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Payton M. Avery




10 Jul 1994

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papops123 asked:

18 Dec 2009


Well.. My mom just told me today that her and my dad were gonna get a divorce and idk how to deal with it. :( i started to cry but not in front of my mom cuz i hate when i do that. She told me to wait till my dad tells me because she wasnt sapose to. So now i have to keep it a secret from my dad and act like nothings wrong... She also told me he is moving out January 1st but she doesnt know if ill ever see him again. I dont know wat to do know. :/ im scared that there gonna fight over me. I love my mom and im scared of my dad and dont wanna end up living with him but we now have to move and leave. Im scared of wats goin to happen to me. I mean i see all these happy familes and envy them , i thought my parents would always b together.. all my friends families exept for 2 peeps parents are either divorced or one family member died but they didnt cry or anything. I was really close to them and they just really didnt care that their parents were giving up! idk wat to do? is it normal 2 cry



bethanyjl says:

Posted on 18 Dec 2009

Awww im sorry girl about your parents! thats a real shame. ITs completely normal to cry! And dont feel ashamed of it! Just keep your chin up girl, things will get better soon!


runningwithscissors says:

Posted on 18 Dec 2009

so my mom has been through two divorces since i was born. of course it's normal to cry. i knew about the second divorce on July 3rd and trust be told i just cried last night..


barbipixi says:

Posted on 20 Dec 2009

i'm divorced. everyday i let my lil girl know i love her and if she want's to talk to her dad i let her call him, and if he wan'ts to see her i find time to make that happen. she lives with me ofcourse, it's rare that they won't let the child live with the mom and usually the woman will get the house too unless she doesn't want it.

it's awesome when the man and woman come to an agreement that the relationship just isn't what they want and they are still friends but sometimes (most of the time) one of them is the reason for the break up and there can be alot of bad blood. but usually that will go away even over time.

everything always heals with time. just remember that both your parents love you and they're not doing this to hurt you. actually if two people stay together but don't love eachother anymore you'd start to realize that and it would start to interfere in your future relationships : P so just try to see it as them taking a step that will help make everyone happier in the end. you'll still have both your parents that love you. every one's healty, and maybe you'll see even after a breakup you can still be civil and friendly and have that kind of love still


lovemusic says:

Posted on 21 Dec 2009

I think you have a right to know whether your mum told you or your dad you were finding out somehow does iit matter how i wouldnt tell your dad though incaase they argue just let him tell you but if he takes to long tell your mum you cant stand it and i am sure she will try and le,t him now tht you should know. my perents got divoced when i was just 5 my mum is happily married again now and seem to be more happy and i started to cry almost every night from when i was eight till i was 11. mum and dad live in seperaate countrys now so thats even harder but usualy now my holidays are slit between seeing him and my mum i live with my mum but i know in my head as much as i love my dad my mum will be there for me she loves me so does my dad but i can talk to her about absolutley everything and i cant do that with my dad i love my new step-dad and my new brother my mum seems so much happier i have accepted thier divorce and moved on and so will you in time i contact my dad though the phone and facebook and i am sure if you let your mum now how you feel that she would let you contact him and maaybe sometimes visit dont be ashamed to cry but dont showpeople thats vunerabilty in you i hope everything goes ok for you though xox


marlabell says:

Posted on 24 Dec 2009

so i know wht ur going through my parents dont even live together and they fight all the time. and i do not mean just over something stupid my dad came up to my mom because we where going to a hockey game and he told my mom to just delete his cell number if we went. i never saw that coming for u though last time i saw u they were not fighting. just txt me if something comes up like that again. feel better :-/ i am so sorry :-(


xxrandomxxafixxfanxx says:

Posted on 26 Dec 2009

im srry to hear that but its okay i am living thew it right now if u saw my question that says do u think im emo turns out im not im just soo depressed but yea and my soultion is dealing with it because life go s on :)

hey i know how you feel my mom is also moving out in jan. or feb. and i want to live with my mom not my dad but my problem [well maybe my moms] is that she wants to get divorce but my dad wont

my dad is well ....... anywaz

it is normal to cry because i cry and christmas waz hell for me right now

oh wait on to u

if u think positive and dont feel negative

things would get better

like if ur parents get the divorce maybe u will be happier or something will happen beacause the divorce is for the best for your parents

maybe they dont agree or they r not in love or they just dont conect anymore

u know that saying

"things happen fo the best" [or something like that]

maybe in a while u will c the difference and u will know the divorce was for a better thing

so its normal to cry, dont be hard on ur self and think postitive :)

hope this helps you somehow

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