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Payton Avery




10 Jul 1998


Hey :) My name is Payton, (go by Pay) and i love to stand out from the crowd. Im a model and play the tuba for my schools traveling symphonic band :)

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pay asked:

14 Jan 2012


Everyday at school girls and boys constantly call me fat. at least once a day. then make fun of me when i dont eat lunch or even if i do once a week they freak out and call me fat. and they arent kidding. I dont understand why tho. and i belive them. Im 5'4'' and 90 lbs. :/ am i fat??? im loosing weight but its just getting worse and i keep thinking im getting bigger even tho the numbers go down. :( sorry this is the only picture i have of me right now.




silence_ says:

Posted on 14 Jan 2012

First off, how is your boyfriend doing? Since the thread about cancer, has things been better? Secondly, I recall seeing in the post that you mentioned having anorexia an fighting with it...the last thing you really need to be doing is losing weight...honey, if you continue this could kill you, you were saying a while before your boyfriend's thing that you felt like you wanted to suicide, but did you know suicidal thoughts are a side effect of anorexia? You need to stop trying to make other people happy, and realize what you have, you have a boyfriend that loves you, and family that cares for you (why else would they try to help you by getting you therapy) you have health that you shouldn't take for granted, you have many things, stop letting people who won't matter 10 years down the line affect and lead you to losing more weight.

Go back and read your profile, didn't you write:
" I dont give a shit what people say bout me. so they bets back off haha "
Read it again and again, until you believe that. Not what they say.

Why do you let their words affect you? You shouldn't.. first off, i'm certain your boyfriend has been trying to keep you from falling back into anorexia, so who would you rather please, the strangers at your school who all they do is mock you, or your boyfriend who seems genuinely concerned and with reason, about your health?

Secondly,..and if you seriously feel that you are, you may be mentally causing yourself more psychological harm than you should. I would hate to think you have Body dysmorphia disorder, however, to be safe, you really should talk to an adult about what these kids are doing and how they are making you feel. You mentioned already having a therapist and your family not being very helpful, but honestly, it's time to take some of this into your own hand, and step down and live your life without constantly worrying about your weight or these kids. Honestly, because if you continue to lose anymore weight, I'm afraid you're going to go into relapse.

Just to remind you of why you really do not want to go down the road of anorexia again:
Low blood pressure
Slow heart rate
Muscle weakness
Muscle loss
Kidney failure (due to severe dehydration)
Dry skin
Dry hair
Hair loss
Lanugo – developing a thin, fuzzy layer of hair on the face and arms (your body’s way of trying to keep warm)
Constantly feeling cold (decreased circulation in your body’s effort to conserve energy)
Low potassium
Heart arrhythmia (weird heart beat) (due to low potassium)
Heart failure (due to low potassium)
Dizziness (due to sudden drops in blood pressure, especially upon standing or sitting up after lying down)
Problems with the immune system (due to low platelet count from vitamin B12 deficiency)
Bruise easily
Anemia (due to iron deficiency)
Osteopenia / osteoporosis (thinning of the bones due to lack of calcium)
Amenorrhea (loss of menstrual periods due to being underweight)
Hormonal imbalances
Infertility or Fertility Problems
Problems during pregnancy (miscarriage, low birth weight, malnutrition in fetus, still born)
Digestive problems (inability to absorb nutrients, inability to digest food properly, celiac disease, crohn’s disease)
Seizures (from dehydration)
Death (other than by suicide)

All this doesn't include the psychological stress, the emotional stress, and how it will affect the people around you.

According to the Broca's index, at 5 feet, 4 inches tall, women should weigh 120 lbs.

Read more:

It's okay to gain weight, in fact, we have fat in our body for a reason, it's to cushion us and protect our bones. Keep us from bruising and a whole bunch of other stuff. Eating right, getting vitamins and minerals from your food , is very very important, because it keeps your body functioning regularly. If you look at the side effects of anorexia, it is as a result of certain body functions shutting down from lack of nutrients and vitamins and thus causing the body to break down from the inside out.

Consider the following:
Would you rather live your life, always changing because of what others say? Or would you rather find a set weight, and live happily not having to worry about it, being able to eat , and exercise healthily without having to risk possible death or psychological issues? The second should be your goal. Just to remind you again:

" I dont give a shit what people say bout me. so they bets back off haha "
Don't give a shit what they say. You shouldn't. Don't worry about losing weight, hell , you're 13 , don't worry about weight period. You should be more worried about having fun and doing all sorts of things like proving your music teacher wrong , or trying to be the best model by looking for skincare stuff so you can continue modelling when you're older or something.

Empower yourself, because if you do what people make you do and if you listen to them, then you're never going to get anywhere you want to be, yourself.

Please try to take care of yourself, I hate seeing people hurt themselves, and others hurt people. Honestly.


glamchick says:

Posted on 15 Jan 2012

No u rnt fat at ALL im 5'4 and weight 100 lbs and ppl r all the time saying that i am skinny and ive even had a few of my friends moms even comment that they wish that they were as skinny as me.. so the answer to ur question is NO u r not fat and u sldnt let them bother you about it just tell them that u r whwo u r and if the cant except it then they sld leave you alone completely!


renderella says:

Posted on 15 Jan 2012

Silence is so right. In psychology, one of the main things you learn about are bullying, depression, and eating disorders and how they affect the body. Please do not continue to lose weight. I am 5' 4" and if anything I would be fat to the people who are calling you that. Average weight ranges from 115-130....that's healthy average weight. Since I could see one of your ribs poking out this is not a good sign. Anorexia is a serious condition and you really need help dealing with it. I can't believe no one at your school, like a teacher, has said anything. I would hate for anyone to go down that path.


bumble_bee_123 says:

Posted on 15 Jan 2012

Check your BMI. It knows a lot better than those jealous people. Don't let them ruin you.You aren't fat and don't let them make them think you are. Don' go back down the road of anerexia for all the reasons silence said. I felt really bad about everything. I thought I was fat, ugly, useless... but I don't anymore cause I've found a reason to live :) Watch this video... This girl was anerexic, depressed and nearly sucicidel.... but no shes a real insperation just watch it :)


mylovestar says:

Posted on 15 Jan 2012

babe your not fat, id die for your body. You do realise why they r doing this coz there jealous dont worry bout them x


moosamanthamoo says:

Posted on 16 Jan 2012

no no no no no no no no. You are absolutely gorgeous.


veronicanelson says:

Posted on 16 Jan 2012

hell no. they obviously have a problem with their own body and crave for yours. you're actually thin. perfectly thin. sometimes, you have to be your own reminder of how wonderful you are. otherwise, you're putting yourself out to a world of hurtfulness unprotected. and people just like stepping on vulnerable ones. be strong for yourself. show them what that body's worth. :)


therockncoutureblog says:

Posted on 01 Dec 2012

oh my god, your so skinny like a model, I'm jealous now. I would say gain some weight then!

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