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Payton Avery




10 Jul 1998


Hey :) My name is Payton, (go by Pay) and i love to stand out from the crowd. Im a model and play the tuba for my schools traveling symphonic band :)

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pay asked:

30 Dec 2011


So this is our story. Im 13 he is 16 i met him last year when we were both a year younger . the second my parents found out we were forbidden to see eachother ever again. We secretly dated from that point on and barly ever saw eachother. My parents eventually thought it was over with and forgot. Bak in April we started seeing eachother again. About a month ago my parents found out again and it started all over again. But im not scared anymore. I love him. So im willing to sneak out and lie to see him. Plus next year he can drive and we will both be in high school so they cant prevent it. I want to know what to do. I do love him idc what anyone says because i know i do. Weve slept together (not sexually literaly. slept) multiple times. he finds me beautiful 24/7 and is so protective over me he would never hurt me. He loves me too. We already plan on getting married the day i turn 19 and he can take care of me while im still in school . He even bout me a promise ring. I love him.




mylovestar says:

Posted on 30 Dec 2011

If you love him then fine but if your parents are not so sure I think you should speak to them,
hope all goes well,
mylovestar xxx


ravenousgirl1 says:

Posted on 30 Dec 2011

speak to your parents and hear them out, but make them hear you out too.
umm i gonna be honest , your only 13, 13 year old girls dont know what real love is, and thats because your brain has not fully developed yet, i'm not gonna surgar coat it and be like the rest of the girls out there and say 'OH you guys are truly in love! stay together, and happy ever after'. thats not how it works, usually the chances are slim of young teenage relationships, growing up to work in your 20's. i'm only talking from experience, i've been there, and i've seen it happen.
but hey you still never know..
sorry for being so straight up, thats just what i do, cause when people surgar coat everything, it usually turns out worse..


xxgeenalivelyxx says:

Posted on 01 Jan 2012

in my opinion, don't get mad. I think you are in love but not really in love with him. I think your heart has grown attached to him and you are mistaking it for love. You are really young and he is older. If you are supposed to get married when you are 19 that is 6 years away. By the time he finishes high school he is gonna move on for someone his age. Trust me. Once you are in high school or a bit before, he is gonna go off to college and be with a college girl. And if you keep lying to your parents that is gonna end badly. There will be a point where they will lose their trust for you. I think you should really have a talk with your parents, preferably your mom. You are still so young and you shouldn't even be dealing with guys until you are at least 16. In my honest opinion, whatever he said to you is gonna go out the window. His "love" for you is gonna drain and he is gonna find someone else. You both are still young and haven't matured fully. I'm sorry if this is not what you wanna hear and all but you aren't in love. Trust me. In the future when you are about 18 you are gonna look back and be like "wow, did i really say i loved him" and it is possible that you are gonna give the same advice i am giving to you to 13 year olds in the far future.
But please, talk to your parents and hear them out. I also agree with Ravenousgirl1, make sure that they hear you out also.
Please really think this through and keep in mind that you are not fully matured yet and neither is he.



allisonkatherine says:

Posted on 01 Jan 2012

Oh my goodness XP This kind of sounds like my relationship. Lol. I've been with this kid for nine months. I'm fifteen and he's Seventeen. But we were both a year younger when we started dating. I lost my virginity to him less than a month after dating him and my mom found out so we couldn't see each other much and my mom tried to break us up. But she failed, thank goodness. I say that you shouldn't listen to anybody on here. Only you know if you really, truly are in love with him. And I knew after a couple of weeks I was I in love with my boyfriend. Despite what everybody else has said. Follow your heart. Love tends to be "blind" so just make sure you can see.


khadence1091 says:

Posted on 01 Jan 2012

A relationship has to be equal. Two people who can share things with eachother, and grow together. He's quite a bit older than you, and he knows more. I know you dont want to hear that you are not meant for eachother but I think eventually you guys will find people your own ages. Lying and sneaking behind your parents back for this boy isn't right. Your parents are just trying to protect you, they just want you to be happy. As for getting married when your 19 I think you might out grow eachother by then. You should find someone your age that understands the things your going through right now, because they're going through them too.


pweddieprincess says:

Posted on 01 Jan 2012

hmmmmmm......dont take any offense to what im gonna say buti dont think that it will last.....there is a 95% chance it wont but a 5% chance it may.......guys are a thing like this: you cant satisfy him 4 long evenually they get tired of the single player game and grow not saying to end the relationship but be careful and NEVER have high hopes!!!!

good luck sweetie....


shay_shay says:

Posted on 07 Jan 2012

It's lasted this long, so it might as well last forever. I am glad you found love like this at such a young age. I am in a situation exactly like yours. He's older, our families don't want us together so we are together in secret. It's kinda like Romeo and Juliet, just without all the dying. Do whatever you can to be together. I know that when you have love like this, you need to hold onto it with all of your being.


beautytoons says:

Posted on 12 Mar 2012

Alright in my opinion, if your asking questions like this dont listen to a girl who has a provocative profile picture because it doesnt seem like they would have been in any serious type of relationship. Please nobody take offense. I was recently in the same position you were in same age and everything. Parents couldn't stand the guy just because they didnt like him being 16. They caught me with him 3 or 4 times i just started to not care. Basically you have to make the decision between family and him. I have a shitty mom and stepdad so i went with my boyfriend. Things didn't work out between us but i still love that guy to death and no i dont want to be his girlfriend anymore we are friends now and im still glad i choose him because it gave me the oppertunity to explore the things i like in a guy. Hope this helped, best of luck to the both of you, i wish you two will do better than me and my ex boyfriend :)


nabraheem says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2012

Awwwwwww thats so sweet same is happening to me i am 16 and he is 19 believe me since yhu guyz found love this strong eventually your parents have to accept the fact that yhu guyz r in luv itz just the same as ezra and aria in PLL


allisonkatherine says:

Posted on 01 Jan 2012

P.S After it lasts awhile longer. You'll parents will conform like mine did most likely.

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