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Payton M. Avery




10 Jul 1994

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papops123 asked:

05 Mar 2010


Iv been cutting myself since like the end of december cuz i found out bout my parents divorce.. i kept it a secret then told this friend i really trusted in Febuary and he told EVERYONE! but really nobody belived him... but they asked to see my wrist and i showed them.. thats been goin on ever since.

today me and my really good friend haley were passing notes and she was tellin me to stop cuttin myself then my teach saw and took the note and read it. , next period my teach called haley and this kid who sat next to me to question them... she told haley that i would probably be called up to the counsular. and i was scared half to death so i was crying and told her everything. she called my mom. now my mom says im grounded and now goin to do some heavfe counsling.. ans she dont get y i do this! idk wat to do to stop it... it just makes me wanna do it more with all this stress!



vampkisses says:

Posted on 05 Mar 2010

ok i think thats really stupid that your grounded for cutting yourself try talking to her about it and why your doing it that might help the grounding but i dont think you can do anything about counceling sorry ):


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Mar 2010

the trick it so find another outlet for your stress. actually talking to someone like a councilor may help you get it off your chest and put some of the stress to rest

divorce happens. there's nothing you can do about that. i really wish your mom wouldn't have grounded you for the cutting that just gives you more time alone to stew. you need to be able to talk to your parents too.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

dont stress a counselor isnt that bad-ive been to four or five and a psychiatrist. just answer this one question: do you want to keep cutting eth rest of your life or learn to deal with things in a way that helps you feel better longer and doesnt hurt you in eth long run or short run? you may want to consider this before you decide to keep cutting because the longer you do it the harder it will be to one day stop and unless you want to do this forever youre gonna need to seek new ways of dealing-thats what a counselor is here for. but if you dont feel like she's helping you, tell your mom and she may be able to find you more specific help.


omfg_megan says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

the same exact thing is happening to me right now. well, yesterday my dad randomly came to my school to pick me up with out telling me and i was worried it wuld be about that. and it was. he took me home and said he needed to talk to me and asked me about it and i culdnt look at him i was cryig too. and so i asked him to bring me back to school because it was so akward staying home with him. and i came back an hour later and everyone culd tell i was cryig before and i was mad and upset and all my friends kept asking what was wrong and i was walking up the stairs with them and this kid i dont really like kept asking what was wrong so when we got to the top of the stairs i pushed him and he fell all the way down and sprained his arm. i felt horroble and got a week of ISS. great. and monday i have to go to a counsulor and ik im gunna go back to school crying again. and im scared to. but everything will be okay in a few weeks i have been threw this once before and now again.ughh but you shouldnt be grounded:[ im not.but trust me it will all be over in a few weeks. you can talk to me if you want to. but it will all be fine


lorii_grace says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

awh, my heart breaks for you hon...

my best friend just went through this but she made it through and i know you can too (: someday you'll realize that it's just not the answer, because honestly, at the end of the day, what does it do for you? you just sit there cutting, not fully realizing what you're doing.. or even why you're doing it.. you're just cutting, not fully in your right mind.. and it makes you feel something, and in that moment it's satisfying .. but only in that moment. at the end of the day, what does cutting really do for you? all cutting does is ADD to your pain, because it does not take away the emotional pain, it just adds physical pain to the list of suffering you burden yourself with.. and even if you feel numb, or don't feel anything at all... you're still hurting, you really just don't realize it..

that was honestly not the best idea, grounding you.. but just know that im sure your mom cares soo much about you, which is why she's only doing what she thinks is best.. self-harm doesnt hurt just you it hurts all the people who care about you too!! think of your poor mom, she must be scared to death.. she must just been broken, seeing you hurting yourself she knows your hurting inside and i doubt she's too happy about it..

i hope you realize as well, that cutting is something some people struggle with for years, because it becomes an addiction... even if you work through this you're still going to have urges, you might relapse, but i believe you're a strong person, i just know it, and you can make it through and be stronger because of it!!

i don't want to go all gushy on you and sorry for the crazy answer but if you want to talk ever then im here for you girlie :P


bear14 says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

i know how you feel...i use to do it too. one thing i started doing to stop cutting was wearing elastic bands on my wrist and whenever i needed to, i snapped one. i also had my boyfriend throughout the whole thing which was a BIG help. tell your mom why you're doing it and then she'll understand and be able to help you


ashleyxangelbite says:

Posted on 07 Mar 2010

My friend is a cutter. Almost the same exact thing happened to her. My suggestion for her was to wear bracelets of some sort to block the cuts and so then maybe you forget about them OR simply just find another way to relieve stress. For me i use stress balls or go for a swim. You can even just turn up some really good music and forget about everything or if you have a boyfriend talk it out with him and if he really cares, he will tell you to stop and it will make you stop trust me. Otherwise, if all fails tell your mom what makes you cut yourself, she can truly help you more than anything. Hope i helped(:


whitney_gorgeous says:

Posted on 04 Apr 2010

Not many parents do understand,

i stated cutting when i was ten and ended when i was 14,

the reason why isn't important.

a way to quit is to think about what if you cut too deep and kill yourself,

cuz you don't want to die you just want the stress to go away.

When your mom has you in counsiling have your mom come in with you in the

room so you can explain to your mom with a conslers opinon, your mom will begin to understand and she'll see her not talking to you about how your dealing and why you did it was partically her and your fathers fault not only yours. Your not crazy. Your not "mentally disturbed" your human and it was a temporary fix for stress, but thnk about all the people you could lose and how you feel after the "reless of stress" or high is gone. It helped me. I hope i helps you.


ieko says:

Posted on 08 Jun 2010

instead of cutting get a elastic band on ur wrist and when u feek the need to cut pibg the elastic

i got told this by my counsellor

i went through a phase of cutting for 6 years becuase of issues and lost all my mates over it :(


megatron says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2010

awh, darling ):
I know exactly how you feel. I started cutting for the exact same reason. Except I never told anyone and I kept it to myself for so very long. Just be glad that your mom is giving you the chance to go to a counselor to talk everything out. I know she doesn't understand and she probably never will, but you have to give her the chance to. You've got to let her in.
I mean, have you told her why you started cutting in the first place?
Because, if you did, I'm sure it's be a lot easier on you. And it's not really that big of a deal to be grounded. I mean, are you really wanting to go any where? And you'll be ungrounded before you know it, dear.
Just don't worry and don't cut.
Because I stopped and haven't done it in about a year or so; things will get better.
I promise you that, darling.
Feel free to message me if you'd like to talk more about this. Because I know where you're coming from.


papops123 says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

Im terrified of talking face to face with grown ups, even my parents. They had to call my friend up when my teach sent me to the counsler cuz i was crying and scared so i asked. and i dont wanna end up being made fun of more cuz i go to a counsler lots. im lucky my friends are there for me i have to say but im not good at opening up with people. the counsler kept me in there for 2 hours until i would finaly talk. worst thing to that she made my friend leave. and i dont wanna kepp cuttin my self. i wanna stop but it doesnt hurt and idk any other way to deal with the stress of it.


papops123 says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

thx. its nice to know someone can relate


bear14 says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

oh, and just so you know, like Lorii_Grace said, it does become like an addiction, and i totally agree, because for a while i couldn't stop. find a really good reason to stop and you'll be good, i've been cut free for i think 2 years now :)


papops123 says:

Posted on 06 Mar 2010

i do have a reason.. my boyfriend :) and my best friends


bear14 says:

Posted on 07 Mar 2010

that's great! they'll help you a lot, talk to them :)


papops123 says:

Posted on 17 Apr 2010

but i do wanna die... and my mom still doesnt understand. she never will. still calls me crazy but im starting not to care.. just goin deeper and deeper into depresstion

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