, your a 10 hunny.


lynisa000 says:

Posted on 03 Dec 2011

u dont look like 18 just saying


jazzy17 says:

Posted on 04 Dec 2011

haha I get that alot lol

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